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This is Enrique with DogWorx and today I’m gonna have one of the questions that everybody’s asking basically a lot of
times is how to stop a dog that barks at the door
everybody that has a dog at one point in time or another has had that issue and
it’s not easy to fix so at the beginning everybody basically starts using treats
or ignoring the fact or basically get him to calm down by petting them and
those are good starts but we’re going to go over a couple ways that you can
actually get the dog to behave super great super great and super quick today
I have a guest hello Hello Hi and Uh oh you said the magic word Yes so apparently your dog
responds to hello as the same thing to bark alright so tell me what’s going on what do
you got Well I have a very good dog but I have that good ole’ problem mailman somebody at the door I get a lot of packages so there’s
a lot of knocking at the door and he doesn’t get aggressive or anything
he doesn’t wanna murder anybody it’s just he’s 100 pounds and when he
hears the door he goes straight for it no matter who or what’s in the way and I
know he’s better than that we need a way calmer way to deal with this door I want
to be able to open the door and him be out of the way but he also have my
back in case I need him okay and how long you been struggling with this um pretty much
since he was a puppy you know it’s been easy to turn off his bark pretty good
but that whole spectacle is a little ridiculous ok
Oh pretty much she’s about 19 months old right now so since he was a puppy very alert guard dog when did this start when was sorry you told me he was a puppy like what pretty much but
when he got into an adult, about a year old I became where I can’t even
just stop him or use any command because
that short red zone that he has it’s straight for the window
I’m afraid one of these days he’s gonna put a paw through it or destroy something or
actually try to bite someone and that’s just he needs to just learn his place this is the one time that he just goes kinda crazy totally alright usually he’s mellow yeah I can tell from the back ground he looks like a pretty chill guy and German Shepherds are
working dogs obviously so they do have that drive you know what I
mean and for those of you are watching what driver is basically the dogs level
of intensity and energy if you have a lab you know exactly what I’m talking
about their tail is spinning until they fall asleep and probably when the
falling asleep they’re still doing it okay so what have you tried so far
as far as trying to work with that I try to get through to him that when
there’s a knock on the door I want him to go to his place I don’t even I wasn’t
even minding the barking because if he was on his place barking that would
even be something I would maybe not prefer that he bark while he’s there but
it would be okay with me just to let somebody be at the door now there’s a giant dog here
mm-hmm so but so just like you said treats tethering so that there’s a little self
correction and then once I have his attention which isn’t that long after
he barks and lunges for the window then I can get him to place and he we’re working
on the stay while people walk in and all that and that’s about it okay well that’s not too bad and did it
slightly work did it work and it got worse or it just didn’t help at all it’s
slightly worked he was getting the point but I don’t seem to be able to the
communication’s not 100% I’m not sure I communicate exactly what we ask okay
cool well I’m going to go over a couple things that we can do actually this is
exactly what I do here to get the dogs to
overcome that it is a doorbell or a knock on the door does he get a little nutty okay yeah I don’t have a doorbell so he wouldn’t even respond to that thank goodness unless the
TV doorbell goes off so are you watching the same concept as
far as the doorbell also applies to the door knocking so yeah go with it alright so the first thing I’m going to show you exactly my little set up so I always start with a clicker and the reason for that is because I’m
going to start transfer the clicker clicker meaning into the good portion of
the train and the second part is a treat bag or you can just put treats in your
pocket but I learned a long hard way that you put treats in your pocket
you’re going to forget about it and your long run yeah your laundry is going to
suffer a little bit the third one as you mentioned obviously it’s going to be
a long line and you know what a long line is right mhmm awesome and for those of you watching a
long line is basically a really long leash I don’t use a regular leash I use what is
called a slip lead and the difference between a slip lead and a regular leash is that a
loop right here and the dog’s head goes here and once it’s done you just close
it and it’s secure so even if the dog starts you know pulling too much they’re
not going to be able to escape it’s not gonna break and this is the cool part I like
using technology this little doorbell thingy it actually has
a knock one which is kind of cool so it’s wireless so I can put this
anywhere in the house and whenever I press the button it’s gonna make noises there you go so yeah so what I like it because I can
