Someone Tried to Take Ilsa; GOOD PEOPLE got her BACK

welcome welcome everyone im leonardjfrench your favorite
copyright Atty. here to talk
about my very exciting morning where we almost lost Il said in a go
for good it’s pretty terrible and where to get to it real
quick Eurydice to do a short
intro to let the stream startup
but the CS as why we do it because where is it coming from stop
there we go if if if that’s why
we give it 3 minutes have to
throw before we get started , hello good morning everyone
good morning rose good morning
and read good morning 18 acts
good morning call good morning
engine , a a O look we have we have
have have someone here with
those already was heard the tone
of my voice up to as had a great big adventure
this morning but we have
recovered if an ego you’ll say is downstairs resting
I’m sure that we will get both
dogs much more screen time go boy in just a moment here , of course is of course is
started to have O good about what went when the time
comes when the time comes OK so why
are we here this morning will
one let me first confess that
I’m a giant idiot on I know
better tha thing that could go wrong 1. of
failure that that could allow
this to happen and basically
that’s that’s the ultimate story
toda just because one thing broke and
that one thing for me today was
my my gate by fence I have a
fence in the back and I have a
gat for the eventually happen
element OK back to this also but may not forgive to turn
on my patron panel noted that
really has a whole lot to do
with this but to it would be nice if that was on
for all of the channel
supporters so as you know me, get this is
these photos up as I made, then
held for you guys in fire fox here so this is going backwards is
going a forwards in time so this
is all your old pictures of just
to show you who got rescued this in case you’re not familiar with
our dogs this is Il sung my
seven year old German shepherd , we close push bullet is asked
to keep happening on and the
golden retriever is my three
year old , Nikko, he is a boy and then down here on so this is
this is my exit to my backyard
list as this is not gonna work
that way is this on we’ll just
do thing on and to play with
windows for a moment, to get
this all the fit if they do it this way is to
work . So I have a long back yard that
you might have seen and this is the view from the
opposite side all the way down
the backyard from the outside
looking in and although it looks
kind this this actually held this together, this this this
rotting piece of wood had very
little to do with it so I had I
had bypass that in just had a
very and so I came out this morning
and more less found that found that and did not find my dogs them in his kind of up to
another closeup of the the
broken gate latch now at first you may be very
sympathetic to me someone broke
my gate and the dogs got out and
now I think these were separate
in so I come out and my neighbor
from the back has noticed that
the gate is open and is checking
on my garage of building which
has and I’m quickly noticing that I
don’t have my dogs and in going
through various ask various
escalations of panic off from O
my d so I’m literally in my pajamas I
had I had let my dogs out
earlier in the morning about
7:30 AM and I had gone back to
sleep abo and and should not have been so
bowl my woke up at about 930 and I’ve
found the dogs missing ran back inside of grab my phone
called the local nonemergency
number and reported bugs missing , much to my chagrin vehicle
lease want me to wait at my
property two collect a report they won’t
take a report over the phone and
so I couldn’t start looking for
my dogs right away after like t maybe a policy that should be
adjusted but on the young of the police have
made me wait so I so I called my
parents an Ins to parents who
are retired if they would come
help my one neighbor left his house
and a certain time and an song
about what had walked past a
gate to notice that it was that
it wa on the summit is carp or start a
conflict so this starts to
become a problem some people
said that they had seen the gate
broke at nine and 915 like I had just
missed it but that was at it was
actually turn out to be a little
bit too late on so I called my parents are we
for the police a police officer
comes Idi bypass any Atty. Instinct two not let the police
officer in on dislike come and
find my dogs so II let him in
the house we walked through the
bac on so I walked into the backyard
he looked around ee fad kind of
this be no concern about like like
helpless look I don’t mean like
in a bad way I just mean like
how OK well what is a police
officer on I just want to report this
give you be no description in
case anybody calls the number
informers in number and reports
might so on I start I go put on close
because I died of doubt this is
a thing like you don’t realize
this when an emergency happens you need to take a moment and
put on close if you don’t if you
don’t have close on so I had to
take 5 minutes in the middle of
m and on went back and forth
between the front door and
backed or the properties long is
half a block long so you can
check on the so the neighbor has asked around
and nobody has seen the dogs on and I call the local ISP CA and
their closed but somebody answer
the phone and they say they only
have received a report of the , call and then my phone goes off with
a text message that says of the
four found pet service I have both dogs microchip but
here’s my second fatal flaw I’d
don’t keep the dogs collars on
so II admit that I would one
negle it out I didn’t check so that’s
one and number two is I don’t
keep a dog collars on an even
when they’re out in my yard of
cours couldn’t immediately identify,
owner so they had to go to a shelter
so that was that was a fatal
flaw to solving the contract
there on what I’m getting to the part
where we learn what really
happened on VA a species are they didn’t
have for so I started printing
up lost dog flyers on started
stapling them to local telephone
po , east a block west on at that Point I get the text
message from that that that one
of the dogs had been found dead
at Nikko had been found on but almost exactly the same
time I’m putting up fliers and
someone says O. O. O. Ser this
man found your dog to them like all great that’s
awesome it turns out same thing
he was the man who found me go
and it was, I’m gonna Graham and
read story this is complicated, thank
you to Joe Polley Donna and john
per Ras oh from 80 T security
they were installing security in on or some plays really nearby
on their parked in front of my
house and and and someone either
here or on the way to hear found they found Nikko and drove him
up two there vet Stan wind that
in North Hampton near me and
Stan line ran the chip and
called me of course now I’m I’m in sort of
a panic about Il sung we found
one dog but why did we find a
dog separate of the two of them
ar , here’s here’s here’s where it
starts to take a turn on so I’m putting up moored lost dog
posters my staple gun jammed so I walked
back to the house and I’m at the
house trying done jam the staple
gun to get the staple gun on on it turns out it is stay found
Il sung she’s fine and they
asked me to bring some proof of
ownership of eight give me a
couple bring her collar bob bring some
that paperwork and staff and it
turned out that the sticker
caller had all the tags on it
from t and here’s remain a tragic rise
so bear with me for a moment iffy at this so it turns out
that someone had found Il sung
and we don’t know I don’t know
all the details of explain that
to wh or found her roaming around the
streets and going to guess that
since the great gate was broken
the dogs got out that they found there’s also a very slim chance
let me show you invite my photo
here on this is not a terribly good
photo but this was the one from
before don’t I’m not very hereby
looking down here as a bunch of it’s possible it put some
pressure on the gate and
overtime that it broke it or put
some pressure on the gate and a
person helpe I don’t know the people stole
the dog out of the backyard or
what but the peaceable kingdom told me and I think heather has
some more information on what
