SECURE YOUR BAG ALERT! Don’t Worry About The Haters!

(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) Morning guys, you got to stir your
espresso, you got to stir that spro. What’s up guys, bang it back. What am I going to do today? I
think I’m going to get money. If you guys want to know
the key to success. The key to success is to just do
it, Nike had it right all along. Don’t worry about the haters,
they’re going to sip on haterade. Surround yourself with
positive successful people, doing great things and it will
rub off on you, guaranteed. Here’s a big one, don’t procrastinate. Any time you have a task that can be
completed relatively quick 5 minutes or less, don’t touch it twice,
do it all the way through. And make sure you drink a lot espresso. Alright guys, we’re going to
make Rosa a caramel latte. Forgive the mess, in your home barista
there’s nobody to clean up for. This stuff is bomb, they
make chocolate sauce also. We’re out, it’s like $6 or $7
but we get it at Ross for $4. Pour the caramel in first.
Caramel, caramel, carmel,whatever you want to call it. Hit it with a nice spro hat.
Boom, swirl city. Get your swirl on. So here’s the steam wand, I’m sure you
guys saw Scotty G got the lever action. Coming soon, until then we’ve
got to spin this deal. So steaming milk hands free, this is
called ghost riding the steam wand. Check out Chris Baca if
you want to know more. Corporate that foam with
your milk real quick. This is going to be terrible with one
hand. Get in the front of the cup. Boom, ugly but… ugly but still amazingly
delicious, let’s go get it to Rosa. Mocha. [Rosa] Thank you. I’m
going to put it down. [Reezy] For the amount of
things that woman does for me, the least I can do is
give her a coffee. I’ll give her coffee
all day, 10 coffees. What’s up guys, I’ve been a
little behind on posting videos to my YouTube channel. I’m going to
try and post 10 videos today, 10. So go to my YouTube channel,
just google Reezy Resells. The first thing that comes
up is my YouTube channel, add subscribe so you get notifications. If you’re watching this on YouTube
and your kind of confused, this is from my snapchat. You need to
go follow me on snapchat Reezy Resells. However, just in case you
don’t follow me on snapchat, I save these videos for you
and post them to YouTube because I’m just such a nice guy. I’ve been a little bit
behind working on the book and real life is causing me some
problems but I’m here for you and I’m going ham. If you guys never had espresso,
you should get some. Oh it’s so good. Arts and crafts time at the Reezy Casa. (Luna doing crafts with Rosa) Secure your bag alert! Rosa doesn’t know that one. What do you got Luna?
[Luna] A puppet. [Reezy] Let me see. Yeah! Awesome. Make it talk. Say hi guys. [Luna] Hi guys. [Reezy] (in high pitch voice) Luna!
Come here Luna. Oh Luna, look at my …. So pretty. Luna, Luna where are you going? Luna. Can I take you home? I love you. (Rosa laughs) Hi Daphne.
[Luna] Hi. [Reezy] Haji P! Go check him out if you
don’t know about Haji P, you should. (music from Haji P – Neighborhood Kid) We found the sliders remote control about to open a gateway
to another universe, parallel world aka quantum leap. Ziggy. (Luna playing with guitar) Yeah. Major key, water every day. Luna, what are you
wearing on your head? [Luna] Shorties.
[Reezy] Why? [Luna] Because I look like Riley. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.

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  1. I've been watching you're channel for a while now I just want to thank you for sharing this knowledge. you have helped me out more than you know. thanks I wish I would have commented when I seen your first youtube video. I'm talking baby steps, your tacking leaps. my son is hustling his first local auction today. thank you!

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