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When you are looking for rugged Innovation
with Superior Endurance… Look no further than COHU HD COSTAR’S – RISE Series of video
cameras…. Designed and built for critical infrastructure applications. RISE cameras deliver High-quality video with
rugged construction for continuous operation in extreme environments with seamless interoperability
to integrate in all systems RISE provides the highest performance at an
unrivaled price. COHU HD COSTAR’s RISE cameras feature advanced
optics which captures buttery-smooth video with accurate details of fast moving objects
in all lighting conditions – RISE allows you to see through particulates
such as fog, smoke, and snow. It’s the ONLY 1080P Camera in the industry with Auto De-fog. – RISE cameras capture video in the most challenging
lighting conditions with Wide Dynamic Range allowing you to see in difficult lighting
situations, – Enhanced Intensity
Improves dark scene areas while retaining light areas,
Delivers clear images even when in shadows – Whiteout reduction removes hot spot lighting
such as headlight blooming while retaining scene integrity Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) allows
for mounting on existing structures while delivering smooth, steady video necessary
for long-range surveillance. The RISE series features industry standard
interoperability, which provides fully integrated video solutions with flexible installation
and seamless operation. CohuHD Costar cameras are standards based
ONVIF compliant. RISE cameras allow for migration from analog
to IP without disruption as well as flexibility for a variety of streaming methods and networks. The RISE camera ruggedized design delivers
continuous operation in the harshest conditions… with protection against extreme temperatures,
corrosion, particulates, and transient-surge. RISE cameras Operate with pan, tilt and zoom
controls in Category ONE hurricane force winds and withstand up to Category FIVE hurricane
force winds. ALL RISE cameras are equipped with a wiper
system and a heated faceplate… keeping the lens surface water, ice and debris free so
to provide visibility in extreme environments. RISE cameras come standard with a lifetime
warranty covering water ingress and a 3 -year Warranty on the full camera system. For more information and to see how you can
benefit from CohuHD Costar’s RISE cameras please visit CohuHD.com/RISE

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