SeaLife Mini II Underwater Camera | 60 Second ScubaLab

Waterproof shock proof and crush proof
the nine megapixel Mini II from SeaLife cameras is ready to capture your
underwater or topside adventures when you are and it’s all self-contained, no
housing is necessary. This rugged compact camera is rubber armored and waterproof
to one hundred and thirty feet and shock proof up to six feet making the Mini II
perfect for divers other outdoor adventurers. Its easy setup mode ensures that
underwater photographers can get vibrant images. Even better, with the exposure
control and underwater color correction on the dive and snorkel modes, blue pictures are eliminated. The camera features a large two point four inch LCD for
excellent on water camera viewing and a lens they can focus on subject from two
feet to infinity. And as you grow as an underwater photographer, the Mini II grows
with you. It’s compatible with a number of popular SeaLife accessories including
the mini wide-angle closeup lens, photo video light, and digital pro flash.
Powered by two triple-a batteries the camera can deliver more than two hours
or two hundred pictures. The bottom line: rugged compact and easy to use, the Mini II is
a self-contained dive camera you’ll love to use

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  1. @smtabishzafar You can enter to win one on our Facebook page – we're giving away one Mini II each day for 10 days through November 25th!

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