Samsung Galaxy S11 – A NEW CAMERA KING

So we’ve been talking about the Galaxy S11
for quite a while now. We learned that Samsung is going crazy with
display sizes. The Galaxy S11+ will have a 6.9″ display which
makes it the biggest Samsung flagship phone out there. We’ve also been talking about the camera and
how the main focal feature of the Galaxy S11 is going to be its camera capabilities. You see the Galaxy S11 will have one of the
biggest smartphone camera sensors ever, it’s going to be almost double the size of the
camera sensor they have on the Galaxy Note 10+. You see bigger the camera sensor better the
photography experience as it allows more light to get into the sensor which directly means
better photos. But a bigger sensor is not the only camera
upgrade we’re going to see. There are going to be a lot of other features
as well and we have Max Weinbach who works for XDA developers and is one of the trusted
smartphone tipsters out there shedding some light on what we can expect from the camera
of the Galaxy S11. He made a series of tweets talking about the
Galaxy S11’s camera. He says the Galaxy S11 will be a camera beast
and a video beast. He says the Galaxy S11 will have the best
photo and video recording capabilities and the Galaxy S11 will destroy smartphone video
next year, and beat the iPhone 11 Pro which right now takes the best smartphone videos. iPhone 11 Pro saw the biggest camera upgrade
that Apple has done in a while. Even though it looks like siit it does the
job really well. So Samsung making a phone that will beat the
iPhone 11 Pro in videography as well as in photography makes me really excited for the
Galaxy S11. By the way, the Galaxy Note 10 takes amazing
photos but since Samsung didn’t include any new camera hardware while companies like Apple
and Huawei focused mainly on the camera this year put Samsung a little behind. But thankfully, it looks like Samsung will
get ahead and set new benchmarks with smartphone photography. By the way, Max didn’t end there. He tweeted that we will get night video mode
for the first time in 2020. Now, he didn’t say whether or not the Galaxy
S11 will have it but he was making a series of Galaxy S11 tweets and this one was in the
middle so it only makes sense to believe he was talking about the Galaxy S11 itself. Since the S11 will have a bigger sensor which
will allow more light which would in turn help in video night mode but I guess it depends
more on the software rather than the hardware, In any case, I hope the S11 is the one to
have this video night mode which I’m sure is going to be super helpful. Finally, he says good photography is going
to be so much easier on Samsung flagships next year. Honestly, this got me excited for the Galaxy
S11 even more. I take a lot of videos on my phone. One complaint I have with smartphone cameras
is that they suck at video recording at low light. Photos have gotten better at low light thanks
to the night mode but videos are still crappy. Thankfully it looks like it’s going to change
with the Galaxy S11. That said, it looks like Max has found some
codes in the camera app of the OneUI 2 and he knows a lot more than what he said today
which he’ll reveal it very soon. So when he does I’ll make sure to cover that
as well so you can consider subscribing if you haven’t done it already. So Samsung is growing in Japan. Their market share increased by three times
year over year. They sold half a million smartphones in Q3
with a market share of 6.7% which is an improvement compared to a 2.4% market share last year. The surprising thing is this doesn’t include
the Note 10 sales which means the market share will only increase in Q4 of 2019. Apple, by the way, dominates the Japan market
with a massive 63% market share. Let me know your thoughts on this and I’ll
see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S11 – A NEW CAMERA KING

  1. Please make a special surveillance stand for previous smart phone s with large battery that I can use for stand alone secret surveillance.

  2. unless they do 4k 60fps front facing camera, and unless they fix the Damn skin/clothes bleaching! I will remain unimpressed for the SINGLE!! front facing camera to the S11 Plus.
    (hopefully it's not single because the note design sucks!)

  3. Ummm it better beat the iPhone 11 pro.! It's a newer phone.! But again… My biggest complaint and the only reason why I wouldn't get the S11 is those damn screen sizes. I mean 6.9 inch for the S11+..! That's just ridiculously big.! The standard S11 is what size a 6.7 inch or something screen. Even that's too big.!! #dissapointing

  4. Japan's phone market share only depends on carriers on high price phone subsidy policy not quality. It's different on each brand

  5. The camera gets me excited, however; realistically I never really use the camera that much to care. I wish these phone companies would put that much efforts into other aspects. Also wish Samsung would put much more efforts into their own apps and own app store. I mean comon, the Note 10 wasn't even pre-installed with their own email client, why spend so much time in one category but totally give up on another.

