SmartThings V3 vs. SmartThings V2 Review: Should You Upgrade?

SmartThings version 3 is now selling for $69.99
which is $30 less than I paid for version 2. So today, we’re going to answer two questions:
One, is V3 better than V2? And two, are the new SmartThings sensors worth
buying? That said, V3 gets a point out of the gate
because it’s cheaper V3 uses the latest Zigbee and Z-wave protocols
as well as Bluetooth 4.1, but rumor has it that V2 will receive Zigbee 3.0 support later
this year. V3’s most compelling feature is that though
the Ethernet port will remain, it’s no longer a necessity as V3 can connect using WiFi. But it’s missing one of V2’s better features
and that’s battery-backup. Yes, there was that whole battery leak issue,
but I liked the battery, and I miss it. V2 also had 512MBs of memory where v3 has
only 256MB, but SmartThings claims this doesn’t impact performance and that the new hub can
still perform some tasks locally. V3 is also missing a module called video core,
which means that it no longer supports cameras that connect locally including Samsung and
DLink cameras, but it still supports cloud-connected cameras like Arlo and Ring. Finally, there’s no migration path so if you
want to move your V2 devices over to your V3, prepare for some pain. To migrate, you’ll have to manually remove
all of your SmartApps, Routines, devices, and locations. Then you’ll have to start the setup process
from scratch. So do I think you should dump your V2 hubs
and go with V3? I don’t. Buy V3 if WiFi’s important to you, and if
you don’t own Samsung and D-Link cameras; otherwise, I’d stick with your V2. And actually, if you’re looking for a new
hub, I’d probably buy V2. It’s still sold in stores and online so
it’s possible to get one now if you want. That’s the answer to question one, but let’s
move on to question two. Let’s take a look at these new Samsung sensors. In total, Samsung has dropped five new sensors
and I purchased three of them. First, I bought two of the new Multipurpose
sensors for $19.99 each, which is $20 less than I paid for my old Multipurpose sensor. What I love about this thing is that you can
use it as a contact sensor or as a tilt sensor to protect your garage door. It’s also a vibration sensor and like most
SmartThings sensors, a temperature sensor. From the new SmartThings app, you can add
several related automations like Smart Home Monitor which is related to home security
and knock knock which will let you know when someone knocks on your door. I decided to spray my second multipurpose
sensor with Plasti Dip in an attempt to weatherproof it for use in my mailbox. And don’t worry, I fact checked this Dazed
and Confused legal advice before doing so. Tampering with mailboxes is a felony offense. Of course, I found that putting a sensor on
your mailbox is no big deal. What I didn’t research was the science of
magnetization. And I didn’t realize there was an issue
until I attempted to make this happen several times. Maybe like five times. The magnet in the contact sensor was magnetizing
my metal mailbox. Apparently, this is a common problem when
using magnetic sensors on certain types of metal. So I decided to be basic, and I just put the
sensor outside to see if it would survive a Tennessee storm. Unfortunately, it didn’t even last a day,
and I can’t pinpoint why because there’s just too many variables to figure it out. Maybe it’s that Plasti Dip is not the magic
cure all the internet claims it to be? Maybe it was just too hot? I don’t know, but we’ll put a pin in this
one and come back. In general, when I used the multipurpose sensors
as they’re intended to be used, they worked great. They were responsive and I actually thought
that setting up automations using the new SmartThings app was a better experience than
using the older Classic app. The new app even has an IFTTT-like interface
that you can use to create rules in an IF This Then That format. Next up, I tested the new water leak sensor
which sells for $19.99. It uses two metal pieces on top and two on
the bottom to detect moisture. It will send a notification if it detects
something, but you can also set it to trigger other actions like “if the water sensor
is wet, then turn on a light.” I didn’t test the new smart outlet or motion
sensor, but my fellow YouTuber, Smart Home Solver, did test the motion sensor’s performance
and found that in addition to delivering a superior design it also more responsive to
motion events so I’ll link to his video below if y’all want to check that out. Finally, I ordered the SmartThings Button
for $14.99 which you can program to imitate actions with a click. Unfortunately, the Button is on backorder,
so I’m still waiting for it, but if you’re interested, I would be happy to do a video
just covering the SmartThing’s Button. If that’s something you all would like to
see, please let me know in the comment section below. If not, no hard feelings. Either way, please subscribe before you go. Next time, we are going to cover something
a little bit different so stay tuned, and I will see y’all then.

96 thoughts on “SmartThings V3 vs. SmartThings V2 Review: Should You Upgrade?

