Secure your Android with ExpressVPN!

You think you’re in control? You’re not. I know.  I used to be you.  
Your life is your phone, and your phone is inherently unsecure. Whenever you use it, your data provider can
see what you do on the web. That includes everything from those Google
searches about the weird rash on your leg to the sites you visit but don’t want your
girlfriend to know about. On top of that, your data provider can sell
your history to third parties. What if it fell into the wrong hands?  
You’re exposed. Exposed isn’t just embarrassing, it’s
The same goes when you’re online in a coffee shop. Any tech whiz on that Wi-Fi network can intercept
your traffic to certain sites. You’re basically asking them to check out
what you’re reading, what you’re buying, maybe even your passwords. That’s dumb.  
Me? I use ExpressVPN for Android. ExpressVPN protects your internet activity
so that no one but you knows what’s going on, swapping your phone’s IP address with
one from an ExpressVPN server. You can also pick from VPN servers all over
the world, letting you get around censorship and access content like you’re on the other
side of the globe. Think what you could see over there.  
Anyway, those are my two cents, take it or leave it. I’m not saying you have to secure your internet. I just think it’s crazy not to. Modesty is a virtue. No reason you have to put it all out there
for some creepy guy at a data center to exploit.  
See you around.

14 thoughts on “Secure your Android with ExpressVPN!

  1. A friend in IT indicated i should have OpenWRT on my router. Will ExpressVPN work with that? If so, should i have that loaded before loading the expressVPN program? Thanks. Great Vid by the way!

  2. i have been using expressvpn for many months and its good. See expressvpn full specs here:

  3. …….Hehe… Online Privacy…… hhmm 😉 I Wonder if the SAME people who created this ''PROTECTION '' are the same HACKERS who are so good at ''taking care of your Data'' 😉 . Yeh Because we live in a world where we can trust everyone right? hihihi …. ..
    '' So NO ONE…..but you ………AND VPN ….knows what's going on '' 😉

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