they told me that the person had come looking four a leash for
teal so they intended to keep Il
sung in a piece of the peaceable
kingdom Ast all well how did you
find the dog why does she have a
caller in a leash already and
the and then a few minutes later it
was we found the dog three days
ago we already pose a social
media ever but nobody if nobody
cam peace somebody a peaceable
kingdom had the wherewithal two
grab a leash and instead of
giving these people a leash to
slip the l and when peaceable kingdom told
the people that they would not
be giving ilsa back to them and
the beekeeping else up at
peaceab then there was apparently a
slight scuffle I don’t know how
physical it got nobody seemed to
be an in the know too much worse
fo and sand so we came back close
eye team that close to losing my
deal set to thieves who would
have sold her for a minimal
amount on peaceable kingdom said one of
the reasons they thought that he
also was not their dog was
because the they have another
dog w they did not look like the same
family had raised both dogs of
unique and tell these things
from the psychology of of the
other Nicole use the use of yet yet he yet and do my best to want to keep
the emotions in check , so on so that happened if it it’s basically if a sickly a
miracle yeah, I’ve Gerard made
sure to drive it home that
people do still dogs that they
hear about driven a county over and sold my
dog for $100 and then my boss
and rocks and that what would it heads
next to zero chance that
would’ve gotten the dog back on
basically we got extremely lucky
that they why that like the fact that they
didn’t have a car to go do they
didn’t have a leaf city and have
the means to take advantage of it that was near chance II th is gonna take me a little
while the calm down from this
one OK will week we can not go to that
now if they think if like where
all the gated thick of the fat
now have hoped there would you
lo they have helped us out and were
to help them out on are also doing on I’ve also
immediately started our own
fundraiser of you in the in the
heat of the moment let’s take
advantage these these funds go directly to
peaceable kingdom Thursday night
and have to go through me that’s
really cool they were peaceab so they these donations go
directly to peaceable kingdom on know, just reload chapter
that three of its were already
up to $335 a very very thankful that and
proud of you all com I wrote just a little thank
you hear , I’m gonna edit this ’cause I
also want to include Joe and
john Pickett but let’s also be
clear that Nicole was in the
same sit on that give good people from
ADT Security found him and so
there was no bad story about how
someone tried to steal Nikko and
th you know so acute so yeah that was up that was a heck of a brush with with that situation today and
you’ll sever when was this say
about the IP I’ve Don traits UAL stock you’ll stop , group O I’m there to get the money
automatically it’s like a yeah yet again automatically
doesn’t even have to go through
a settlement to give them a
check nothing of its and is a
law that’ yell some a unitary you up the
stairs sunny yes cobra role can you come up
can you come up can you come up here and
everybody can say hi to the
you’ll stop for the rest of the
death of us just too dark yes fundraiser neon town area
that had yet so what have we learned has also
a good thing to go over right up
one I should let my dogs in the
backyard all by themselves if want if I want to let them out
like that I should go with some
on that’ll make this summer it
easier but a figure it out for
nex but when of letting them out
there for a few hours while ago
back to sleep and so that’s not a good thing
that’s a that’s of its own
opportunity for someone so
that’s not gonna happen anymore,
two I don’ on I will eventually fix it into
a robust gate but that’s gonna
go probably on the back burner
till I actually need a agate on all think about the safety
implications I don’t think there
are any safety implications for
how big the backyard as I mean
is th you I’m not like frappe trapped
in the exploding house by the
backyard by the gate that’s 150
feet away or 100 feet away, it’s hard to
measure distances and I had yet so yet so we were never been
a board up to date on IE I
already have security cameras
back there but we’ve had some
storms a one security cameras are not as
waterproof as they say they are
and I don’t think any of them
are working and there’s two back
t on I bought a new Security
System, or should be a part of a
new security camera system and on ideas as of 4K12 can once
a 16 camera recorder night that
came with 12 cameras and it’s
all gigabit Ethernet and it’s
all so that the native plants to put
in as well and Robert and
obviously put water two cameras
may be a pie in the backyard on
I mig biker trail camera, those it
takes pictures when there’s
motion and then either uploads
it via why fire or saves it to a
testy C and then the yeah you know SP
basically I’m not gonna be
leaving the dogs alone now that
I know that that that this can happen this season effect that th EAVI think that’s
what’s happening I live near
people we at my my city is the
result least a couple 100,000 and the city itself as 185 in
the greater areas a couple
100,000 on a dull I like the camouflage of
living in AA the area that I do
it’s not a wealthy area, and I
not only live in a flashy way
tha the drones and dog toys and
cameras and three printers and
maybe maybe a pleaser cotter or
CNC mail coming up here and a
future think about maybe fixing
something on my house somewhere
along for the attack th can’t
tell yet that’s the kind of
person I am t so to recap in case some of you
are just getting here on I
managed to lose my dogs this
morning, someone either broke
the gate this morning or broke the gate a
while ago here are some pictures
now that’s the wrong thing I have to go to fire fox
and switching over on this was the gate in out this
this is on becoming of
leonardjfrench like I should
know better than to have a gate
with this l I believe that are not I’m a
certified locksmith not not a
practicing locksmith but the you
know I should know better
eyesight I so you know partially we’re here
because I’m a moron an immediate
winner acquit with regard to
that stuff for relief as what I
c ey these good deal for me on a
CE Encino I bet and a bridge and
a bridge and none in Manhattan yeah right th , sleigh me and I you guys to our careers out
there you know what I’m talking
about everything back here just
looks the way it does the five
by so on yeah while if a white backer of th nice nice will hopefully we’ll be
able to do some good things to
help peaceable kingdom out here
and then I’ll go and represent
our e OK help me out here have thought
it would be rude to not donate
more money on Friday rights of
the eighth and, if just honda’s
V I’m supposed to donate some more
money if the supple acts OK will do
that they obviously deserving of
I’ve done so at how, why see this
next part this is III don’t want
minimized how much I Care for my
dogs but I also don’t think like how
would I have been able to go on
with life pick as close to visit
kaylee in a week and 1/2 how
West C Ike I couldn’t I don’t I don’t I
could not reconcile those two
things my mind either an Ike and
I basically that was where I had and you no what the cover of the
hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
cents don’t panic that is rule number one of
life’s in this universe people don’t panic even if it’s not going to be OK
it’s going to be as OK is a 10 B
if you don’t have an panic is probably going to
make it works or at least
increase the chances of making
it worse so then how could we go full out
like if I had a budget which ago
but if I had a budget will cool
we got a really do like I want like are there as I do I think
there are but I know how they
work are there GPS tracker
collars that report the dogs
position vi and it to be charge and all that
as probably overkill for trying
to keep track of my dogs in the
backyard and then what prevents so are there are at a thick as any other method
of tracking an animal in the
wilderness actively we already have the microchip so besides keeping my collars on
