Radio surveillance during the mission

so this is the place where the radio watch is taking place yeah we are working here in a shift system so that we yeah up to 20 hours a day can over watch the radio traffic on VHF and yeah as you can see we also have a laptop here where we can at least see the AIS signals that are out there but most of the NGOs have their AIS signals turned off so the radio is actually one of the few opportunities to actually figure out where they are what they are up to how they operate and this enabled us to actually yeah give us gave us some insight into the tactics yeah but also on how eager these people are on bringing migrants to Europe where we were for example able to listen to one conversation from the Gulf iturra where they were talking to another NGO and they sounded very disappointed when they figured out that the boat that they in the first place thought is a migrant boat actually turned out to be just an average fishing vessel yeah apart from that we could also see how the pressure was actually rising on the NGOs here because we were able to hear how they were denied access to ports we could also hear complaint again by the Gulf or to row about the MRC see that they acted very unfriendly and that they were very disappointed that they were not invited to an SAR case and instead they have been sending in may be shipped there nonetheless to go for a thorough went there and later on they also asked how they can fill out a formal complaint against the MRC sea and as soon as we have gathered all of these informations and figured out what the transmission yeah what’s the purpose of the transmission we also call phone fill that out into a table and yeah just one of the jobs here [Music] you

13 thoughts on “Radio surveillance during the mission

  1. You people really fill me with joy. You are the materialization of all those in Europe who fight against the EU's white genocide ideology. You are genuine heroes in my eyes.

  2. Wo kann man diese aufnahmen einsehen?In einer diskussion ist es wichtig beweise zu haben, vorallem bei so einer vorurteilbehafteten organisation wie ib / de

  3. This is great! I love seeing how you guys do your work and fight against the NGOs illegally trafficking people to Europe.
    I do have one concern though. While Youtube is a great platform for uploading your content to be seen by as many eyes as possible, you might be aware many content creators (even one's you personally know) are being affected by Youtube's crackdown on "unacceptable content". It wouldn't surprise me in the least if at some point Youtube targeted your channel (as well as the other ones you guys upload to), maybe with even with some coercion from the NGOs themselves (who knows how low they will stoop), and one day simply shut it down.
    Might I suggest also uploading to another platform where Google has no arbitrary control, so you don't have to worry about losing all of your content at any point.
    Anyway, keep up the great work. Even if Youtube were to do something like that the rest of us know where to find you guys, so it would be nothing more than a bump in the road.

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