QVC On-Air TV Launch of SadoTech Wireless Doorbell System w/ Door Alert Motion Sensor

all you need is a battery inside the ringer and you got a range of 500 feet this is an extraordinary way for you to know no matter where you are in the house that someone’s at the front door or if someone opens the door or window you’re also gonna be notified then too because there’s also a little door window alarm included in this kit as well this is from Sato Tek a wireless doorbell system with door alert motion sensor it is brand new tonight if sold separately or email a retail you’re looking at about $62 we’re over 17 dollars less and three easy payments no matter which credit cards you use Craig Smith one of our electronic experts is with us good to see you sir great to see you I think for a lot of people they’re looking for a doorbell that is easy convenient long range and a doorbell button that can Swit and all the weather oh hello there you go one more time there how about that cause you’re not only getting a doorbell alarm that you’re going to plug in you get a second one that you can travel with that’s right that one takes three Triple A batteries what’s great about that especially this time of year we’re always out and about in our homes and a traditional doorbell has wiring that’s set up in the front of your house and then that box that is right inside the front door sure what happens if you’re out in the back deck working the grill and somebody rings the doorbell you don’t hear it you’re in your office you’re in the basement you’re in the garage you’re not gonna hear that doorbell but with the two of these you’ll plug wanted to whatever outlet is the room you’re using most frequently in your home mm-hmm and the second one David you could mount it somewhere else if you’d like or take it with you around the house so when that door rings you’re actually gonna hear that doorbell no there are actually 52 ring tones built in yes there are 50 we’ve got a more traditional doorbell happening right now but here’s what you’re getting you’re getting the doorbell traditional push-button you’re getting the one that you’re going to plug into the wall you’re also getting your door or your window sensor and you’re getting the one that you can pop in a pocket all you’re gonna need are three triple A’s is that right that’s right three three triple A’s yep and you’re getting all of this for 44.94 cents and three easy payments on your credit card choose either the white or the black let’s show everyone how easy the is to install there it is bang that’s it it’s great about this David I have the opportunity bringing a lot of high-tech products here to QVC we talk about Wi-Fi we talk about Bluetooth we talk about apps it doesn’t get any easier than this because when you take these out of the box the transmitter the Bell itself is already paired with both of these receivers so though this one’s plugged into any wall outlet you have the secondary one and even the sensors that come with it as well all of these are already paired with a range of up to 500 feet all you have to do is plug it in and then you mount this outside of your house the actual doorbell itself it’s completely waterproof so you can put it outside in the rain or the snow and then it’s already connected and you choose your favorite doorbell ring again 52 different options on the tone that you like the best and I love this because now when I’m out back barbecuing or if you’re sitting out back maybe you’ve got a pool in your backyard or you’re not inside the house and maybe you’re out enjoying the patio or the backyard or the or the deck now you take this with you something rings the bell and you’re out back you know there’s someone at the door yes this is also important if you’ve got someone in the house perhaps who needs a little extra help maybe you’ve got an elderly parent living with you and if they needed to call you and you were out back if you’re holding on to this or have it nearby and they’ve got that button upstairs you got a nice 500 foot range they can press that button no matter where you are around the house you’ll hear it and actually the mounting strip itself you can pop that off so you could actually have this mounted to the door and then bring it inside I know we can use it in our house quite a bit the girls go upstairs we come home from softball practice or gymnastics or whatever my wife and I go cook dinner the girls go upstairs to hopefully do their homework it’s time for dinner out of most of us call our kids for dinner hey kids dinner no now you don’t have to do that they could take the receiver upstairs you can hit that little bow and they know boom that’s about the dinner bell it’s gonna bring them downstairs well I’ll tell you what lots of you are excited about this item it is brand-new tonight it’s a first look meaning it’s been available on but it’s never been presented on the air before right now now so this is your opportunity now to have that instant doorbell wireless doorbell it works off of an FM signal is that right that’s right so no Wi-Fi is necessary for this no app on your phone you have to load no phone is even necessary for this all you’re going to do is place this outside the house hey there outside the door or on the gate wherever you want to put it it’s completely weatherproof then you plug one of these doorbells into a wall outlet put three Triple A batteries into the other and then put this anywhere you’re gonna be upstairs Downstairs outback what have you and they’re already paired now in addition all that we’re also giving this little door or window alarm yeah how does that work that is to be clear the door window sensor is actually gonna be white no matter what color combination you choose the reason we chose white it’s most people for the molding around their windows and around their doors have white so this is how it’s going to work so we set this one up on this window right here you can see here’s your doorbell or here’s your door window sensor we set it up on a window and David if you could hold your receiver that you have in your right hand up to your microphone to make sure that we hand it here it once we break this seal oh and it’s a different alarm you can set it up for different alarms for different sensors if you’d like to so that’s the way it’s gonna work for a door or a window rather and we have it setup to the door frame back here in the back of the set so as I walk back here you’ll notice again the door window sensor is gonna be white so it blends in perfectly right here on this door frame the two pieces one is on the molding one is on the door we opened the door now you know the kids have come home from school dad’s home from work whatever it is you’re gonna get that notification you’ll be able to hear it because of that sensor you have right there can I turn the volume up on this yes you actually have four different volume settings on there in addition to the 52 different tones you have to choose from Wow so you’re getting the window door sensor you’re getting both of the doorbell alarm panels and you’re also getting the traditional doorbell button all of us coming together for you at 44.94 or three easy payments on your credit card Craig thank you sir great to see you good to have you back as always

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