put it anywhere you know it doesn’t have to be frontside at different angles
that way the dog gets use to the noise it’s pretty much everywhere not just in one
location that’s going to get them more in tune with it they do sell this on
Amazon I mean it’s super cheap and they do have the knocking portion I
think I got this one I got a little more expensive because I use it a
lot but the first one I got on Amazon was like eight bucks so what do you call the
little contraption um it is called wireless doorbell yes and if you
just put it in the search on Amazon it’s going to come right up and it’s gonna be
tons of them but since you’re looking for the knock I will make sure that they
have some knock option oh right okay um or you know it honestly like a lot of
the times that I see dogs that are getting nutty with knocks they also get
really nutty with this one so I basically the same concept it’s just
basically noise and yeah gotcha so the reason why dogs bark at the door,
knocking, anything else is because they have a connotation of what it means so
dogs learn along the way that and knock or a doorbell means somebody’s at the door
because at the beginning with puppies they don’t know what it is
just like us you know I guess the first time I saw an iPhone, I’m like I have no clue what this is, but now totally you know can’t live without it
so it’s the same thing with dogs, dogs learn that behavior it’s not something that like
they just born with it so the cool thing about it is that if the dogs can learn that
behavior they can also unlearn it and the main concept with this is that a lot of
people teach dogs Hey, don’t do this don’t do this don’t do that don’t do
that what it’s going to work better in the long term it’s teaching them
alternate behaviors so you can’t have a bad behavior and stop it you gotta
replace it with a behavior that you want yeah the only way they’re going to stop
it’s not going to go away you know that’s really the only way that it’s
going to work because they’re always going to struggle with the no no
no no no but if you again you teach them Hey, do this they’re going to remember that
and instead of the no yeah that makes sense
more enjoyable and they want to do it more totally and that’s where
the food and the clicker is going to come into play so I am going to
demonstrate with my dogs have this role or how this goes hey buddy, you ready Kaiser oh also I use a to place cot and I know you already know how to teach a dog place
if your dog doesn’t know how to teach place definitely check out the videos
that I have one Facebook and Instagram they’re free they’re super easy to teach
so check them out and a place cot is basically this now I wouldn’t say this one’s super nice you
can get one, again, on Amazon, eBay you name it but push comes to shove you can use a
dog bed a towel anything with a boundary and that’s the basic premise of the
place once a dog is in place they’re not going to leave this location unless
you tell them to you so that’s going to help in kind of not allowing them to lose
their minds and just take off for the door all right Kaiser are you ready so there he goes -oops- the camera angle so here he goes in place obviously it’s the beginning of it now this is where
the leash come in to play especially the long line
I use this so if the dog takes off and his mindset is gone this is the way you can bring him back into place I don’t use a tether much just because
their mindset is still they’re pulling pulling and you see with German
Shepherds or any working dog it’s called reverse reflex so the more you pull back
the more they go and you know it’s kinda like a dog on a sled
that’s what they’re born for so we’re basically reinforcing that and we definitely don’t want that so what I do I use a long line and I just leave it loose
so push comes to shove bring him back calm him down and that’s going to give you a longer
lasting effect because they’re gonna they have to calm down in order to come back
all right Bubba let’s get you in the long line there we go and again you know I don’t hold it I
don’t tie it anywhere I just leave it there
and next part honestly the little treat bag or if you want to just put
treats in a bowl where you can carry it around the house that is just fine and
now let me go over what treats mean so treats is natural dog food so I don’t
give him what do you call it whatever you want to call this liver
treats, bite cubs whatever they call it nowadays so the reason for that
is because dogs value food more it’s just like us humans so if I tell you you
need to walk a mile in order to get cheesecake you know if I’m in the mood for
cheesecake you may or may not go you know but if I tell you you want to get
paid at the end of the week you got to walk over here to get it you’re gonna go it’s just the way it is so it’s the same thing with this the dog is gonna see hey, I gotta
earn this stuff in order to survive you know we’re not holding food back that’s
the one thing I tell everybody we’re not starving the dog we’re offering the food
we going to just make them earn it that’s the only difference alright
and this is, again, a clicker so before we start with the clicker you have