the dogs and not leaving the
dogs in the backyard unattended and maybe doing a daily round of
my backyard to make sure that
nothing is broken at least once a day that ’cause
I can hurt I pretty much do that
already but it wasn’t its not
7:30 AM when it’s cold outside its it’s when I go to play with
the dogs in the middle of that I could build something we can
engineer a tracker you could GL fence at how about
that Geo fence it that you you
make a wife ID region and you set it to some really sensitive her or high decibel
ratio and if the dog leaves the
yard you know by five DB are
something then the alarm goes off but
that’s reactive the like now I’m
I’m I’m hearing an alarm and
going of the backyard alarms
going off so I know if you’d like me the
camera as I could put cameras on
the outside of that fence as
well I do on that to raj this
pack the a gate ’cause that was because
that was a smart way to build
something for some reason, it
was built 100 years ago to
probably w th will I know where the GPS
tracker chip for dogs and its
power I would think you would need to
be on a collar the Akita Gotta go plug my dog
and so that their internal GPS
track, and they’ll from cool yet new fence I think the
new fence is not out of the
running I think a new fence is a
good idea of and maybe put it be put some
kind of audible alarm on the
fence that when the gate is up
and I said before metal seal up
the gat or massive a study no alarm that
sounds when the gate is is
opened th do I have do I do in air lock
fence that so that’s what I’m thinking
actually put a second date in CF
to go through two gates to get
in a row my front door is that when my
backdoors that way and then
might guide my gate would be
that way that way you couldn’t get have
to get through both of them or over both of them or break
both of them meanwhile and
alarms going off on on either
one if you if you open the
either one ala , I’d like to think practically
about security act of a lot of
my security has to do with with
making it more difficult to
enter and making it make more noise on I have I let IE less depend
I’m the Christopher Nolan of
security I less depend on
electronic stuff I don’t
necessarily count every point of entry has some
downside to it you Gotta go play
in front of one of my windows as
a desk you Gotta go through this and all all of that Ben is next
to a glass break sensor and if
the if it senses the classic
cause a police so you know if someone wants to
get into my house the gonna have
to make a lot of noise and if
I’m here in the face and armed
Le Japan as an IP really shouldn’t
be done yet I’d like to be able to
without worrying about to be
installed a novice in AC and
keep doing that anytime soon
I’ll be worrie yet yeah although we’re just gonna have
to implement some security
before I let them go unattended on all probably be OK with being
in the kitchen while they are
playing in the backyard but,
while they are unattended for
any lo and probably have have updated
the fence ’cause a night some of
you guys have watched the video
that I make of the dogs there’s crush chicken wire fence from
2030 years ago that all disney’s
to be replaced with a nice chain
link fence on anyone think it’s and and and drive the piles and
all that and and then and then I think we can
safely let the dogs the backyard
game or another opportunity
might be that I don’t let them
run metal gate would be possible that would definitely possible yes we call the police two say
that the dogs have been located
and they ask us to call the
police task, call the police
task and , thank you very much so far
were up to $745 of the $1000
goal that’s awesome you guys
rock th wants it that so I want to address a couple
questions I’ve seen that I’ve
intentionally been avoiding on why haven’t I ask for a greater
description of the people who
brought he’ll set to peaceable
kingdom and why haven’t I tried to have
those people arrested why
haven’t I pursued that at all and I’m perfectly OK with
peaceable kingdom providing any
information that they wants to
that they feel is appropriate
I’m assum instead I think that this is a
situation as kind of on the line
I think someone found a dog and
was going to take advantage of t on and that this is somewhere
like an AV a borderline case any
and maybe you could accuse those
people of stealing the dog but t were they just peopled it might
not be the you know that they
did the kind of people who would
turn in a dog in the hopes of
ret on I don’t know though that
that’s exactly the place where
you would get of be able to
charge and prosecute maintain
and success about the careful language that
I’m using it would not be in my best
interest to find out who those
people are and I’ll leave it that ’cause
I’ve I don’t think it would be
appropriate to say anything on
the record further I would react poorly if
I’m afraid that I would react
poorly if I found out who had
tried to take my dog correct you can’t I cannot
defend a account defend my my
bad actions by saying that they took but try to take
my dog on I’d not even sure that
you can use lethal force to
defend a dog mapping of you even
if I would use lethal force in
response and I’m concerned that
a person using lethal force in
response to a dog mapping or
less you know not an active dog
napping but you know found the
dog later another try just ID
wouldn’t be wouldn’t be legal to
use thr and I’m not saying that I would
use lethal force are just saying
that I would react poorly yet yet and I don’t also com I don’t I don’t know since this happened
so close to home how much I want to stir up things around my own house so I’m not afraid hot afraid it’s quite the
opposite I’m II don’t want I
myself don’t want to give me any
reason to overreact or otherwise
obsess if I it defied if I don’t have
that information then I can’t
obsess about it I can’t be
sitting here C ving or otherwise
overrea yes absolutely no doubt that I
can say without equivocation and
as I said before if you try to
take my dogs you know you’re not and this is something in between
that this is something where I
wouldn’t want to know I wouldn’t want the opportunity
I wouldn’t want to be confronted
with that person I would want to
have them say the wrong thing things that I don’t want to feel I have my dog’s life can move on and if I spend less time on that
and more time with my dogs
that’s the way life should be
spent yet on half so they enter the only
reason that leak that we and you
know, I’ll tell you what what’s
the benefit this is walk this tr because in the long we often
think about what with a special
are prosecuting someone on your
right now know is being
prosecuted on what what’s the benefit that
doesn’t really deter them from stealing a dog again or
trying to turn and not trying to
not turn into dog, with this was
like which which kind of crime
th on the action, would attend would
like to know on the Cea I wish
there was security footage from
back then I’d like to know if
some so if someone open or broke that
gate the dogs would come running over
to investigate and they’d be
alike by details and happy and
everything in some go come with
me and then that would be Y. Nicole
the running around by and self as the only grab one dog it very it’s very well could
have been someone tried to take
the dog, the backyard I really
don’t have any I’m not saying that I wanted to
be that I’m saying I don’t have
any evidence surfaced as the
goal information two rule that
poss ¥you can say hi again, trait
that if you are three I know you
heads you have a traumatic
morning , canvas and of you, like you , try here for turn up the light give you have to face the effect that
effect but but but but but but
but the th, you must live and
work effect that you thought of what city go off feel so, if, you can do a call girl go of her role as either the S so either they
didn’t want Nicole or they are
the ones that found both talks
they only found one of the
corrupt have hoped yet they on that base of the
pact Aristide that they arrive
at the shelter with a shoelace
around else is neck and was a
shoelac O OK so that’s been a lot we
have anything else would like to
talk about the need to keep our
good viewers here on stream of
