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(Intro music playing) Hello Friends! My name is Abhishek and I welcome you in this
new Gadgetstouse video. Today we will talk about Realme 5S
Realme has launched this and many people are asking about what’s new in this device. If I tell you honestly then the only one thing
new in this phone is the camera. the looks and feel, design, and everything is exactly the same. The whole phone is the same. Okay so let’s talk about phone and tell you what are the changes in terms of
software and what are the changes in terms of hardware. Let’s start with the unboxing first. (Background music playing) Okay, friends let’s start with the review of Realme 5S and I would like to tell you
that there is no change in terms of look and feel and design. Everything is exactly the same as it was in
Realme 5. You are getting polycarbonate plastic in the
back too. It is attracting fingerprints and smudges
very easily but you are getting a case with the phone so what’s the problem? If you talk about connectivity then micro
USB is given but again I would say that this is a sub 10,000 phone so it’s totally fine. You are getting a headphone jack which is
becoming so rare these days. The sim card tray is a full sim card that
is you can use an SD card and two sim cards at the same time so there is no compromise
in the connectivity. If you talk about the display then you are
getting a big 6.5-inch display but there is one compromise that this is an HD display. The same one which you were getting on the
Realme 5. I hoped that at least they will give an HD
Plus display on this one. Also, the brightness of the display is not
that good, the brightness is not that high. You can see how it looks outdoor. if you ask me even if it’s not that bright
there is no problem using it indoors and unless you sit in direct sunlight there won’t be
any problem. If you talk about other things on this phone
then you are getting a quad camera setup. The main sensor is 48MP. We will talk about that later with samples You are getting an 8MP wide sensor, 2MP macro
sensor and a 2MP depth sensor as well. If you talk about the front then you are getting
a 13MP selfie camera. Let’s talk about the processor. You are getting Snapdragon 665 here the same
as Realme 5 as I told you except for the camera there are no improvements in this phone. UI is the same as always, filled with bloatware
which causes annoyances. You will too many ads in the notification
which is annoying. Friends you are getting 4 GB of RAM and 64
GB of storage and you can use the basic version without any hassles. You can play PUBG in HD, forget about the
HDR. If you play for a longer period of time then
the phone becomes hot and starts to lag. Everything is in front of you but you won’t
face any problem as such. Friends if we talk about the battery then
you are getting a 5000 mAh battery and you are still not getting an 18W charger which
you can get in vivo U20. You should be getting a fast charger but you
are not! If we talk about the AnTuTu benchmark then
you are getting a 169465 of the score here which is a good score. In terms of no of sensors, you are getting
all the essential sensors like gyro, magnetic field and step counter considering it’s
a budget phone. Also, all the basic sensors are present here. Let’s talk about the camera and let’s
talk about the selfie camera first. You are getting 13MP of selfie camera and
when you take the selfie in indoors only then you will know about the true colors of this
phone. This selfie is not that good, but not bad
too. It will look better if you use some filters
otherwise the selfie is good enough. As you can see this is how the selfie looks. If you zoom in you can see the hair start
to look distorted. You are getting a good amount of detail on
my face. Overall the selfie is good enough but not
great. If we talk about the rear camera then let’s
show you some pictures taken in bokeh mode. In the photo taken in bokeh mode, Captain
America is looking very good and is very well focused. Spider-Man in the back is blurred and in terms
of overall clarity, the photo is good. Even if you zoom in you will the face details
are Intact so a very good photo I would say. This picture is taken in daylight and in this
one, Spiderman is in front. Colors are natural and detailed making it
an overall very nice photo. Talking about the wide-angle camera so this
one is a normal shot and the latter one is a wide-angle shot. And you can see the difference in both the
photos. The good thing is that this picture is taken
in the evening and it’s still turn out to be great as you can see here compared to a
normal photo. Talking about the main 48MP camera photo taken
as you can see the details when zooming in compared to a normal photo shown here without
the 48MP in which we have zoomed in and you will find more details in one photo compared
to the other one which is not a 48MP photo. And you clearly see the wonders on the 48MP
camera on this phone. Face unlock and fingerprint sensor both are
fast enough and you can easily unlock the phone using it. As you saw, this was our quick unboxing as
well as a quick review of Realme 5S and the thing is this phone is exactly the same phone
as it was before. The camera has definitely been improved as
you think about it you are getting the same camera in Redmi Note 7 Pro in this price segment
if you are still thinking about that phone. But, except for the UI, everything is good
here compared to Redmi Note 7 Pro. If you talk about the hardware then it’s
the same. But, Yes, the camera here is definitely better
than what you get on Redmi Note 7 Pro. But, that one has become old so you can go
for Realme 5s with new cameras you will better results. That’s it in this video. Jai Hind! Vande Matram! (Outro Music Playing)

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  2. It's a very good looking Smartphone from RealMe. Yes RealMe 5s not a huge upgrade over RealMe 5. HD+ display is missing. #GTUFamily

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