Spying will continue regardless of FISA amendments expiring: Rep. Biggs

100 thoughts on “Spying will continue regardless of FISA amendments expiring: Rep. Biggs

  1. House Dems (& GOP) continue to spit in President Trumps face, over & over. Hope POTUS refuses to sign this legislation.

  2. Oh I wouldn't be so sure that there won't be any indictments. The people that brought info before the FISA courts had sworn that the info was true, and the judges went along with it. If a citizen were to swear before the court for any matter, and it was found to be perjury, the same would be charged, face court, and incarcerated. Makes absolutely NO difference what politics were involved, it is still a serious crime and not one of them should be let go for any reason.
    Durham's report is due, and the people of the US want real answers of what we already know happened. It needs to be dealt with and then be able to go on from there.

  3. Justice department is a enemy of WE THE PEOPLE, as is every other government spy office's fbi, cia, nsa, dhs, atf, ect ect.These PEOPLE spy on U.S. CITIZENS every day & are a clear threat and enemy of WE THE PEOPLE & our government and way of life.These idiots are all GLOBALISTS! WAKE UP AMERICA! OATH KEEPERS of AMERICA/ SONS and DAUGHTERS of LIBERTY.

  4. I'm shocked!!! Lmao! Given DC has demonstrated that they are totally out of control and are corrupt as well as above the law, shy should anyone expect them to oppose this enabling legislation!
    DC is fked!

  5. How much spying on Americans is a vicarious matter of other countries spying on Americans and the U.S. government spying on Americans through intelligence sharing?

  6. rinos and never-trumpers in congress were complicit in the coup against donald trump.
    no wonder there aren't going to be any hearings to expose those involved in treason.

  7. This is why Trump has his hands full draining the swamp, it goes deep into the republican party as well. Outrageous, and Barr does NOTHING!!!

  8. Is the swamp getting swampyerrrrrrr?Drain is getting clogged…By all the people in the swamp who don't want to be exposed!! I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER THE SWAMP IN JESUS NAME!!!!

  9. …now the DJT has figured it out, he has 5 years to use it for his political purposes. You really think they are going to give up eyes on whatever they care to spy.

  10. both Reps, Dems are up to their eyeballs in this Ukraine story, here is just another example of swamp creatures on both sides of the aisle, covering for each other. Shameful would be a gross understatement!

  11. The best way to reform FISA is to make an example out of the people who abused it by openly breaking federal law. These people, especially the ones at the top who gave the orders must be indicted and prosecuted.

  12. Tells you a lot about the Democratic Party, what time is the Socialist Communist another one that's in the lead I don't agree with none of his policies but the poor man looks like he's getting the start things of dementia.

  13. Lou dobbs she fero wants to remove heater for worried about burning of house wiring.

    Lou dobbs it's just not about battery and it's profane of MY🤴🏻NAME. You know consequences about blasphemy😡🌋🌪🌡☄🔥

  14. Dobbs is delusional. A TRUMP appointee investigated and stated NO SPYING ON TRUMP and NO BIAS AGAINST TRUMP.

    Trump's own people say no spying happened by Trump SOP is to ignore the truth and keep lying.

  15. Look y'all,, Obama was commander and chief,, when all this sh-t started with FISA. And even still today the FBI and others are not coming clean about , their instructions given to them, buy at the time the commander and chief.. How can they expect the American people to respect any of them..

  16. Follow the X22 report on You Tube for more about Q and the Patriots and there fight for you !!! Q is 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. This is what happens when your government gets to powerful. I don’t care what side of the fence your on… this is very bad.

  18. Renewing FISA without any reform or consequence for forging evidence against a political opposition. Two teared JUSTICE

  19. This is ridiculous. We have to get rid of all of these politicians in DC. Come on people! We are being spied on!

  20. Peoples only hope he is come election that we clean this nasty Congress and Senate out. And the number one people that has to go for sure is Lindsey Graham, McCarthy ,McConnell. We have justCorrupt government as country as a iran and that sad to say.
    Term limits for Congress and Senate and we the people can make that happen at elections

  21. A better piece of legislation would be to end Federal bureaucracies and return power to the States and People AS OUTLINED IN THE AMENDMENTS #9 AND #10! It includes getting rid of FISA Courts, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, and the various Departments of <insert here>. You can, however, keep the US Marshal Service as it is actually Constitutional.


  23. Drop FISA,Put the agents that break the spying laws in GITMO. Period,thats because they will stop after getting 30 yrs .works for me TRUMP2Q2Q

  24. Andy Biggs I do not care what it takes . Get your butt back in there and stop this and get rid of this! If this happens I am out of here. All political people can go to hell.

  25. These are not reforms. It's just more lipstick on the pig. Without past accountability, they will ignore and evade these laws just as easily as they ignored and evaded them last time.

  26. This is what happens when you let the fox guard the hen house ! The DOJ is out of control and just as crooked as the FBI and CIA ! President Trump needs to nip this in the bud, and call for a full investigation and reform recommendations NOW !

  27. But why? Why aren't they pushing for hearings and votes and whatever else they would need to do to get rid of it or make real changes?

  28. When government is allowed to spy on it's own people, then we no longer have a Republic, rather a monarchy or a dictatorship. Disgusting. 🤢
    Trump had better VETO this or NO VOTE from me. Another fine example of our US government out of bounds, and out of control.

    People need to call their state Representative and give them an earful. Repeal the criminal unconstitutional Patriot/Freedom acts NOW.

  29. Lou needs to not let this bone go unchallenged!! WTH is this government up to by not nailing the corrupt FISA abuse by all players in the game of spying on Americans!!

  30. basically it's like this::: Trillionaire Ruling Class/Banks/Media/Military VS. EVERYONE, both parties one party is useful idiots, they think they're covered, they're just gonna get killed last, that's the only benefit of being the useful idiot

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