[SRN-4000] Chapter 3. Easy Setup

SRN-4000 ~ Simple User Guide
Chapter 3. Easy Setup In this chapter, I explain 4 steps for setting SRN-4000 SRN-4000 supports setting wizard system which is called ‘Easy Setup’ When you operated the SRN-4000, easy setup is executed automatically First step of Easy Setup, you can set the language in use on your SRN-4000. Select your language from the list. Second, set the ID and Password. In this step, you can set the password for administrator. SRN-4000 doesn’t have default password, please set your own password on this step. Third, set the network information. In this step, you can set the network information of SRN-4000 You can change IP address for each network port, and also change setting of port information. Final step. Set the time and date information. In this step, you can set the time and date information of your SRN-4000 You can also these 4 steps for Easy setup on your web viewer of SRN-4000 For more information, see the user manual of SRN-4000.

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