all no is this island know from my
staff yes on meanwhile we also have to
find out if we have an
appearance at 430 and think we
do but I think anyone’s call
chambers yet let’s do that to if that would have been fun
having date and ago to a court
hearing that the middle of all
of this to your honor Sr. am
very dist will fortunately I am a very
good Atty. and be settled a case
before the court appearance was
necessary so fought this and Nikko grants for
you so thank you all for joining me
thank you for donating $765 to
peaceable kingdom of it has been that has been a traumatic
morning if the effect that I’m
sure that I’m sure that my dogs
didn’t find as dramatic OK fine to have to get yet we’ll even open for a while
hull close it when there haven’t
been any donations for a month
or whenever of and will continue to thank them
from time to time because
honestly guys I mean I’d really
came this was this was this was
worse whether they were being used as
bait dogs or whether being
abused by owners who didn’t care
enough to take care of a dog and
get , or whether they were the
otherwise being neglected
starved are abused , this is work this was worse than
a brush with debt, I wouldn’t it
if I had discovered one of the
dogs dead that would not be as , so I’m very sorry for my part in
this and I will take all of the
steps I will eat crow while the
crew is young and tender because the people who benefit
from IE corrected my mistakes,
pops it’s not just me it’s my
pops so I Gotta make sure that I
don oh yes let me say one more time
thank you very much to Joe
Pulliam and john for rozell from
80 T security no is not lost on
me t and I would like to have a
secondary of of system for contact
emergency services currently I
have one system which I’m not
gonna tell you what it is but if say we lost enough
electricity cable telephone
Internet that sort of thing
eventually you’ll lose one of
the things that of battery so that, in the event
of a fire with power loss there
would still be a call to marin’s
services that would be prefer so yes thank you to Joanne john
from ADT Security thing for to
Tara and I think they want
whether people from peaceable
kingdom for saving my dogs from my mistake and from a fee
for the stocks these dogs who love to jump and
the water love to go for a swim remember you guys helped of
repair heels is legs both legs were were in need of
surgery last year and a total
cost is about $8500 and you guys raised $2000 a
little over $2000 we donated 502 for Gandhi lines
and find those who as was one of
our other favorite animal
shelters, we have another
favorite an and thank you very much four
your donations to peaceable
kingdom who is now all up to
$835 , yes Stephen Cole a couple
security cameras around the
house, I have a I bought a
system with 12. Has can ability
going to 16 i , yeah Cal and how all the add the
above block and all that stuff
for the guy really does have to
replace that gate for now it’s g I will not be making any of the
mistakes that led to this
morning’s events although let’s be clear people found dogs good people
returned the dogs someone tried
to not return the dog and , manages does give you imagine
if that person had a leash would never see Neal said again
that sit that’s what was between
us and losing Il sung was that
person didn’t have a leech on that note im I am still little beside myself
so I’m still going to be taking
the better part of of the
afternoon 21 to collect myself emotionally
all probably take a day in
another two or three showers and
of Carl up with my dogs for
napper som if these that wasn’t a doubt
well as much as as it is true
that Pita puts animals down on
they think that they’re doing it
for t but on and I disagree with most
of what but Peters says and
does, but I think they think
they’re doing the right thing on I don’t think they would have
put anybody’s dogs down that
quickly I think they of would be in a big big big
deal of trouble if they did that it has happened someone someone
did of destroy a chip did you read
about this was it something we
win over a long time ago in the
early days of the channel there
wa how yet you know what I don’t
think it was I think this is a
story that I heard that there
was a veterinarian who was
accused of and it was one of those were the
dog was, was lost and if the dog
had been unclaimed yes you could
change the chip information a taken to O anyway so for any one of two
inning in just now I’m about to
end the stream that will go over
it again these are my puppies this is ill
son of the German shepherd and
Nikko the golden retriever this
morning I found my gates broken as part of this incident or were
not but then the puppies got out and
apparently is someone either
took ill son at that time or
took ill so off the street later
and they more Lesko incidentally
went to the animal shelter with
her two get a leech to keep her meanwhile Nikko was found by a
very good person or pair of good
people of Joe Polley that and
john Palazzo per Ras oh from ADT
S and and called me but it was
you’ll so that had a brush with
dog napping on someone walked
are from my house all the way
too our because they wanted to keep her
and the good people at peaceable
kingdom saw that the dog was not
behaving like it was their dog
slip the leash over her neck and
then held on to her instead of
letting but I just put in the chat again on we have raise nearly $1000 for
them in just an hour live stream
here this is awesome you guys are great you guys know
the poppies their awesome we
love them so much I am a lot less emotional now thank
you for letting me do this
beasties by streams will even
out a cathartic form a you can subscribe to these dogs
on that such dogs I know he
actually have a link to the
channel can somebody post a link
to the of so I have so if I have a channel five die
post dog video two it’s not
terribly active but that’s
mostly been because you’ll so as
not been so now that dogs are our not only field but now not dog
mapped anymore but the steel so
on will be definitely posting
more such dogs video why do we
call such talks so if that is our lives to the
death and im if I am going to
take a slice stream out before
much longer top but you know there’s just so
much easier, with them and keep talking and keep trying
to raise money policy that stable and 835 you know
what I’d let me say goodbye to
everyone and we’ll call it a stream
anyone have any last thoughts of no Il says injuries of wood
had the opposite effect on Yale
says surgeries would have meant
someone cares deeply for this
dog that someone had spent to $8500
giving her legs repaired so she
could be a happy girl again you can see her injuries but you
can see that her geek has been
modified you can see that she’s
been shaved in the back and you yeah yeah other annual say had
had parlow when she was a guy
young lady and she was a young
guy on puppy on you suppose to
get t and it’s it’s a Cal kills the
dogs because the of the loss of all the bodily
fluids and nutrition and all
that day is too much for a young
dog to take if they get through it great but
they don’t suck and 90% fatality
rate are more mortality rate , you’ll say had supposedly been
vaccinated by her breeder and IE
was working on getting her or
her booster vaccination when she being a tiny bit like the weaker
to lay on the Parma vaccination
was the reason why she got
carnal butt, obviously and there
she and you know I’d done about let
me know of them let me skim over
my responsibility in and today
and any previous things that hap , destroy the creek and as fast
as possible, to make and the
first place whenever I can she is story has a happy ending and
we’re not going to let the story
have any pattern any future
stories have any bad things as
much as so thank you all for joining me
thank you for donating two a
peaceable kingdom saved Il sung here at the link in the chat at
the Lincoln the description
below im leonardjfrench your
favorite copyright Atty. And the I’m gonna go probably have a glass of wine at
some point you have that after I
find out that I don’t have a
court appearances afternoon are eight love you all thank you
for joining me by the overtime to the report card , right by