  1. Two things.

    1. The Button Review is here:

    2. As I mentioned, I really like the new app, but it is missing a couple of features found in the Classic app like a history tab and an easy way to rename sensors. Though you have to use the new app to setup V3, you can swap back and forth between the new app and Classic app.

  2. Great video Rose. What does the Wi-Fi offer with the V3 the V2 doesn't have? With the V2 should I reset and start using the new Samsung Connect app?

  3. Great video Rose! What does the Wi-Fi offer with the V3 the TV to doesn't have? With the V2 should I reset and start using the new Samsung Connect app?

  4. You are so very thorough Rose, you think of all the possibilities and what if's. I still love my V1 Smarthings, which is humming along just fine. I mostly use it for lighting automation here at the Allan Manor. LOL. I love how you can tell it to switch lights at Sunup and Sundown per your zip, and it gets the time everyday from the web. Take care Rose and thank you for a wonderful Video.

  5. Lovin’ your videos, Rose! Great tech content, I always learn from them. Well edited, very time efficient. Listening to your voice is a pleasure; so articulate and you say “y’all” with a hint of sass. Much appreciated, high five! ✋

  6. Yet again another great review Rose! I am currently submersed in the Apple/HomeKit ecosystem and have been very happy with that. Unfortunately, I’m looking at some future purchases that are not HomeKit compatible. Would you suggest the Smart Things Hub or the Wink Hub 2? I’m hoping that Apple will announce they are open to more vendors at their September Keynote and I won’t need another hub. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Yet again another great review Rose! I am currently submersed in the Apple/HomeKit ecosystem and have been very happy with that. Unfortunately, I’m looking at some future purchases that are not HomeKit compatible. Would you suggest the Smart Things Hub or the Wink Hub 2? I’m hoping that Apple will announce they are open to more vendors at their September Keynote and I won’t need another hub. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Great video Rose and thanks for the shoutout! You did a good job covering some of the other changes in the hub that I didn't mention. Keep up the great work!

  9. It pains me to think about moving all my ST devices to a new hub. When I moved from v1 to the v2 hub I was thinking they would have this process automated by now. Every new version brings out just enough to tempt me to upgrade! I don't see me doing it all over again in the near future but I do love the new sensors. I'm still using the old app and am also interested in the new rules that you mentioned that evolves the platform to a more IFTTT type style of automation rules. I may look more into this. Great video as always, keep it up!

  10. Have you, by any chance , used the SmartThings USB dongle-thingy for nVidia Shield? If so, what'd you think? Thanks, and great channel!

  11. My issue with the battery backup in the v2 is that if your power is out, so is, in most cases, your internet which means it doesn't matter if your hub is on or not. But great video!

  12. Did you all see the big announcement today? Alexa now supports SmartThings motion and contact sensors. You can ask if a door is open/closed, but you can also create a custom routine so that she announces when your door is open/closed. I'm so excited. It's like Christmas!

  13. Great video. Many thanks. I like your channel because it talks about sensors and I’m interested in learning more about IoT. The other videos are good too.

  14. You presented an excellent explanation, Rose. It was straightforward, concise and not too techie.

    Yes, I would like demonstration on the new buttons — thank you.

    By the way, I subscribed.

    Kind regards,
    Phoenix, AZ USA

  15. I don't like the new app, it's too slow compared to the classic app.
    I don't like the idea that it doesn't have battery backup, which for me wouldn't be a problem because I use backup UPS for all my network and security devices, but it's one less thing to discharge the battery.
    Not sure why they would cut the memory, sounds silly. And no local cameras? Yeah, I will pass. :p

  16. Can I use my SmartApps on the new app? All my smart home actions I developed using the SmartThings classic app and v2 hub. Just wondering if the apps can be migrated?

  17. Hey rose, why not set up your mailbox sensor in garage door mode, and then attach it to the mailbox door. That way you aren't relying on the magnets, and it is protected from the elements.

  18. I want to upgrade to the new app but the old app is still telling me I have to wait and they will send me information on how to upgrade. But it’s been a very long time. And I assume the V3 sensors are compatible with V2 hub?

  19. How is the wifi performance? I remember reading on the v2 box that use of the Smart things features halves the max thruput on the wifi. Does the Plume software enable true mesh (as opposed to dedicated hub / spoke)? Do you know if there are plans for a pro version like v2 with triband support? Sorry for all the questions – just discovered your channel and very much appreciate the details you provide – it really matters!

  20. I'm sticking with my V2 hub. As for the new sensors, definitely not. Just like the old ones they are still Zigbee which are horrible and not reliable, especially for a security system. As for mailbox alert, here is one I did.

