Sea Operations – Multipurpose Aerial Surveillance

the Italian island of Lampedusa a surveillance plane least by Frontex the European border and Coastguard Agency is about to begin its daily mission patrolling the Mediterranean Sea lumpy – say some in a really good starting point for our observation it’s the southernmost point of all of Europe in that direction there is Libya in that direction there is Tunisia in recent years Italy has been facing extraordinary migratory pressure and need support from the European Union the European border and Coastguard Agency uses its unique approach to help Italy patrol its borders it involves the use of a surveillance plane that streams real-time video to the agency’s headquarters in Warsaw who are part of the bigger operation which in the end has the objective of making Europe a safer and more secure what this air can do they take off and as soon as they take off they turn on the live streaming meaning that they send in real-time images and information to Warsaw in this operation the plane has four goals surveillance assisting in search-and-rescue monitoring pollution and illegal fishing and identifying suspicious vessels drug trafficking and other illegal activities what would they do basically they fly around the scums for face and they check on possible a suspicious targets with the Raider and then they go closer with the airplane and with the cameras and they investigate the real-time video is streamed to the agency’s headquarters where it is monitored by analysts they are in touch with national authorities and the maritime Rescue Coordination Center when people in distress are spotted at sea a ship is immediately sent to rescue them from Texas teamwork from Texas common effort maybe this is the real Europe this is an example of how Europe should be different people forgetting for a second about where they come from working for the same objective which is making Europe more safe [Music]

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