100 thoughts on “Sister Of Assault Victim Says Her Ex-Boyfriend Should ‘Be Accountable And Pay For His Crimes’

  1. You wouldn’t believe how long it takes for someone to leave a relationship like this… I hope she’s happier now and he’s at least getting help for anger issues

  2. Let's see… I wonder why he thought it was ok to beat a woman… hmmmmmm… I will give you a hint: some in society say she deserved it because of U.S. history, and that he had the 'right' due to the same reasons. Figure it out yet?


  4. This is a cop out! I don't believe that he doesn't remember what happened. He was intoxicated and couldn't control his anger. He may need Dr. Phil for help with drinking but he also needs Jail time.

  5. He could have killed that woman and/or the child! If this was reversed, it would start an uproar. Imagine, a white man doing that to a black woman.

  6. He threatening to kill himself? That shouldn’t be the girlfriends problem. The only thing the girlfriend should be worried about is her own life and her baby’s because that man is a THREAT to both of their lives.

    He is low enough to threaten his own life to manipulate her. I’m slow clapping because that is so stereotypical of someone who would lay their hands on a woman.

  7. Are we all going to any like we don’t know what a blackout is? Yes, he should be held accountable, and YES he’s telling the truth about not remembering. You don’t get a lighter jail sentence for not remembering guys😂😂😂 And it’s certainly not convenient for him not to remember either. Don’t you think he’d want to have a version of the story if he’s trying to get out of this?

  8. I dated a raging alcoholic for two years and he would literally say “at least I don’t hit you,” because while he was a terrible person who abused me in every way but physically, he never struck me. Because that’s not the type of person he is. Still a scumbag, but not someone who would beat a woman or really anyone. Darnell is obviously a violent person who uses alcohol as an excuse. I feel pity for his mom because it’s possible she didn’t “raise him” to beat women, but she likely didn’t put any amount of time specifically teaching him to respect others and not resort to aggression unless it is in self defense or defense of a party unable to defend themselves.

  9. Him: Come back or Im gonne kill myself!!!

    Me: oké bye 👋

    Calling his mom….: your son did something you should have done years ago

  10. He is lying , he needs help with his problem and he needs to be accountable for his actions. She needs to stay away from him or one day he will kill her.

  11. The video tells the story. It is a shame that Mom doesn't want to accept that her son is troubled and for her to back up her son's version of events is abhorrent and horrifying. And the fact that a child is involved?? I think Mom needs to stop looking thr other way and allow the system to step in. If this is caught on camera, what wasn't?

  12. Alcohol is a terrible thing, Darnell doesn’t seem like a violent dude. It’s the alcohol, it has destroyed more lives than one could possibly imagine. Now it screwed up these folks and some kids too.

  13. He is a liar and Mama can't face the truth…you can love your child but still hold them accountable…he can change for the better but to do that he has to acknowledge the truth..you can't really be sorry about something you are still lying about.

  14. I’m just thankful the neighbors had cameras & she’s safe. I can’t imagine how dumb he’d act if they never had video . This clown

  15. There is a lot of children in this comment section 🤦🏽‍♀️ I wish Dr Phil would disable the comment section again

  16. Dr.Phil please please please bring the polygamist wife's of tom green on to your show. I must know what happened to them.

  17. Loser abuser needs to be locked up. If they threaten suicide, make sure you don’t stand in their way as the pretend they want to die. Lock him up until her remembers and then prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

  18. I truly have sympathy for people who are subjected to domestic violence & I know battered woman syndrome makes it hard for them to “just leave” your abuser. With that being said she is still traumatizing and abusing her children by allowing her children to be exposed to such violence and letting be in the proximity of someone who has threatens to kill the kids.

  19. He threatens to kill himself and his baby?

    How was he not either arrested and jailed or put in a mental hospital wtf!

  20. Have children with a fatherless man and you’ll make a fatherless baby. Single mothers can’t teach a boy how to become a man.

  21. That poor girl is in fear for her life, and thats why shes afraid to press chargesm its hard to comprehend unless its u, but i relate. Especially with drugs/alcohol involved, its always way worse. Hes lucky shes still alive with how serious it was. Had she not gotten away who knows. He needs some serious help. Even drunk, thats some intense hurting someone, esp the mother of your child. Smh.

  22. Only a punk would threaten suicide after he has beaten you. I'd tell him to go ahead and put himself out my misery. I've lost loved ones to suicide, I wouldn't want anyone to do that. But if someone is using that to manipulate you, call them on it.

  23. A woman that stays with an abuser does not need to be with her children. If she's not in a mental capacity to love herself enough to leave. She doesn't have the mental capacity to take care of and love her children

  24. That’s not right the children were not hurt she was it’s like child protection services is blaming her for what happened

  25. Last series was a guy with anger issues all the time about weed. This one it’s what primary started his rage 3x against her

  26. Pressing charges doesn't always help. It makes the perpetrator angrier when they're released. Victims are scared so they don't press charges. It's a no win situation if the perpetrator doesn't get a significant amount of time and help for their issues.

  27. She’s afraid to press charges against her boyfriend because of what he might do to her but that doesn’t mean that her kids should be removed from her home 🏡 because they have nothing to do with her relationship with her boyfriend.

  28. So not only does this woman get beat up by the man she loves, she gets her babies taken away. Wtf???? She has lost so much and my heart really goes out to her

  29. Huh? You try to manipulate her by tell her you going to kill yourself???? Lmao! lmao! Boy bye!…if I was her I would tell him OK what would you like a funeral or cremation?

  30. He makes me sick. He’s so use to his mom saving him from situations that’s why he does the things he does but his mom needs to realize that he is an adult and let him go to jail so he learns that there are consequences to his actions.

  31. Man…..if somebody call me after they hit me talkin bout "ima kill myself if u dont come back…" they gon be one dead mofo cause 🤷‍♀️💃✌✌✌

  32. This man's a liar, manipulator, abuser and coward. Men shouldn't hit women (same goes for women who think they can hit men). This man knew exactly what he was doing, and the fact that he's using alcohol as an excuse for his action's…is really pathetic and low of him. Throw this man in the box already.

  33. It is important to ask yourself why you would choose him as a boyfriend. Take the time and get help to become healthier emotionally and gain more self worth.

  34. 2:39 This mother is a nut job. She’s listening to a story about how her son is a vile scrap of an abuser who beat up his girlfriend with their baby in tow, and she’s seething. Get some help.

  35. WOMEN: I dont know who needs to heasr this, but please if hes assaulting you PLEASE press charges and get away from person. it wont get any better enduring abuse

  36. Coward Lair this Darnell Coward…how he run in such a straight fast line if he was severely intoxicated …He is a loser threatening to kill even the Baby OMG> Jail on him.

  37. CPS was 110% right to remove the kids from that situation. Until he is in jail, those kids are in danger and yes, shes a victim. Shes also failing to protect her kids.

  38. Darnell your guilty & got caught
    You look like a woman beater you got caught now you want Dr Phil to save you
    He can’t
    You did the crime now you will do the time

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