Spider-Man Far From Home The First Billion Dollar Spider-Man Film

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50 thoughts on “Spider-Man Far From Home The First Billion Dollar Spider-Man Film

  1. I really enjoyed this movie and I’m glad it made a billion. But yes defiantly agree that spider-verse is the best spider-man movie. Far from home is number 3 for me right behind Ramis spider-man 2.

  2. I tell you Disney are making bank this year. Captain Marvel: Billion, Endgame: Highest grossing film of all time, Spider-Man: Billion, Aladdin: Billion and The Lion King is about to hit a billion.

  3. Ok I’m sorry, but doesn’t anyone else think it’s weird how THIS is the first Spider-Man movie to make a billion dollars? Like, we’ve had 8 films and this one specifically is the only one to cross a billion. Not the first one, not Spider-Man 2 or even Homecoming… this one. Right after a rumor surfaced that if it didn’t make a billion, Marvel wouldn’t get to make Spider-Man movies anymore.

  4. John, Once again your analysis is dead on accurate! If Sony has both ends of its comic book movie deals generating huge success at the Box Office then "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" On the really big upside, it would appear as though Marvel will now get to make the next Spiderman movies ( in partnership with Sony) since Far from Home has now exceeded that required $1 Billion box office mark it needed! That is a huge relief!

  5. Far From Home is a fantastic movie, and with a billion in box office, we will have Spidey in the MCU for a long time🕸️

  6. The Spider-Man franchise is now the 5th highest grossing film franchise of all time, surpassing James Bond and behind Avengers, Wizarding World, Star Wars and the MCU itself 🙂

  7. Disney is killing it: Captain Marvel = 1.128 billion, Avengers Endgame = 2.8 billion, Aladdin = 1 billion, Toy Story 4 looking like it will get there, Lion King looking like it will also get there. Spider-man Far From Home's 1 billion might not be a Disney or MCU thing but the merchandise (specially the toys and clothes) will all go to Disney, and that is bigger than the movies.

  8. Into the Spider-verse was alright/decent at best but not this great film you keep talking about. Definitely not the best Spiderman movie ever.

  9. MCU haters/DC fans: "After endgame the MCU is done."

    Yet the very next movie marvel makes hits a billion.

  10. It Iis easier to get one billion at box office than before. Now we get like 5 movies to cross a billion each year and before we would get one every few years.

  11. Who cares the amount of money it makes doesnt speak for the quality of the film the mcu spidey lacks heart

  12. And No! TECHNICALLY this is not a Sony movie. We all know this is really an MCU movie and it's through Kevin Feige, John Watts the director, Tom Holland the athletic MCU version of Spider man and the rest of the MCU team that made it happen. If this was SONY, it would still be called the Amazing Spider man with Andrew Garfield. Let's not be in denial John, the MCU is responsible for this, WE ALL KNOW IT. I know your favourite spider man movie is 'Into the spider verse' but sadly that didn't even pass $400 million worldwide. So let's face FACTS, this is the MCU's doing, not Sony. Sony had their chance with spidey and failed which is why the MCU had to step in.

  13. Past history shows that eventually, Sony will find a way to screw up their Spider-Man movies. It'll likely come down to them either stopping their relationship with Feige and Marvel Studios or insisting on a bunch of Spideyverse projects that fail due to underdevelopment and/or studio meddling.

  14. Far From Home is easily the best Spider-Man film. I just wish Sony were completely out of the picture. They're useless. venom was such a rushhed money grab they ruined the whole point of his origin with Spider-Man.

  15. Far From Home is my favorite of all the Spider-Man. Mysterio was perfection. If this were a Sony movie it would have been awful and no Billion.

  16. SpiderVerse should have made $2B!!!! Off tops its the BEST Spiderman film to date and prob will always stay that way… so unfortunate the hyped average movies make $1B and amazing movies are slept on

  17. This is great news! I'm glad to hear Sony is making some good money and hopefully they will continue to make us some good MCU Spider-man movies and have some fun with their Spider-Verse stuff (I'd love a live action Silk movie!). It might not change anything, but it sure makes me feel better about the future of Spidey movies to hear the bean counters are happy!

  18. I'm so happy Far From Home made over a billion because now Sony has to still work with Marvel.😁😊🕷🕸🕷🕸

  19. This is a true example of post Endgame success. This film should NOT be a Billion Dollar movie. This film is alright at best. Homecoming was SO much better.

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