Shasta College: Transfer Guarantees

Worried about getting
into a university? Not sure if all of your
classes will transfer? What about tuition and fees?
How much does that cost? When are you supposed
to apply? Which university
do you even want to go to? STOP! With the transfer guarantee
programs at Shasta College
you don’t have to worry. The UC Tag program simplifies
the entire transfer process by guaranteeing you admission
into one of six U.C. campuses. You can also get guaranteed
admission into 1 of 23 C.S.U.’s. With Shasta College’s Associates
Degrees for Transfer. Contact the Transfer Center
today and simplify your life. Worry about something else,
like that test on Friday. Not sure which university
you want to go to? Visit
to find out more or find us on campus
in the main admission building.

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