100 thoughts on “Someone Tried to Take Ilsa; GOOD PEOPLE got her BACK

  1. I am so glad you got your puppy dogs back. 🙂 🐶 I shall send them something from their Amazon list. Thank you for sharing this story.

  2. That's an issue with people treating dogs like children. Not having them with their collars means you could have lost them because you didn't want to inconvenience them…

  3. IMO better cameras and some IR lights for night vision…
    No matter how skookum the gate or fence, people will be able to break in if they really want to. With cameras at least you have something to give to police and they can take it from there.

  4. I hate to be a jerk on a important thing. Your not allowed to donate to your own started campaign. Its against the gofundme policy of stacking up the fundraiser.

    Thank god you found your sweeties!

  5. I can only imagine the unholy wrath I’d unleash on someone I caught trying to steal my golden retriever… someone once insulted her (after their dog went after mine at a park) and I still hold it against them a year later..

    Glad to hear you got yours back!

  6. Wow! This made me cry and go all the awesome people who helped! I'm so thankful and will definitely donate to them! I'm so glad for you!!! I'm so glad everything ended up ok!!!

  7. Glad they are safe and sound… As every lawyer should know, there are good people and there are bad people.. You encounter both today and the good prevailed over evil. BTW don't be embarrassed to show your emotions or faith

    If it make it any better I don't think they broke your fence… Without seeing it in person I cant have a real opinion but, it looks like metal fatigue (wind generated or dog bumping). From the other photos, it doesn't look like the fence post on the the hinge side of the fence door was solid and secure which would lead to a lot of movement of the door near the lock. As you observed, the plate was still attached. It did not look ripped, it looked like it cracked across its width. The type of in and out movement the loose door would generate usually leads to the screws failing but, it looks like you did an excellent job screwing it down and the cheap metal bent back and forth until it failed. If someone had pulled on the top of the door the metal would have looked more like it was ripped or pulled away above the top screw of the plate, where the failure would have started .. Either way, just call a contractor and have a good commercial grade fence installed all the way around the entire property, and give the dogs their yard back.. If yo have trouble justifying the expense for your humble living style, think of it as the best treat you could give the pups. Their own safe and secure outdoor space…

  8. Happy to hear they were both saved/found! Also, glad to see you turning this into a positive to support the shelter that helped.

  9. You're not an idiot…as the saying goes, a locked door (or gate) only stops an honest thief. Your property was secure against all but a forcible entry. This is the fault of whoever purposefully and intentionally broke your fence.

    As for the "not wearing collars"…I don't blame you there either. Our dog (roommate's service animal) rarely wears her collar when she's not out in public and on leash (and on duty) because every collar she wears regularly ends up causing her to rash. Then again, she generally doesn't like staying outside by herself any longer than it takes her to do her business…and usually "demands" to be let in (in her submissive fashion) if you forget her outside for more than 10 or 15 minutes…so anyone trying to steal her would have a shorter window than your thieves did. Still, you should feel safe allowing your dogs to enjoy your secured property unattended regardless of how long they want to be running around on it.

    Are there things, actions, changes, etc you could make that would improve your chances/ability to protect yourself, your family (the dogs), and your property? Sure. Are you to blame for not doing them? No, you did what should have been reasonable needed. Don't victim blame yourself…place the blame squarely where it belongs.

