Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary

The problems with mobility will be the
same as with internet and smartphones. Without knowing,
you’re paying with your privacy. The car knows exactly
what you’re doing. Cars will have around 15 cameras,
so having access to 1% of all cars… …means you will know everything
that’s happening in the world. If that data becomes worth more
than it costs to drive the car… …you might get cars for free soon.
And pay with your privacy. Like all those free services
Google offers. Driving a car might be like that.

100 thoughts on “Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary

  1. I have ads following around with me about "smiling more" because Google have access to my photos. It is the most f***ed up thing ever created and needs immediate regulation. I recommend some Engineer to create a new OS for smartphone, that liberates the use of data for harming society. Though I think the best option is to stop using a smartphone and go back to an old Nokia. Big tech will just keep getting bigger and small tech companies I am going to be working with are going to struggle. I say NO to working for big tech, because I do not want my life legacy to be about making money for the CEO and having a gold mine of data to manipulate with. I want peace for the world and to bring happiness, that is all we need right now. No more greed, no more suffering, just to hold hands and move forward for a better world.

    I think this idea of a smartphone that protects privacy could be a multi-million idea that someone could try. A phone that is sustainable as the FairPhone but with an operating system that has the highest regard for privacy. The profits could be made by just the buying of the phone and the modular parts of the phone. To be honest Fair Phone is not really sustainable until it stops using Android.

    We as animals are so reluctant species that are so easily manipulated and brain washed. We still use Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube without realizing the implementations it will occur on society and now. I myself are one of those people, using YouTube to create an artificial brain of myself, recommendations that sometime match what your thinking right now. It is a field that is currently researched and will need more research about the damages these technologies could become. I do not have any references, these are my own opinions about years of research in this topic from being aware of society changes into the digital world.

  2. As for the case of Pokemon, this seems nonsense. I do not know about Dutch people, but here in Spain, we new exactly what the aim of the game was. We in part even were excited and expecting that this or that establishment would pay Pokemon Corp. to pay to attract us. And yes, we had also immediatly the tools to get pokemons without really going to certain places. The offline community, hacking that system was at least in our area probably bigger than the real game-play.

  3. That is why you tube is sending me a notification from google for a free nest priced at 79 dollars, smart ……. mafia

  4. "They took the data illegitimately, without our permission." Ummm, noooo, you agreed to the terms of service. If you didn't read them, that's your fault. If you wanted to use the service, but not give your data way, well, as with everything in life, you have to make choices. Now live with them. I'm not against regulating all of this more closely, but when you say, "don't be naive," let's also not be infantile and pretend like we should not have to take responsibility for our choices.

  5. When we get brave and wise enough to boycott these corporations enmasse maybe we can regain some semblance of control back or at least assert our rights…of course this type of comment has an algorithimic expiration

  6. And poor animals are always the ones they develop this tech on first. We don't even know the full impact of what this is doing to them but they ARE being treated like just products for us to consume. -.-

  7. Note the intro: "She's the Karl Marx of our time." Classic Marxism updated to address facebook and google as Inner Party and online shoppers as the Bourgeoisie. Remember, you CHOSE to click OK on all those EULAs. I'm off facebook and am MUCH happier. With youtubes new rules and algorithms, I'm almost out of here and off to bitchute. At the core of her argument is that we did not agree, and "surplus" profits go to the Capitalists. She's right that laws are needed, but she's wrong that business making a profit is not natural and valid. Marxists always attack profit, and don't really understand that capitalism is transactions. Voluntary transactions that benefit BOTH parties. If you don't like it, use bitchute and duck duck go. Also, don't use Nest.

  8. Scaremongering at its finest. If you don’t like it ,don’t use that product or service (that you’re using for free) then stop it.

    Nothing is for free.

  9. 43:59 "Hey, Google's YouTube just showed me a documentary about how their business model is evil and unacceptable. How nice of them to recommend that to me. " –Gullible Youtuber

    LOL!!! WTF!!! YouTube is a psyop.

  10. …and your phones selfie camera lens measures pupil dilation while you use your phone to see what you like. It's a well known fact that when you like something you are looking at your pupils dilate to take in more light to see more of what attracts your attention. This is happening on your phone right now. You can't stop it unless you tape the camera lens. You can't stop all the sensors they have monitoring you. But this one you can…tape the lens.

  11. 29:35 and they don't need to make new cars to do it. Just get your auto inspected, like we are supposed to do every year, and there's the hook up to DMV…hard stream info.