to condition the dog to the clicker um do you know how that works yeah okay
cool and for you guys watching it’s
basically teaching the dog what this means and a clicker is just exactly what
it what it says it just sounds like a click and the basic premise of this is
that every time they hear the click they go eh it’s cool stuff so what I do is
every time they hear every time they do something good I do click then I give
them a little bit of food click, food so eventually they’re going to associate the click
with food which means it’s going to go eh that’s awesome and eventually you
don’t have to use the food it’s kind of like this is the reward itself so we
don’t have the use this forever and ever and ever yeah so where I am
going to start by having this somewhere else and this is the cool part I like using you haven’t texted me all day
and now you are, okay never fails alright so what I do at first Kaiser come right side
is when I’m teaching place as soon as they get to place you need to click and then I
give them the treat Kaiser place good If you notice the moment I click he
just turned like hey where’s the food Kaiser come Right side sit place he knows exactly what it is so I
do it at the beginning for a while until he understands exactly what that click is
once this is done you don’t need this anymore we’re good to go or the food now second
part this is going to be the tricky one I’m going to use the doorbell to associate
this with common behavior as opposed to that so the first thing I do is I go
back to the place command, come one Buddy, and he is eager so now I say place and the dog
understands what place is so you can teach them in an alternate que so when I say
Kaiser place I *doorbell* there you go and I use the doorbell so I do it right after he goes
into place I don’t do it before or at the same time because he knows the word place so once he’s going and he touches it
place cot that’s when I do it because like oh I
step I associate noise one more time right side place *doorbell* Nice and if you notice
every time he hears the doorbell, he’s like where’s the food because again I
started associating it with that so instead of – he goes, hey good stuff is coming
alright one more time and this is time I can do it from far away and I want to do a
send off so he’s kinda hanging around the house I say place and then I
start doing this again so work close, farther, farther,
farther and eventually I randomly I don’t do it all the time so maybe I’m having breakfast and I’m like hey, Kaiser, place and then when he does that I do the doorbell ring
and that gets them used to it no matter when that happens this
pattern we’re gonna follow yeah so it’s to reinforce yeah it’s basically getting them into learn a new habit because right now the habit is to go nuts the moment I hear anything at the door and
then eventually they habit is going to be hey, when I hear the doorbell and knock I gotta
go to place that’s just the way life is Kaiser, come alright so, again, I’m chit-chatting, drinking some whatever Kaiser, place come, place there’s a place
ctt over there too, so You didn’t say which one
yeah I know so he goes to place and then I do the doorbell so, let me take this place cot away Kaiser, come Down and at the beginning I’m not too far away from the place cot because if they start getting a little
uneasy I just guide them back you know kind of help them through that and eventually I’m just
going to do a randomly so I can be in the kitchen like right now now and I’ll say Kaiser, place he went to the other cot again oh goodness this let me take that cot off oh no then I use the food right in that area I’m gonna go away again to the kitchen Kaiser, come Break Kaiser, place wow, that’s pretty good
so this is the start it’s going to take a couple of weeks just give it some time
and if somebody knocks on the door or comes up to the door and he gets a little
crazy that’s when the leash comes into play if
the behavior is not there 100% what I do is I don’t even grab a leash Kaiser, break so I
don’t know if you can see from here if he takes off Kaiser, over there all you gotta do is step on the leash, that’s it and
then grab the other end and then guide him back in yeah, that long line is very
helpful yeah yeah and I stepped on the leash because there’s dogs are animals
end of the day um if you put your head down and grab it if he’s really into it
he may bite or he may redirect it you don’t want that trust me for experience
so you step on the leash once they stop and go er what’s going on
that’s when you pick it up because their frame of mind stopped and shift to what’s
going on that’s the moment you can calm them down and bring them back so after a week, two then you start adding randomly the noise
without saying place that will tell you hey, see if he learns it or not
if he’s struggling then I’m just going to go back and keep that training until he
does it, he learns it awesome Kaiser, break all right so we go let’s see if he does it make me proud Kaiser and when I start doing that
without the word place I am again close to the place cot because if you start
the ringing and he doesn’t come if he doesn’t come then I go place and help
him a little fixer upper huh yeah yeah so if you notice what I’m
