ShotKam: Answering Your Questions & Full Overview Of The Camera

Hey there, this is Emily from ShotKam,
and today I’m going to walk you through a lot of the commonly asked questions
that we have about our product. Starting with, what is it? So, this is the case that
it comes in and this is the ShotKam. So the ShotKam is a video camera that is
specifically built for shotgun shooters. Here it’s on a Semi-Auto,
just so you can see that it is a video camera that mounts underneath the barrel.
And it is built for helping shooters learn how to improve. So the problem is
shotgun shooting or the biggest frustration of shotgun shooting is that
you may be shooting skeet and you miss a target and you have no idea why you
missed. So, the pellets go out there and your friends will say you’re missing in
front or missing behind and the reality is you have no idea, because the hardest
part of shotgun shooting is that you typically have a giant gun barrel in
your face but you can’t look at it. So, it’s a hard concept to teach. You’ve got
this gun in your face but your eyes have to look at the target and not look at
the barrel. So, the ShotKam is designed to show you what your barrel was doing. So,
this camera knows when to record video so that’s super important. It is a camera
that clamps onto your barrel and what it does is it feels all the movements of
your barrel. So, this is a Semi-Auto and you can think of the action closing on a
Semi-Auto is going to cause an acceleration in that direction. And then
the camera will feel that and begin to record a video. And then as your camera
is moving and as your barrel is moving the camera feels the pull of gravity and so
it knows if your gun, for instance, is like this just sitting in a gun rack
it’s not gonna be saving video. But as soon as your gun is like this and
there’s recoils then it starts saving videos. So it knows what to do you don’t
need to turn it on or off or do anything between stations or between hunts or
anything you can just leave it as is. It will go into what’s called Sleep Mode, so
the camera is built with a battery that can last up to 12 hours while in Sleep
Mode. So, what that means is it’s a super low battery consuming mode and as soon
as the camera feels any movement, then it wakens up and then it starts that
video buffering process. The camera has Wi-Fi and we get asked a lot, “Do I need
to have Bluetooth or data or you know how does the Wi-Fi work?” and the answer
is that it’s all inside the camera. So, just like your home has a Wi-Fi router
the camera has Wi-Fi. So, inside it is a little metal antenna and I don’t really
know how it works but it sends out Wi-Fi and it’s wonderful, because when you’re
in the range, you just turn the Wi-Fi on by holding the control button down for
three seconds, you release it. You’ll see two lights at the back to indicate that
it’s sending out Wi-Fi. Then, all you do is you take out your
phone you go into your Settings you connect to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi and then
you can start watching your videos. So, say you’re shooting Skeet and you’re
on Station Two High-House which is the one I always miss, and you want to see what
you did wrong. You simply turn the Wi-Fi on and connect with your phone,
download the video, and now you’re watching exactly what just happened.
So, you can slow down the video in super slow motion and what I typically
see on that station is I’ve actually best way in front of Station Two High-House
but you’ll also see if you shot over it, under it, if there’s a collapsing lead,
which means that you were in front of the target and then you looked at the
barrel and the gun stopped. And so what happens with that is your eyes go to the
bead of the gun and you try to aim and if your gun was moving in this direction, then
as soon as you look at the gun the gun stops and then you typically miss behind
the clay. And so all these little moves and you see a moving hold-point or if
you see a lot of muzzle-flip after the recoil all these are indications of
things that you’re doing wrong that you can improve and the ShotKam is just
designed to point them out and bring clarity to what’s actually happening, so that you
know how to fix it. So, it could be a gun fit. So, if there’s a lot of muzzle flip, then
it may be that the gun isn’t shouldering correctly and it might need the pitch of it
sorted out. If there’s a wild follow- through it just might
that you’re not getting a good enough stance. So, this just points out and makes it
obvious what’s going on with your shot. This camera is built in Florida. So it
was invented, I’ll just tell you a little bit about who we are and how and why it
was made. So, my Dad is the inventor of ShotKam and he designed it back in
2012. He built this camera because my youngest brother didn’t know why he was
missing and so designed this camera. It’s now sold in all 50 states so we’ve
got ShotKam in all 50 states and over a 100 countries, 104 to be exact.
We now have online stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and
Ireland and so the reason that we did that was we had customers who wanted to pay their currency or they wanted to not have to worry about import
taxes. So, if you live in the United Kingdom you can order from our UK
website, you’ll pay in Great British Pounds, import taxes are already included, and
it’ll be shipped with love from us in Florida, and get to you just in three or
four days so it’s super fast. It comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee so go
home try it for 30-Days and you’ll just I think you’ll absolutely love it, but if
you don’t send it back you get a full refund.
So, we encourage everyone if you’re considering the ShotKam to get it and
just try it and you’ll see that the technology is really easy to use. So, the
new Quick-Release bracket is for that was a request from our customers. They
wanted to be able to super quickly be able to go for example a Semi-Auto
to Break-Action and so we developed this Quick Release
and all you do is loosen the center screw and the bracket opens up kind of
like a claw and all you do is you just take it and slide it onto your barrel like
this, and tighten it down. So, it makes it super easy to go barrel to barrel. If
you put it on to your Break-Action for instance and then want to put it onto
your Semi-Auto all you do is you take your phone and
you connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi. So, a common question is “How do I watch videos
on my phone when I’m in a duck blind?” for instance and the answer is everything is
built into the camera. So, it has a Wi-Fi Antenna just like you would connect to a
Wi-Fi router in your house you can connect to the ShotKam’s Wi-Fi. You’ll
go into the settings of your phone and select that Wi-Fi and then you open the
ShotKam app and from there you can download all your videos, and that’s also
how you’re going to change the cameras settings from a Break-Action to a
Semi-Auto. I’ll go through the parts of the camera. Which you’ll see at the back
is a control button with two LED lights and they tell you when it’s saving video, when it’s recording video, when it’s in Wi-Fi Mode, so you’ll know what is going on with the camera from those lights. There’s a USB
port for charging. There’s the control button for turning it on and off. At the
front is a lens this lens again is super durable so we send the camera with one
of these orange lens covers but, you really don’t have to worry about it, it’s
super, super durable. We get some guys that call us and they ask us why their
videos are red and it’s because they’ve left this on their on
their gun, so don’t forget to take that off. And then of course the the new
quick-release bracket like we’re talking about. I hope that this is helpful. I hope
I’ve answered some questions if you have any others just comment below and I’ll
respond to them. Thanks so much for watching.

10 thoughts on “ShotKam: Answering Your Questions & Full Overview Of The Camera

  1. After a full charge ( approx. 3 hours) when the camera stays on standby for about 1 1/2 hours, is shuts down by itself and needs to be powered up again. Is this normal? Also, if the camera is charged only until the flashing red led goes steady, it only lasts for less than 2 hours. Your comments please ?

  2. As someone who shoots competitive sporting clays and skeet, I find this to be the best training aid ever. Don't watch the ones you miss — watch the ones you hit. This will train your brain by giving it an image of the correct technique. My scores go up when I watch vids of good shots the day before a tournament. Love this product.

  3. i’ve had a wonderful time enjoying my shot cams on both the skeet and trap ranges. I’ve only taken up Sporting clays in the last year or so. I’m enjoying the shot cam in this area as well but would ask what is the preeminent choke/s utilized in sporting Clays? I don’t seem to be able to get a consistent answer, can you help me out. Thank you

  4. NOW is the time to buy a ShotKam during the Black Friday sales event. The price has been lowered from $650 to sale price of $499!

    I bought mine are year ago and I love to use it for both Clays and duckhunting. You will not be disappointed!

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