Strong Secure Studding Sail Halyard Bend – WhyKnot

The studding sail bend is a very strong and
secure knot that’s relatively easy to tie but very easy to untie just by breaking this
bar here, pushing a little bit through to release the end of the rope. To tie this knot
all you want to do is come up behind your rail and then come around again for a round
turn go back behind the standing part of the rope and you want to tuck it up through both
of those two turns then just release a little bit of slack on that first turn then tuck
the rope back through that loop and re-tighten and that’s your studding sail bend.

5 thoughts on “Strong Secure Studding Sail Halyard Bend – WhyKnot

  1. Surely this is useful, but it is not strong & is not secure either. It is very unstable. It would be better to test with various kinds of ropes. Regarding this knot, it is better to first wind it three times or more.

  2. Hello Sir, I've been Following your Channel for a while now. And let me tell you, You are doing a Great work ! Sir, Can you make a Video on types of Secure Knots which can be tied to a wooden Plank. We would Appreciate it ! Thank You.

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