doing is basically gradually increasing the challenge but not so much that he
gets overwhelmed the reason for that is because if I see the dog struggling
in this step all I got to do is go back to the last step okay if you just go
through the whole motion where did it go wrong I have no clue and then that gets the dog
frustrated that gets you frustrated no reason doing that
alright so let’s see what he does I’m hanging out here I’m actually gonna go away for a little bit NIce, good job Yay alright one more time see how he does I’m can do a knock at the door because I trained him to do both Ah So, I’m gonna knock on the door oh, nice good job house that was a good one thrown in there so now if you notice this right now the only thing I would change is Kaiser was standing up and ready to go that’s his mindset is like okay I’m in place but I’m technically not ah that’s a challenge yeah but the best I can come up with is, I’ve done this
myself in the past your girlfriend is talking to you’re on the
phone mmm-hmm yeah whatever you say so you want to make sure the mindset is
there if he’s just there doing it at command that’s he’s not learning anything
he’s just learning that he’s just gotta do just enough to make you happy and that is
not not okay all right we’ll do it again and if he does that
then all I got to do is say down that’s it and then wait a little bit until he
calms down and then you know give him the food or just not at all because he
didn’t do the job right. right. He’s gotta earn that Hey Bubba, come on break I’m gonna do the doorbell again down and that’s really it once he’s down I also want you
to notice he’s still tense so I’m gonna wait until he calms down, now he’s calm. Like I said earlier I thought maybe I was ok with barking but at the same time that’s never going to bring
a calm state of mind to be on place and let him bark yeah yeah so we can’t do
that you know it’s technically in place but he’s not there and it’s yeah it’s much
easier for the dog to just go for it from there than if he’s already calm
it’s going to take a lot longer for them to elevate it gives you much more
opportunities you make sure to nip it in the bud before he gets way out of hand
and then yeah that’s it really simple I mean your saw it works like a
charm um it took me a while with this little
dude about a month um when you have a working dog like I mentioned
earlier they have way too much energy and I started with him as a young dog so you know that happy puppy
energy what have you not how old is your dog
sorry I forgot to ask he’s almost two years old okay cool so yeah you come in terrible
twos that that’s kind of a little battle yeah just like we said earlier mom would
agree yeah I know sometimes we were bad but as we get older mature a little um any questions
anything you kind of want to go over again that was pretty good I can’t wait
to try it I think he is a really good candidate for it and I’ll see results I just wanna give that a try so I’ll have to get the
the knock doorbell box for sure and I know my mom
will want to try it too with her German Shepherd yeah and what I do also um is you can’t
find one or let’s say your doorbell’s not working or you know in a pinch just knock on the table or something random um have a
friend watch TV just simple like that works just as good schedule just a drive by
knocking or if I mean like I said if you’re in the kitchen if you’re doing
something and the dog is around just just random knocking the goal here is to make
sure that dog on cue goes to place the moment he hears a knock so the best
way to do that is to don’t do it all the time over and over and over once they
learn the behavior before obviously you have to practice it uh-huh
really good at it I do it randomly and even with him I do it randomly here and
there that way I can keep him sharp yeah yeah because some years ago I just
stopped doing it, I’m like oh he’s doing good he went back to it a couple months
later. aww. well I mean often as you say we as humans have to keep doing
something to keep our skills and it’s the same thing with dogs
yeah and I’ll slip on it then we’re going to start seeing a little
bit of the old habits and I think that’s one of the things that a lot of people struggle
with their dogs they go to PetSmart, Petco like you mentioned and like oh my
dog did great okay we’re done that’s it you know and then a few months later like what’s going on
well we gotta keep it up no you don’t go the gym every day
then it’s gonna hurt when you go back so alright again you feel pretty strong
about it fantastic I really appreciate your time I can’t wait to try it out and get to that next level I know you’ll get it you’ll get it for sure and guys if you are watching if you want
more tips training advice and actually how to videos I have tons of them on
facebook my Instagram and my YouTube and you just go on this one right
here DogWorx and you can get tons of videos and also if you have any that you
want on that you’re struggle with your dog more than welcome to leave a comment
below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them or make a video so thank you
for tuning in, see you guys soon

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