  6. I'm in Japan and since Japanese are stubborn and felt that Android sucks on those Smartphone early years like 2010ใ€œ2013, most of them just keep on using iPhones because they think iPhones are the best. Nowadays still many Japanese use iPhones because many people around them use iPhones. Many Japanese try to be like others because that is how they are educated. Another reason why iPhone share inJapan still is solid is because the iPhones in Japan don't cost too much if you use carriers there and that apps such as Instagram and Japanese games are well optimized for iOS.
    Another minor reason is that iPhones have so many kinds of accessories such as cases which teenagers are stupidly crazy for.
    More people are realizing that Samsung and these days OPPO phones are good (Huawei is not doing that well due to the US trade war) so people using Android phones will keep on increasing. And due to Huawei suffering, Xiaomi ans Vivo are also joining the Japanese market so it's getting interesting!

  7. And according to DxOmark, iPhone 11 Pro max did not beat Mate 30 Pro, so if the title implies that Sammy G11 will beat the iP11PM, therefore, it just shows that SG11 will not beat the HM30P.

  8. Doesn't matter if it beats any flagship out there or not, i just want it to be good. I just want whole phone to be good, as I'm going to be the first person in my society to buy a samsung flagship ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

    Samsung just wanna say, dont let my choice down

  9. I used to get hyped about Samsung phones, but my goodness… The burn-in problem scares me too much. I like my S9+ over-all, but the level of burn-in it got from regular use, after only a few months is just dissapointing. Until they can do something to keep this from happening so much I'll probably have to ignore Samsung next time I upgrade. ๐Ÿ™

  10. Sorry I saw you talking for the second time about this… You're completely wrong when you say that a big sensor it means more light into and better photos, this is not true… Actually it's much difficult to have more light in a big sensor than a Small one… Small sensor sized has tendency to produce better low light picture for example.
    A bigger sensor can produce more detailed picture for better digital zoom capabilities, but when you try to justify more light for a big sensor… This is just completely wrong!

  11. It's not about beating a previous year flagship. It's all about beating current competition. At the end of 2020 if S11 could hold pole position that would be massive.

  12. Never use 5G You need to know Electronic waveโ€™s bad effect. Especially 5G is more dangerous. Never use 5G Phone. Even though Samsung with apple with google with the other Hwawei with Sony with the other big companyโ€™s Android Phone can send your GPS location to Inteligence agencies. To send Silent SMS.

  13. So finally your type of Samsung Sheep is accepting that iPhone 11 pro is King in Photography and Videography now.. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Random Guy:- Finally Lets Buy The Note 10+
    Watches Sals Video
    Random Guy:- Well You Are the Reason I Am Still On Feature Phone lol

  15. Im not an Apple fan but atleast be professional as a tech reviewer and stop hating Apple for praises. Be professional ๐Ÿ™‚ If you hate iPhone, keep it to yourself rather than reflecting them on your videos.

  16. The exynos version is really going to keep people from buying this unless everyone gets to choose feom the 2 variants

  17. Its hilarious that Japanese such smart people support American apple company by buying there products even knowing what happened between this two's in past..

  18. Guys… Don't trust Samsung anymore.. My S9 draining so fast now.. It's been just 1year old.. S6 had the same problem…

    S9 from USA might me good since it incorporate snapdragon processor..

    If u turn ON the internet battery drains so fast.. I don't even have that much application..

    Samsung gave me a new replacement phone but still the issue persists.

    My new One plus 6T is so good.. or Apple but its costly..

  19. I remember when we used to troll the iPhone calling it Istove etc… It beat all our favourite phones, in processing power, camera and battery life.๐Ÿคฃ

  20. Every day Samsung Samsung Samsung do videos about other brands, new tech,
    it is very boring to hear about s11 everyday ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  21. It's not just double the size of the Note 10 sensor, it's about 3 times bigger surface wise, about 2 times bigger than iPhone 11 sensor and about 1,5 times bigger than Mate 30 Pro.

  22. I mean it will be the newest samsung phone in market, it makes all sense it will have better cam than iphone 11. Dumb video.

  23. The reason of apple dominnate Japanese smartphone market is Ironically, an affordable price. iPhone in Japan is incredibely cheap before.
    But now, Becasue of Japanese government presses to cut cash support for an iPhone to the carriers. This policy was intended to sell more Japanese cell phones.
    But ironically because of this, Samsung's phones designed in Korea, where the country Japanese government dislikes, have been sold twice more.

    Sorry for my freakin' bad English.

  24. Are you saying s11 can beat only iPhone 11 Pro
    Still iPhone 12 is not released
    When it released
    Will u say s12 beats iPhone 12

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