  12. UNEQUAL PROTECTION since fraud of law of Corporate Personhood in 1886 via Skull and Bones Morrison R Waite was enabled, to allow the artificial person of the Corporation gained more protections and rights than living human beings. Social Engineering by fraud of law controls Engineering. The Artificial Person Corporation gains Artificial Intelligence to enable a SUPER ENTITY SUPERCLASS of super shareholders an artificial advantage of most human beings so they can be herded into invisible prisons with digital walls.

  13. It should be noted, Uyghurs have carried out terrorist activity in China including stabbing school children with dirty hypodermic needles, attacking shoppers with machetes in shopping malls, arson, and attempting to bomb the Beijing airport. Of the 8 to 10 million Uyghurs in China, estimates are that 10% are radicalized,… 800,000 to 1,000,000 radicalized people are more than the number of soldiers in the militaries of most countries. (Almost as many as the entire Russian Military.) I wonder how the US would react if a large body of people in America were stabbing their children with hypodermic needles, attacking shoppers with machetes, employing arson, or bombing airports?

  14. uhm Shoshana? Maybe you should wake the fuck up. Our country is already in the hands of unscrupulous psychopaths. Are you really a professor? You are days late and dollars short sister! Stop holding out false hope for the people who brought us nuclear war, MK ultra, the military industrial complex, fractional reserve banking and the federal reserve criminal cartel and so so much more…. If you removed all the freemasons, skull & bones members, bohemian grovites, zionists, cabalists, communists, pedophiles, satanists and luciferians from D.C. it would be a ghost town.

  15. Harvard along with many other so called respected learning communities has been pumping out so called enlightened individuals to lead the world, yet mankind is less free, is less heathy, has less privacy and less natural resources and green space with less species trying to survive under chem trail filled skies….oceans full of plastic and way too large of a percentage of people on drugs supplied by big pharma! USA has military bases in over 170 countries and employs the largest army of paid mercenary killers funded by the corporate fascist criminal state whose sole function is to steal the resources and destroy the culture and soveriegnty of all others, by any means possible. The brain washed public stupidly believe everything the state controlled propagandist media spews at them from tv and radio etc. So professor please wake the fuck up and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or just sit down and shut the fuck up!

  16. Thanks, but nothing new, we still live in a fucked up world. Hopefully future generations will know how ignorant and stupid we were. They give us money and we give them the world

  17. The predictions only work well if you are similar to the rest of them or fit into some sort of group. If you had some obscure belief system then the AI would get twisted up in knots. At the heart of it is statistical inference. Take the AI on here. It's pretty dumb because it keeps on suggesting things I have already watched. I rarely watch things more than once unless it is a music video. The AI has not made the distinction though. I do get products chasing me around as well, but you know the AI seems to find me the best deal rather than find the biggest mugs to sell to. Maybe it has figured out i don't like being ripped off eh? That suits me fine.

  18. Hi there, we do not have yet Spanish and French subtitles! And we apologize for the not translated part – we are working on it! Keep you posted!

  19. This was obvious from the get-go. ANYONE who is stoooopid enough NOT to think big tech and greed isn't snooping and committing lascivious acts in secret, YOU'RE A MORON!. To actually INTRODUCE this bullshit tech into your home SHOULD have sent up red flags from the beginning. When Alexis came out, I said not just "no" but "HELL NO". Only sheep jump onto the slaughter truck without asking questions. Plenty of sheep in this world.

  20. When Warsaw Pack fell the west wanted, the surveillance what Soviet Union had. I seen this come into play. Capitalism can only do this on a financial strategy. The surveillance state still lives.

  21. Everyone, who thinks Facebook is a 'great way' to connect people, flashed by Mark Zuckerbergs 'young, trendy and cool image, is completely dumb. In fact, FB destrois connections and social networks, depending how it's used. iT'S A GIGANTIC SURVEYLLANCE tool. Jeez, people are so dumb ( or ignorant – or both)…..

  22. Not enough solid examples, seems to be a scary story to sell to an uniformed public. She is clearly not an engineer or technically minded and as such is not qualified to analyse this topic. If she were, maybe she would have said something about packet captures that indicate the microphone on the security system was actually being used and not just a residual artefact of a previous design. Stuff like that happens in big engineering teams y'know.

  23. we switched from one timeline to this one, and this one feels a lot darker but i believe things are going to get better and people will start to wake up more and more

  24. My son told me he had identified a Pokemon crittur living under a nearby railway bridge where I walk the dog. For months although I knew how silly it was I wouldn't go through at night! The clever trick was in recreating the medieval world of invisible spirits, demons, boggarts and demiurges we thought the Enlightenment had banished to the world of reason.