  21. I was just thinking, why couldn't Samsung use the USB port as a backup port to transfer your configuration over to the new V3 – seems like they could do a firmware update to facilitate that and prevent a painful process of deleting and re-adding your setup for your home.

  22. I'm so excited about the price of the sensors (Having purchased 4-5 sensors at ~$35 each in the last few years).
    There are off-brand sensors that can be purchased at those prices and used with the Smartthings Hub, so they must be trying to stay competitive.
    I've tried Visonic sensors, and they are alright, but their 'multipurpose' sensor doesn't have an accelerometer. They were worth it when they were $20 cheaper than the Smartthings sensor.

  23. Awesome, informative and concise video! I have the V2 and now I know I won't be upgrading. A new sub for me, love the channel.

  24. Thanks for this review. Very useful and to the point.
    As a long time Smarthings user I continue being disappointed in its direction since Samsung's purchase. More and more lock-in to cloud services and increasingly worsening Customer caring.
    Local functionality when isolated from cloud services for me and most serious HA adopters is a must, as well as power outage survivability since more and more automation features are Security related. This new hub is not going in the right direction, except for cost.

  25. I use HomeAssistant. The Hassio distribution is easy to insall on a raspberry pi, and can be configured as you need to. Works with all of my Z-wave devices.

  26. Hi Rose, My biggest complaint now with V2 is the lag. I try to trigger a device and there is a 3-10 second delay. Is it the same experience with the v3?

  27. Great reviews is it possible to ask Google what's the temperature in the bedroom? If you have one of the sensors with temperature built in?

  28. Is there a home automation package that doesn't require an internet connection? I don't need all my stuff accessible "from the cloud".

  29. Thanks for posting this review. Question on the "if statements" – were you able to write nested statements on the fly? This functionality alone would move me to buy v3

  30. Dear Friend, Thanks for your video ,could you also help us to review our smart pordcut If you like our prodcut ,pls send email to me [email protected] for review details, Rearlly thanks.

  31. I'm about to get all new Samsung appliances, most of which are supposedly controllable with wifi. I have the V2 hub and the classic SmartThings app. I just downloaded the new app and have purchased the V3 hub. My questions is: Do I have to upgrade the hub to use the wifi features on the new appliances? Will they work with the classic app? Help me before I potentially make a HUGE mistake and create lots of work for myself! Thank you!

  32. It's hard to trust the market. Why is your V2 link $88 and your V3 link $62. One of the biggest points made here is the cost of the V3 is about double the price of the V2. This isn't guitar pedals we're talking about here. Technology drops in price and keeps dropping.

  33. The new multi-purpose sensors seem to not have much range. They generally appear unavailable about 3-5 hrs a day only registering during an open/close events with my garage doors. But not reliable for temperature monitoring since they disappear so often and for such a long time. I also suffered from magnetization with my garage doors. Sensor placement was nearly impossible but ultimately I found a spot. I’m currently debating going from Hub v1 to either v2 or 3. The lack of an upgrade path is what’s holding be back.

  34. Is the app the same one they release last year (currently available 1.6.27)?? I tried it with my old V2 hub and didn’t like, so reverted back to SmartThings Classic app.

  35. Thanks for the video! Small tip – please turn down the gain on the mic since the noise is pretty distracting 🙂

  36. If you have V1 or V2, will they work with the new buttons, plugs, sensors and such? What about the app? Is the new app compatible with V1 or V2?

  37. There is a clear rubber spray, used for waterproofing outdoors, that I used on my sensors in florida which works amazingly and sold at Walmart. It’s worth it’s price and it’s easy to use a razor carefully to open it back up eventually to change the batteries!!

  38. Wyze sells a product Wyze Sense that gives you 2 of those door sensors and a motion sensor all for $20. IFTTT compatible so can hookup to your hub.

  39. Rose, … Great videos!

    What happens if you loose your V2 Samsung Smartthings hub code? … I think I know what you are going to say.

    Guy V3 because that boat has sailed on? … I failed to keep the book that had the code during the original setup (*DOH*)

    Your thoughts …


  40. YouTube has taught me that attractive hosts are usually vapid. But this was very useful and straightforward, and I learned some things. Well done.

  41. To Go, without subscribing?!
    Are you kidding?
    I love Tennessee people on top of that, this intelligent, well-articulated, right to the point and did I said Beautiful?
    Big fat thumbs up and Subscribed. And gonna buy one 2nd and one 3rd gen.

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