Spy 5000m alarm – Installation – Remote Start – Immobilizer – Yamaha Nmax

This video contains translated subtitles. Press the Like button if the translation helps you, and subscribe for more 🙂 Hello guys. Today, I’m installing the “Spy 5000m Alarm” on my bike. This upgrade will be divided into several videos. This is part one. I’m going to show you how to connect it. And we are going to discuss, the starter feature and immobilizer feature. The best deal I could find on this alarm was $64. From Aliexpress. As always I left you the link in the description below. Okay, Let’s begin. This is where I put the alarm, This is the microwave sensor, Right here, on the alarm. This is the siren. This is the antenna. I put the antenna on the frame, hopefully, it can get more coverage. The wires. I’m going to start with the black wire. Because there are two black wires one coming from the master brain, and the other one with the other wires. And as always the black wire is connected to the frame of the bike. So we only need to connect one of them. You don’t need to connect both. I saw someone connect this to the negative on the battery, and this to the bike’s fram. That’s not necessary. The brown wire is the ACC +12. I don’t know if you remember, But I already have the box here. If you don’t know what this box is, you can click on the top right corner of the screen, And you can watch the video there. Okay, so these two wires are Negative and ACC +12. This is the positive, it goes directly to the battery. These yellow wires are for the left and right turn signals. And we are left with these three, The blue one is for the starter feature, And the gray and the pink are a part of the kill switch. Okay, let’s start with the connections. I’m going to connect the red wire from this positive. I don’t think I’m going to use this wire for anything other than the alarm. But just in case, in the future I’m going to use it. I Will have this extra wire to connect from. Okay, now we move to the yellow wires. I’m not going to connect these today. I’ll tell you why in “part 2”, but I’m going to show you where to connect them You have these two, the green and the brown. Okay, so we connect one wire to the green wire, and one wire to the brown wire. And these two wires, They will be connected to the two yellow wires. And that leaves us with three wires, the blue, the pink and the gray. I saw someone… Actually more than one, connect them like this. The blue wire to the blue wire on the starter button, The grey wire to the black wire and the pink wire to the brake. Okay so this is it. Okay, so the bike starts normally. This is the starter button. However, if you have your alarm armed, and you try start the bike, The bike starts normally. The bike starts normally, the alarm is on, now it’s silent alarm. But it starts normally, which makes absolutely no sense. Now let’s try like this. The alarm is not armed, The bike will not start. Okay so this is the wrong connection. And I do not want this feature, this feature is useless to me. But I do want these two. Okay, I care for the immobilizer and for the kill switch. So I’m going to show you what I found out, Okay, so we are looking for the wire connected to the third fuse. This is the “Main 2”, where it says “Main 2”. We want to cut that wire, connect the pink wire to the fuse, and the grey wire to the front. Okay guys, so we are looking for a red wire with a blue stripe. Okay, and luckily enough, I think this is it I see it from here. Cut it. Connect the pink to the fuse box, and the grey to the front. Okay, so this connection means three things. Number 1: You are overriding the kill switch. That means if you ignite with the remote, You can kill with the remote only, you cannot kill with the key. If you ignite with the key, You can still kill with the remote. Now I do not recommend that you do this, this is just in case. But, It’s having a hard time to kill the engine power. Let’s try it again. It looks like, It’s trying harder than it should. I recommend that if you start with the key, kill with the key. If you start with the remote, kill with the remote. And if you want the starter feature to work, as I told you I do not want this feature. All you have to do is connect the blue wire to the starter relay. And the bike will start. But this is not necessary for me, so I just want to ignite with the remote and I can start from here. And kill the engine power with the remote. And the second thing means that: the immobilizer works. Okay, so if you arm your alarm, now it’s armed and silent. You cannot start the bike. If you put the key in the alarm will go off, and the bike will not start. You cannot start the bike. And number three: No need to disarm. Okay, so now your alarm is armed. And if you want to start the bike all you have to do. Is ignite with the remote, Start the bike. You kill the power and the alarm is immediately armed, right? You see? So, you do not need to disarm the alarm, You do not need to arm the alarm. Okay? Just arm it once. Now the bike is parked, you want to ride your bike. You just ignite. Now you’re there, You just kill the engine and leave the bike, now the alarm is armed. Alright? This is it for today guys. I know it’s a long video, This is why it has several parts. In part two I’m going to discuss the silent mode, And he microwave sensor, and the distance it covers. There’s also a few features that I did not like about the alarm that I enhanced. I’m going to show you what I did. And That’s it. Thank you guys for watching. I hope it has been helpful, and I’ll see you next time.

27 thoughts on “Spy 5000m alarm – Installation – Remote Start – Immobilizer – Yamaha Nmax

  1. Hi friend can u make video how to change light bulb in headlight if we want change that ugly yelow bulb …thank you! by the way love your channel!!Regards from Croatia

  2. Hi,
    When you connected the grey & pink was it to red/blue cable ✂️ grey at the front of the red/blue & pink on the other end ?
    Could you put a better picture of it please as I cut a red/blue now my abs light won’t go off

  3. Good video, i follow your instructions but i conected the blue wire and the start remote didn't work, so, i saw 3 cables red/ blue, what cable is the correct to cut??

  4. Hello my friend. Please, I saw in the video that you changed the installation, but I could not see where you put the blue wire. The gray and the pink I understood, but the blue you put where?

  5. only $62.57 on 11.11 for this link, 100% OEM from this SPY LM209, just with different logo. and will send a remote controller case for gift.

  6. Would it be possible to leave the handlebar exposed all the time as I see in this video (kind of like a Honda PCX), I mean without putting all that cheap looking plastic back on, or would it look weird?

  7. So this is not a actual alarm but a kill switch right? I saw an alarm if someone sits or touch your bike an alarm sounds. If a group of guys want a Nmax all they have to do is pick it i and put it in the back of a truck and take off with it and no need to worry about starting it.

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