RVisual Camera Move Transitions Review

hey guys Jake Wipp here back for another
video and today we are gonna be checking out the RVisual camera move transition
pack installation is extremely simple all you have to do is go file project
settings to find your frame right as it is 30fps and then you go into the folder
that is 3 fps and grab the 30fps transition that you like and drag that
down onto the timeline once it is on the timeline you right-click and do
decompose in place then you Center your transition over your video just like
that then you delete the top clip and now in order to do the smartcash
playback you have to make sure the render cache is set to user then
right-click and do render fusion output and set that to odd
there you go you’re ready to go all you have to do is wait for that red line to
turn blue in your transition is ready to playback if you guys want 15% used code DaVinci
Resolve tutorials that check out only the first 30 people get this so hurry up
and buy the transition pack so thank you guys for watching if you have not
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