  10. Leonard, so sorry this happened. Look into unattended ground sensors. They are in-ground pressure and vibration monitoring devices that can alert if they sense the presence of a human. They should be able to exclude dogs and sense humans by tweaking the sensitivity. If anyone comes in your back yard you'll immediately get an alarm.

  11. I got mine taken away from me by a mean neighbor and officers (not dogs but chicken) just because a animal sleeps in the shed for the night doesn’t mean it’s suffering but the officers disagreed (prolly siding with the caller and this happened constantly) ended up calling me a awful owner saying I should never have pets again (my mom recently had a back surgery and I have mental issues) and we had kept the animal in the shed for a few days and it was content just living there

    In the end I decided them up and give them to animal rescue (because I didn’t know what to say) and I was treated like a Criminal or felt like I was

    Can a officer even do this? Make assumptions of a animal happiness and say they have to go?

    Or did I make the mistake letting them in

  12. Damn! I'm so glad your dogs are home safe now, and I hope karma comes back and smacks the dog-nappers HARD.

  13. IF you like tinkering have a look at the project "War Kitthe",
    from the def-con presentation: "Weaponizing Your Pets: The War Kitteh and the Denial of Service Dog"

  14. The Neighbor's cat hired the dog-napper, Just to give her a scare. The cat planned all along to return the dog unharmed.

  15. Im an engineer and machinist, Ive been watching your channel for about 6 months. Why would an engineer be watching a lawyer…apparently so I can see when you get your first CNC!
    On a topical note: you may be a bit too far north but it sounds like you need a good ol' fashion barn raisin', or fence buildin' as the case may be. Glad we don't have to contribute to the bail Leonard out of jail fund 😉

  16. Bless those good, smart people at the Peaceable Kingdom shelter who smelled a rat when dog thieves showed up with Ilsa.

  17. Is this finally a vaguely appropriate time for me to suggest a collaboration between LockPickingLawyer and Leonard in order to find a suitable replacement lock for his gate?!

  18. If there's a market for stolen dogs in your area then they were probably tweakers. Around here they'll take anything that isn't bolted down and think nothing of trying crawl into a window.

  19. The… "thief"… is a waste of good organic matter… words cannot express my… disgust… at dog thieves. 😡

  20. We lost our German Shepherd a number of years ago to breast cancer and this video brought up some real emotions.
    I don't know how I would've reacted had something like this happened to us.
    I wonder though, how come she was taken seemingly without much of a struggle? Was she harmed at all? My girl would've torn the thief's arms to shreds and resisted her or her siblings being overpowered and taken. I remember playing with her sometimes when I was maybe 12 by letting her drag me across the living room by the toy we were both holding onto. Of course our dog had training (Schutzhund III), but there's a reason shepherds are the type of dog to be trained like that and used by police forces and such. That's why I'm curious.

  21. Something similar happened to me and my dog of more than 15 years (Rest in Peace) where he somehow got out by digging a hole after a rainstorm and was missing for 2 days.
    My family searched everywhere and informed both the ASPCA and the local Petsmart and Petco about him and asked a local facebook group about missing pets of his whereabouts.
    We found him at the local shelter about to be adopted out. They tried to convince my aunt it's not him and they "checked" and found no chip. She called them on their bs and asked him to be checked where (surprise!) he was chipped and he belonged to her.
    They almost adopted him out to total strangers without even checking him wtf. If he was to be adopted out it wouldn't have ended well. Like I said he was an old dog (the shelter listed him as 7 years old when he was well over 12) and he had hip problems and aggression issues when it comes to high-stress environments and was food aggressive, we could deal with him, but I doubt a family with small kids could.
    Glad we didn't deal with literal thieves but I am very worried about the animals in that shelter if slip up like this keeps happening. I kept getting bad experiences from that shelter and when looking them up on google they got a 2-3 star review. Shocking.

  22. @leonard, you're pretty good with computers right? you could probably take 2 rasberry pi's or something similar that you could fashion into their collars. you could only use them when they're in your backyard, so batteries wouldn't be a problem. you could make it so the collars alarm when they leave your backyard/property, and once they're out, they start sending their location once every couple of seconds. i'm not sure how compact you could make this, but since it's only for when they're in the backyard, and not for when you go out for walks, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

  23. I live somewhere where I can just let my dog roam around without fear (no cars or thieves). I dont think of myself as very well off but this video helped me be thankful for what I've got.

  24. I just realized that youtube unsubscribed me from your channel about a month ago after wondering why I hadn't seen any of your videos lately. Used to see you videos on the home page all the time too but they suddenly stopped at about the same time I got unsubbed.

  25. Re: GPS tracking, there are little Bluetooth tags (we used to use trakr and now we use pawscout) that are not offensively expensive, are light and don't have a subscription. They mostly don't help once the dog gets out, but they could have warned you about the dogs getting out while you were asleep.

  26. time to upgrade the fence. hopefully the cops went and interviewed the shelter volunteers to get a description of the would be dog nappers

  27. defending your dog varies by state. Lethal force is not likely to be justified, unless perceived lethal force is used to kidnap or even just harm your dog.

  28. I'm so happy you got your dogs back. When one of my dogs escaped my yard, I may or may not have run down a very public street in nothing but boxers and a tee shirt after her and then carried her (40lbs airedale terrier) two blocks back along said public road. Priorities.

  29. When I was 6 someone broke into my backyard and took my golden retrievers. Never saw them again. It was Christmas.

  30. I think Leonard is going to seal that fence so he isn't tempted to line up some shotgun contraption to stop the next random strangers would think Ilsa looks "cute" and "sellable."

  31. Arlo makes a nice wireless camera system, I know many will suggest similar things, just adding to the ideas.

  32. 10 minutes in, and I've already lost, got tears, and I'm just glad things worked out. If I could puzzle out why they'd separated… skipping that though, everything I ever want to know about how you raised your dogs, is summed up by "effectively leashed by a shoelace".

  33. What is happening? Is this year poop on Leonard French year
    . This is the second criminal matter that you have been directly involved in. First a fake cop and now dog napping.

