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everybody’s got a doorbell right the new skybell HD Wi-Fi video doorbell boom check it out people this thing is
pretty sweet oh man this is the hard part okay this
thing is awesome because it comes with all the stuff you need to install it let’s find the camera comes in two
colors bronze and silver pretty sweet says sky Bell HD right on and have
little grip economically designed to fit in your hand easy bit mounting bracket
to the wall it comes with an extra screw your handy-dandy instruction sheet who
is pretty nice this is the bronze version got the
camera the sensor proximity sensor and an LED indicator which you can change to
whatever call you want so that’s also cool easy to install this
thing just goes onto the back of the mounting plate which we’ve already
installed the cameras wide-angle so it’s going to pick up everything at the front
door check check that out so if somebody comes up and pushes that
doorbell sends a signal to your phone you get the message you can talk to them
but it’s recording the whole conversation the proximity sensor works
up to eight feet away check it out they don’t even have to the
doorbell because the sensor the sensor this thing will notify you so you get the message you see
somebody’s at your front door you’re capturing who that person is maybe it could be a good person maybe
it’s not so good of a person you know you don’t know let’s say it’s not a good
person you could say hey not good person get off my front door you’re being
recorded boom so now you’ve got this installed
right you got the doorbell install now what you want to do is you want to go
ahead and download the app to your smartphone once you’ve done that you’re going to go
at this thing the doorbell super cool if you create
some Wi-Fi you’ll see it in the app and you’ll be able to connect to it just follow the instructions in the app
and get to go easy ok now once here in the app check it out of all your
recordings of any time anybody push the doorbell or set off the sensor is also
settings and if you look in the settings you can adjust for indoor chime outdoor
chime motion detective sensitivity that’s pretty cool so up to eight feet
away there’s also image quality speaker
volume lots of cool stuff so that’s on the settings and check out this it we
did a recording earlier an unsavory character came up to the door yep even recorded the audio this monkey
was trying to get into the house and you can see how why the angle is pretty wide
so we’ve got all the way almost into the driveway in front of the garage pretty cool stuff now you can even watch
live if you notice it says watch live you can even watch live whenever you
want or if someone pushes the doorbell will have somebody do that so you can
see that when someone pushes the doorbell see that you push the watch live button take a
look at the screen boom there we go and you get hit and hit
this button here to communicate card you can you hear us yes so as soon as I take
my finger off the button you can communicate back to me like a
walkie-talkie I gotta tell you pretty awesome ton of
features inexpensive easy to install easy to setup easy-to-use definitely
definitely worth adding to any home that wants to get a little smarter right at
your front door telling you you can answer your door from anywhere on your
smartphone talk to them here then see them pretty awesome stuff i’m Guillermo Garcia with Epic Environments signing off oh by the way if you like what you’ve
seen feel free to comment below we love talking to you guys and don’t forget to
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  1. I bought this for my daughter & her fiancé and they love it!>>> Besides so many cool customization features every thing you need to install this was included in the box. Tools and everything!

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