Shocking CCTV: Gunman shoots at National Crime Agency officers

This shocking CCTV footage shows the moment
a gunman opened fire on officers from the National Crime Agency in London. 25-year-old Sedat Meric can be seen storming
towards a local pool bar and fire shots into the venue after challenging the offices. The NCA team were at the scene at the time because
they had intelligence that there could be a possible attempted murder. But little did they know Meric would turn
on them. He fired three shots into the bar and eight shots at an officer before running
off. The officer then returned fire and Meric gave
himself up after running out of ammunition. He’s now been convicted of possession of a
firearm with intent to endanger life and will be sentenced next month.

17 thoughts on “Shocking CCTV: Gunman shoots at National Crime Agency officers

  1. Good job UK. Seems like your criminals still have a way to get their hands on fire arms while civilians have no way to protect themselves.

  2. I don,t need a gun cos not many gun,s in England,but criminals can get a gun black market.but they don,t go round shooting dozens of people .in America they could get a machine gun legaly ,then what. keep your American right to bears arms.we ain,t got no bear,s .

  3. Hmm. The sentencing seems a bit light to me.
    As an american, I see at the very least:
    Attempted murder with a deadly weapon
    Attempted murder of law enforcement officers
    Unlawful possession of a firearm
    Resisting arrest (running and firing on police officers in pursuit)
    There's also the enhancement of using a firearm in the commission of a felony crime.

    Anything else I'm missing?

  4. This a case where the officers should have chased him down de-vermined the area.
    Shooting at officers going about their jobs should automatically earn maximum use of lethal force.

  5. Getting charged with what??? The cunt was trying to kill cops n only gave up coz he ran outta ammo. Possession with intent pffft. That’s attempted murder on law enforcement.

    Wait… he was shooting at the fuzz wasn’t he? Shit shot too

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