Spider-Man Far From Home Officially Crosses 1 BILLION at Box Office

hey what's going on guys Niki with some exciting Marvel news sooo Sony and Marvel Studios spider-man afar from The Home has a finally swung past the 1 billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office becoming the only film in the entire spider-man franchise to do that and another accolade it's actually the only other movie in Sony's history to join the billion dollar club besides 2012's Skyfall so this is pretty big news because I think a lot of people expected far from home to hit a billion after homecoming did around eight hundred and eighty million this movie was coming off Avengers endgame it was kind of like the must-see sequel or epilogue to the entire phase three and plus a lot of people had grown to love Tom Hollands spider-man and really wanted to see him go up against Mysterio and the film has been doing some crazy business right now it's domestic Tali is about three hundred and thirty three million while his gross 672 million overseas it also marks the third film that Marvel has been involved with this year to hit the billion dollar mark being Avengers endgame at Captain Marvel and now far from home we also recently heard about the fact that endgame finally passed avatar to become the top grossing title of all time globally so things are definitely looking up for the MCU this year but post your thoughts down in the comments below do you guys think that smart men are far from home is deserving of its billion-dollar at box office total as it is now the biggest spider-man related film of all time for more updates on everything at marvel in pop culture be sure to subscribe to HN entertainments

41 thoughts on “Spider-Man Far From Home Officially Crosses 1 BILLION at Box Office

  1. Deserve has jack shit to do with anything…it came to theatres…people came to see it…1 billion dollars worth…

  2. I call BS, How exactly can this movie make 1 bill with few people seeing it. I don't see many people from peeping in the screens for this move in my area. The movies was alright, not great.

  3. Not surprised honestly, MCU films have all been hitting over 1 billion in the box office in 2019. Just stamp the MCU logo and it'll cross 1 billion. Now Sony must be rolling in their 1 billion, and that could mean Spider-Man 3 could happen.

  4. I honestly had my doubts about this movie. I liked but didn't love Homecoming and it just seemed unnecessary after Endgame. But boy this movie was AWESOME!

  5. This is only the second Sony movie to ever cross the $1 billion box office threshold. Skyfall was the only one before this.

    Sony's movie studio is not doing well overall. They're ranked 5th out of the 6 major studios, and they aren't growing. Their box office has been pretty terrible overall. Especially after MIB.

    They can't survive on Spider-Man alone.

  6. See leave it to marvel keep this spiderman dam it sony make the logical decision and keep the partnership

  7. My friends keep saying
    “Mysterio is good, oh no he’s gonna die!”
    And I told them… “I STILL don’t trust him!” My favorite moments while watching this movie. LOL

  8. Spider-Man made over a billion Captain Marvel over a billion. Black Panther over a billion. I wonder who the new big three of Marvel and Avengers are going to be after Captain America, Iron Man and Thor.🤔

  9. Now Sony and Marvel can announce Spider-Man 3 in 2021 as the final film of Phase 4 and the renewed deal of Spider-Man characters in the MCU with Marvel having complete creative control of their own versions while Sony continues their own versions of Spider-Man and Venom etc. In the SUMC. Tom Holland is set to have almost 20 film appearances in the MCU and Marvel Studios is set to have their own versions and creative control of Spider-Man characters.

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