  25. This is a source for deep thinkers, lifelong learners and truth seekers.

  26. According to this surveillance model, I am an angry, pissed off, middle-aged, Anglo Saxon, working-class white man. And it is spot on. Now what is it you want to sell me?

  27. There are 2 Speed Control units about 2 blocks from my house taking pictures that has been there for over a year. I have never seen this kind of set up in one place this long, and it's still there. It's setting very close to the city Line🤔

  28. Humanity has big and small choices to make ,as individuals and as countries. If we continue to make those choices based on materialistic principles then we will cease to survive as physical beings.

  29. There's a limit beyond which more things,items,information,tecknologies,money,etc strike back,with oposite effect,complete with all kind of surprise,surprise….life will always be unpredictable …Only life's universal values are eternal,so my advise is dont waste your time on this …. Master the arts of living and live great arts

  30. The company that made Pokemon go, made Ingress years before. Pretty much all the specific geo data was suggested by the players of that game.

  31. So we fixed the short sequence in Dutch and added the English subs, sorry for that! By the way, the shots are from another documentary that talks about self-driving cars – if you are interested to know more check out this documentary:

  32. open prison?tot.agree,the elite luv that concept(plays to their'genetically superior'mirror on the wall')'look!in their' Panopticon' …and dont even realize(or hav no real-eyes to see)haha!..'get yor 20/20 vizion b4 we're blinded'..4ever…

  33. They've figured out that what I want most of all is privacy, and they're going to sell it to me. Life in the panopticon.

  34. that is one clearsighted, truly wise woman! kick out dumbTrump and make her Potus!! Asap!!!!! Or we'll all soon be living in an Orwellian dystopia (aka China)

  35. Let me add something to this then no one is addressing oddly enough. What if we convince you to stop asking questions by asking all of the questions for you? What happens then? Do we convince you that it was your idea in the first place?


  37. Socialist economies, when we depend on government for everything, combined with Chinese government 5g surveillance technology. We buy all our electronics and products from the Chinese government who also own our debt! What could possibly go wrong????

  38. I agree I'm often manipulated by restaurant coupons. However, I haven't changed my political views in 50 years, long before the internet. So how has surveillance manipulated how I vote?

  39. Now ,this is certainly Not Fake News.
    There are Forces extremely more powerful than ourselves.
    Profit is their God.Exploitation is their Religion.
    In the meantime the Planet is scorching
    The sea level is rising
    Plastics are suffocating the Oceans
    Trump is provoking our Inner Demons
    Modi is following close on his heels
    And so others
    Is a God Messenger

  40. Notice the REAL and underlying reason they are gathering all this data. It is, on the surface, for money, but it's ultimately about control…all about control, folks. The controllers already have all the money they want, but what they don't have is ultimate control. By using these data sets and these algorithms, they will be able to manipulate every person. Think in terms of MK Ultra, but on a mass scale. I think at the very tip top is something spiritual. Evil in nature. Think about how close these things look like the book 1984. This is the New World Order so many have warned us about. And we are welcoming it right into our lives.

  41. Thank you Mrs. Shoshana Zuboff, I already knew most of the things, but you brought a total of information. Everything. Now, you are a very educated and influence person. Do you thing your countrymen , Rothschild family and so, will change all this for humanity? Otherwise it is simple, Hitler and Stalin combined are boys choir compared to what is going on today and what more danger ahead. It's not brain surgery, right? Shalom distinguish ma'am. I appreciate your humanity to share this with us. God, Jesus Christ blessings. P. S. Interesting sad, your house sometime in the past was struck by lightning and lost everything. God has always a plan with each of us.

  42. Communists don't hate capitalism……they just want to poison your mind and soul into buying their lies and in the end the Communists become the sole capitalists

  43. Newsflash, you can be a capitalist without being for the surveillance side of big tech which has strong ties to the deep state and military industrial complex. Calling her the Karl Marx of the modern day for being against big brother tech (all leftist companies) is pure Marxist propaganda. Marxist ideology and the police state it creates is exactly what drives these regressive tech companies. Capitalism is based on voluntary consent by both parties which socialist/communist big tech evades and obscures.

  44. Information Glut.
    Fill the machine and grind those gears to a halt. And keep your privacy private. You don't need to carry your phone everywhere. Also Linux phones are right around the corner.

  45. So next time you need a loan just tell them whu the paper work you know what i do at home uou know im a hard working slave

  46. A abductors dont need candy they can steal anybody now days..i have a cell phone you can get on net get in my car

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