Stay Secure While Traveling at Home and Abroad _ UCLA_ITSecurity

Don’t let security concerns derail your upcoming
travel plans! Before You Go: Before You Go: Install a device finder or manager on your
mobile device in case it is lost or stolen. Avoid posting social media announcements about your
travel plans. Save it for when you’re back home. While You’re There: While You’re There: Be careful when using public wireless networks
or Wi-Fi hotspots because they are not secure! Be cautious when using ATMs! Look for suspicious devices (e.g. skimmers)
attached to the ATM before entering your PIN. When You Return: Run full antivirus scans
on your devices. Change any passwords you may have used abroad. Post your photos on social media
and enjoy reliving the experience! Stay Secure While Traveling at Home and Abroad UCLA Campus Information Security Awareness
– March 2017 Visit us @ This message has been brought to you by: UCLA IT Services UCLA IT Security

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