  34. A dog that my family fostered for a time was stolen. He went to live on a farm and one day a car pulled up, opened the door, whistled, he just jumped in, and they took off. He was an American Boxer that had been abused and trained to fight before he was rescued. It's depressing to think that he might be back in that same kind of situation now.

  35. when they were still around my 2 black labs would get out like 10-20 times a year. some how we always managed to get them back. they also took along my jack russle once we got him. that jack russle when he got seperated and didn't know where he was and was over his adventure would go up to a random house and wait outside the front door. and when the people at the house open the door my dog would walk in like it was his home. the jack russle is now 17 years old and still staying strong despite being blind, deaf, incontinent, and other old age struggles. even though they got out often every time it's scary, you can't but help think that this might be the time they get hit by a car, or get lost deep in the forest fall or get injured. I know how you felt man.

  36. I'm so sorry for this. You're not an idiot. That gate was broken into most likely, and I imagine Ilsa was nabbed because she's a pretty, sociable purebred. Plus you trust your doggos not to bother with a worn down fence; I do the same with mine. There's no gate or fence by the house, but my pups are content to wander around the back and bark when they want in (thankfully the one is territorial and very vocal about it so I cant imagine someone trying to nab them).

    The fault is entirely on the thief.

  37. Your a certified locksmiths? Now I’m wondering if il ever see a collab video between you and lockpickinglawyer.

  38. You don't need to keep your emotions in check for something like this, you are human and you can show it. No reason to hide it.

  39. I lost my cat and didn't know what happened for a while, it's a horrible thing to not know what happened. Eventually, I discovered what happened, she was hit by a car and "disposed of" by the animal hospital without them checking for the chip… Never got to say goodbye…

  40. I am glad you got your dogs back. Don't feel bad, it normal for people to feel secure in their homes.
    I am lucky that I don't have to worry about dog thieves busting into my backyard, they have to go through the house to get to the backyard.

  41. This may come across the wrong way, but I'm saying it anyway: I do not believe it is in humanity's best interest to have separate dog breeds.

    Different breeds of dogs are maintained in inhumane ways. Some breeds are more valuable/desirable than others, making certain breeds major targets for thievery. Certain breeds are not only more expensive to purchase but also more expensive to own/maintain because of severe health complications ranging from hearing disorders and blindness to extreme arthritis and an inability to give birth without C-section. Continuing to breed dogs as separate and distinct man-made breeds will biologically compromise the species.

    If you want a dog, get a mixed 'breed'. They're usually far healthier and live far longer.

  42. That fence was definitely broken into. You shouldn't have to worry about them in your own fenced in yard. Maybe sub divide the backyard with a secondary fence? So the dogs have access to half of the yard but not the whole thing. This would enable better visibility of them when they're out since they won't be in the furthest part.

    Edit: oh so your setup is cable gore? So is mine!!

  43. Actually, the "air lock" gates are a good idea. You can get dog park style gates put in your yard to help keep your dogs from getting out. I've only known one person who had that but they also owned four dogs.

  44. Very glad it ended so well and quickly man. I remember the panic once years ago when one of our dogs escaped, running round the streets looking for it.

  45. I hate to say this, but I think Ilsa was targeted, and Niko was not, which is why he was nearby, and Ilsa was fortunate Peaceable Kingdom was on the ball.
    Of all the lost pet posters I see locally, GS are the MOST often taken.

  46. I am really glad you got your babies back! =) Please don't be so hard on yourself, easier said then done, I know. Do what you feel is needed as far as security for the backyard and let karma be karma, it comes for us all. <3 There is some darn good karma coming for those 2 ADT employees! that's for sure!

  47. This sort of thing makes me just plain angry. I love dogs though I'm not one for owning them myself, but I do like cats. I'm between furbabies at the moment, but if I ever found someone trying to take an animal in my care, they would be hitting the ground very quickly. And very hard. And possibly very repeatedly, depending on if anyone else was around to bring me to my senses or not.

  48. It's interesting that you mentioned buying new cameras but you never mentioned the idea of getting cameras from the security company that found your dog. I thought that was an obvious idea.

  49. "I am Leonard French, your favorite copyright attorney, and the HAPPIEST BOI IN THE WORLD EVERYTHING WORKED OUT!!!"

  50. At the company Christmas party this last christmas our boss gave each one of us a small bluetooth tracker that you can put on anything like your keys or the dogs collar. It's pretty small and unobtrusive. Check it out here: I have them on all our dogs just like their tags..

  51. I had someone take my dog out of my front yard. Shes my service dog too so its not good if she is gone for me. Luckily my neighbors are quite nosey and saw who it was (was a neighbor even). There is really nothing quite as invasive and horrible feeling as it is when someone takes your pet. 🙁 I've never had my dogs wear collars at home. Most of my dogs have been long haired too and its just hard to put on and deal with for them and me.

    I'm so glad your doggies were okay and super props for the shelter for checking chips before doing anything. I know horror stories of people cutting out chips from dogs they steal. D:

  52. Regarding GPS dog collars you brought up at 32:10 recharging a gps dog collar would be a bit of a hassle and I wonder what their runtime would be, I'm sure they are out there since I've seen some options like that being out there already for cats.

    But design wise I wonder how much battery lifetime could be improved by only doing a minimal check while a certain radio signal (from your house) is present, like I guess the WiFi SSID. Once that isn't detected then start running the GPS system and reporting the location. If it was with potential theft in mind including a 3 axis accelerometer would be neat as well, that'd make it really easy to distinguish between walking dog and the motion of being a passenger in a vehicle, getting a notification every time your dog is being transported in a vehicle with the option to periodically get GPS coordinates while in transit/on request would be quite useful.

  53. While I will not pretend to be a pro at this, I do know wood rather well and I've been staring at the picture of your gate for a while. First, I will assume that as a good lawyer, you took the pictures before you touched the evidence. If this is not the case, my observations will not be as valid.

