Romina, sinapak sa presinto si Daniela | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

– The chief wants to see you.
– Okay. Excuse me, sir.
I’ll be back. Jude. – Jude.
– Carlos. Good, you’re here. What happened? Alvin tried to kill Tatay, Kuya. Good thing Ate Romina
was there to save him. Where’s Alvin now? They’re still getting
his statement. Tay, how are you doing? Carlos, please help me. You see, Romina… …already knows the truth. The truth, Tay? I… I told her about
Daniela’s secret. Tay, you knew about it?! Since when?! That’s no longer important.
Now, listen. Go find Romina and
plead with her… …if you don’t want her
to have Daniela arrested. If she does, your family
would be ruined. Daniela paid Alvin to rape you! Romina… Daniela had me raped. Is that it?! Is that what you discovered
but couldn’t tell me?! I tried many times to tell you. But you still didn’t! You know how that
incident ruined my life. How long I’ve been
searching for justice! If you think about it, all this happened
because of you. But you still chose
to hide the truth. What kind of person
are you, Carlos? I am a father. A person who would do
anything for his family. What did you expect
me to do, Romina? Turn my back on my family? Send my wife to prison? You’re just as
bad as Daniela. You are both heartless!
You don’t have a conscience! What do you want?! Keep this in mind. You will regret this. You and your wife will. I already spoke to
the talent scouts and they have huge
plans for you. You’ll let me do it? If that’s what you want,
then yes, dear. Anything that would
make you happy. But promise me you won’t
do this again, okay? If there’s a problem,
talk to me. Tell me. Or if not me,
tell your Dad. Or anyone. Just remember, we’ll
always be here for you. Yes, Mommy. Mrs. Bartolome, someone’s
looking for you. Let them in. Mrs. Bartolome, can you come
with us to the precinct? Romina, Sir Bernard’s
on his way. He’ll take care of everything. Bitch! – Hey, Daniela!
– Stop it! – That’s enough!
– Let go! Calm down, ma’am! Why do you keep
causing trouble?! You bitch! Ate… You’re the one who
ruined my life! You had me raped! You are despicable! How could you do that
to another girl?! You didn’t only ruin my life! My mother died because
of what you did! – Daniela!
– What did I ever do to you?! Is it because of that man?! Well, you can have him! Keep him all to yourself! If there’s one thing
I’m thankful for, it’s that you spared me
from marrying that man! That’s enough, Romina! Bernard, press charges! I want to give that woman hell! Look at my face. You think I’d lie after
what she did to me?! No! As much as I wanted
to retaliate, I didn’t have her raped!
My conscience is clear! But ma’am, a witness claims you orchestrated
Mrs. Mondragon’s rape. Who? Mr. Bartolome, your
father-in-law. My father-in-law? What does he know? We aren’t even close. Attorney… Attorney, please do something. I’m sorry, Daniela. Don’t worry, I’ll pay your bail
first thing in the morning. No, do it now! Quiet!
Everyone’s already asleep! Do something. Now! – Okay.
– Get inside. Please, please,
don’t leave me here! Get me out of here! Don’t touch me! Stop right there!
Don’t go near me! Stop!

100 thoughts on “Romina, sinapak sa presinto si Daniela | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

  1. Dapat nirecord Mo eh nagphirap ka hanap ng hustisya wla k nman npala 😀hay nku direct nsan ang hustisya 😂

  2. Sana may kadenang ginto recap episode sa ganap per week no since adik naman ang lahat sa dramang ito ganda ng episode everyday

  3. Buti nga kay Daniela, si carlos naman wala nanamang silbi kahit kailan

    Team Mondragon like

    Team Bartolome comment

  4. Kung hinablot lang sana ni Romina yung wig Daniela, that would've been the most iconic catfight in history

  5. Daniela kumanta ka ng mekeni mekeni dug dug doreme. Para magamot mo sugat mo. Hahaha at sumayaw kanadin ng pamatay mong galawan

  6. Nakakainis talaga tong si Carlos.
    Parang gusto kong dagdagan yung suntok kay Daniela ng dahil kay Carlos.

  7. Actually mas naaawa ako Kay Daniela na mapunta sa prisinto kaysa Kay Romina dahil may mas experience si Romina na mahirapan eh Yung mukha naman no Daniels parang isang pusa na nasa kulungan ng aso.

  8. nakakainis yung role ni carlos sarap Pabugbog kay berna eh nakakainis ka carlos nanggigigil ako sayo

  9. Ambait naman sumabunot ni Romina. Dinampi lang ang kamay nya sa ulo ni Daniela. 😂🤣😂🤣

  10. Haha dami nagsasabi sampal yun haha suntok po un dalwang suntok 😀 kung wala pang umaawat naku isang suntok lng sana tumba si daniela 😀

  11. first time ko naka kita ng mga presong di mayabang, kasi halos lahat ng palabas ang yayabang ng mga preso, may bayad pa yung higaan etc.

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