    First, the state of the wood itself on the part that broke. The wood that is left on the door does not show signs of deep rot. It looks kind of clean. This would not have broken that way by itself. Secondly, the screws are a very good indicator that this did not "fall to pieces". Screws would have stayed in the solid part of the picket if this had been caused directly by rot. This means force being applied to the door had to have been an issue.

    Where that force came from can be determined by the door itself. Wood does not warp and retain the new shape easily. To do this, you must apply force and humidity to the wood over time. The door is clearly bent outward. The leaves and such would have had to exert pressure on the door for some time for it to have taken on that shape.

    Together, these pieces of information make it appear very likely this was an over time stress issue, not someone breaking into your back yard.

    Another piece of evidence that reinforce this impression.

    The spillage of the leaves. This indicates pressure was present when the door opened.


    Well, I think your dogs just found a new opening to explore and dogs will be dogs.

  54. Pet cam when they're in the yard that updates over wifi? Adds the benefit of funny footage to add to your videos, or start an adventures of Ilsa channel 😉

  55. You were lucky. My GF had her doxie taken in the fall after moving to TN. She was there three days when someone jumped the fence lifted the dog out, and jumped out. The dog's chip still has never been scanned.

  56. I'm exactly who someone would want on a jury, had they attacked someone who stole their dog or tried to steal their dog. Whatever you do to dog thieves is completely reasonable and rational, given the situation.

  57. How the hell don't you have a better fence. You're a lawyer… Hire a carpenter and get yourself a brand new fence. Go crazy and make it an oak fence. You can't tell me a copyright lawyer is poor….

  58. There are gps trackers that are small enough to go on a collar that don't cost a HUGE amount. We used to have one for my extremely physically active great grandfather who had dementia. It was a godsend the couple times he did manage to slip past his nurse and get out because he was a few miles away before it was noticed that he wasn't where he was supposed to be.

    Another good idea would be working with your dogs to teach them to stay home. Not all dogs are super great at it but many can be trained to stay within a certain perimeter unless accompanied by a person they know. Probably won't help with actual dog thieves but looking at the pictures I think it's most likely the gate broke on it's own and the thieves found Ilsa after they'd escaped. That dirt looked so soft I think you'd have seen deep footprints from them breaking the gate down.

  59. I'm so glad Niko and Ilsa are safe!

    Dog thieves are the worst. They seem to be getting more and more common. There was just a province wide search for a lovely golden named Atlas who was lured out of his yard. The person who took him was captured on security cameras.

    I even had a neighbour try to steal my very elderly black lab a few weeks ago. My dog Shadow is very very old and loves to walk off leash near our very rural property. He's been diagnosed with cancer and every day we have left with him is a gift, so we let him do whatever he likes.

    I was watching him roll in the snow at the top of our driveway when my neighbour approached, looked me in the eye and very brazenly just started calling his name. This lady is not a friend of ours. She picks stupid fights with all our neighbours (us included) on a pretty regular basis. Shadow jumped up and started towards her. I was so stunned that I froze.

    I tried calling him back, but by that time she'd pulled a treat out of her pocket and Shadow was just excited to get a treat. She began to jog towards him. I started to panic and run after him (he was only 30 or so feet away. He doesn't move that fast my old boy. But my neighbour was closer to him than I was.) I called him again, almost crying now. That time I think Shadow heard my panic and he turned around to see what was wrong and came back to me. I dropped to my knees and grabbed him in a bear hug around his neck.

    My neighbour looked me dead in the eye again and turned and speed walked away.

  60. Reminds me of the one Nuclear Revenge enacted by a stolen cat.

  61. eh, seeing that broken hinge? someone broke it. its too clean and has clear indication of an abrupt hard shock break, that wasn't an over time thing.

  62. I can totally recommend that you try out the Raspberry Pi Zero W. It'll probably be backup, but they will upload your surveilance video (motion activated) to your Google Drive if you want.

  63. that lock plate is sheared off, unless it was very brittle then it was shock force and not slow pressure that broke it

  64. Leonard shouldn’t feel bad. Being a victim isn’t easy. I blamed myself when I got scammed. But the police didn’t help me much and basically said all women are stupid so it’s not my fault because women are easier to dupe. Which didn’t sit well.

    I fell for a complicated scam, a scam you wouldn’t think is a scam because it was purposely targeting unemployed people. Which seems stupid. Because generally speaking unemployed people don’t have much money to scam. I didn’t even have a bank account.

    I was looking for a job, I found one on Craigslist. Like a basic maid. House cleaning. The person said she was moving to my area within a month and a half and would send me a check to buy supplies and prepare for their arrival. So I set up a bank account. This scam was so good that even all the bankers fell for it. I was telling them all about how happy I was to get a good job, and why they sent me that amount of money. Next thing I know the person stopped contacting me. And all the money in the new account was gone.

    Next thing I know Wells Fargo is threateningly sending me letters claiming I was the scammer. So I had to go to the police. Bring the police report to Wells Fargo to prove I was a victim not the perpetrators of this scam. Even the bankers fell for it. Maybe they should train them better to catch on to scams.

  65. Sadly I've heard stories like this before. One of my cousins really wanted a German Shepherd, so we got in contact with a rescue service that was near me (New Orleans at the time). Once the dog was in myself and my other cousin's care for a few days to help socialize her and make sure she was all set (the cousin in New Orleans wasn't a vet, but had had dogs for years and worked for the Audoban Species Survival Center, so had a great deal of experience with animals), I drove Josie from New Orleans to Florida, not far from Gainesville. The cousin there paid me for gas, and after a little rest and making sure Josie seemed fine, I turned around and headed home.

    Now we knew that Josie needed a little bit of a special diet, she had a condition called 'hock walking' the result of too much protein in the diet, but was otherwise in great shape. Maybe 2 months later, someone opened up the gate and stole Josie from my cousin's yard. The fence wouldn't have been hard to get over, sort of chicken wire rig, but Josie didn't jump much and seemed happy. Sadly Josie was never recovered.

  66. Some of the invisible fence products that the dog leaves the defined area it sends cell call to your phone. If you had to charge your dog. Where would the plug be. Tries to get image out of my head.

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