Put iPhone Video Clips back into your Camera Roll.

Hello YouTube viewers. This is a video update on how to get your iPhone videos back to your iPhone camera roll after you’ve imported them into iPhoto
and deleted them from your phone. Now, in recent IOS updates you can synchronize your videos back
your phone using itunes But, some people prefer to keep
them in the iPhone camera roll so that they can still edit or trim clips if they
needed to. So, the first thing you need to do is
download an application. In this case we are going to be using “simple
transfer” which is a free application for now.
Hopefully it stays that way so that as you watch this you can download
it and follow the tutorial. So, let’s open the application. As you can see, it pops up with a wifi connection and gives you an IP address. That IP address is what you’ll put into your web browser and when you do it pops open like this. It actually will let you see your camera roll or the pictures that you’ve synchronized
back to your phone. In this case, it looks just like that. So, going back to the application, what we want to do is put a video back into
your camera roll. So, you’ll click import or “upload photos
/ videos”. It gives you a pop-up window and there’s the one; the
video that i want to select and open. And as you can see, it’s receiving IMG_0296.mov. Now, it’s going pretty fast in this case, but it’s only a thirty-five megabyte video,
which is approximately sixteen seconds, so if you’ve got a long video it’s gonna
take quite a while. The down side to doing it this way is that there are, as of now, no free applications that will let you use iTunes file-sharing to copy them back and forth. But, this is a free application so it should
get the job done. Now we’ve uploaded the
photo. You can verify that by clicking on
camera roll. And there it is: the sixteen second video clip. And we can go in our phone to iPhoto or to the photo app and, sure
enough, in camera roll we have the video. And now, because it’s on the camera roll, we can still edit and trim the video. So, they have it! “Putting videos back into your
camera roll” I hope you enjoyed, and good luck!

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  1. 3 possible issues:
    -Make sure to type the URL EXACTLY like the App tells you to.
    -Connect the Computer to the same WiFi network as the iOS Device.
    In most cases, the IP Addresses of the Computer & iOS Device should share the first 3 numbers (Same.Same.Same.Different). For security reasons, some WiFi networks are separated from the Wired network. If your Computer doesn't do WiFi, & the IP Addresses don't share the first 3 numbers, check with your IT dept.
    -Check the computer's firewall.

  2. Dude, you are a life saver!!! I've searched all over & couldn't find anything to solve my issues. Thanks again for the awesome tutorial!

  3. It sucks i can't put my pictures that i saved on my computer to my Camera Roll on my iPhone 4 i tried searching for the app but they want payment 🙁 i might as well just retake the photos 🙁

  4. my iphone 5 cannot find my laptop in the devices 🙁 i already entered the ip address at my chrome, and it went well. but my iphone just kept on looking for devices. 🙁 i use ios6

  5. Make sure your laptop and iOS device are on the same wireless network. Some people have mentioned having problems if the wireless connection is weak.

  6. This is so awesome!!! I can stop pulling my hair out now. I've been searching for an easier way on and off for weeks and this is it! Thanks so much.

  7. Why I type in the IP address is says page cannot be found. I enter everything. Even the h t t p : // Please help?

  8. I needed a file and completely forgot I purchased this app a long time ago! Thanks for the reminder lol thumbs up from me!

  9. Do you know if there is a way to rename the file so that the video shows back up on my phone under the date it was filmed and not under the date that it was uploaded? Just curious!

  10. when I click on "upload" the window pops up but all the "iPhoto" logos and stuff are greyed out so I can't click on them…why is this happening??

  11. Thanks man! I wanted to upload a great commercial from redbull and this works perfectly! Thanks a bunch. -Jack

  12. Very good, thanks so much. I signed in, just to like this video, because it was so good. thanks again

  13. Thank you so much for sharing! Wanted to restore my iphone 5 and put the videos back on after and after trying this app out it worked now i can restore!

  14. Thank you so much for this. It worked like a charm and I'm so happy I can finally put my videos back. So thank you for sharing this with everyone and showing us how to do this. 🙂 

  15. so just to make sure… all my photos and videos I have on my laptop saved I can transfer all of them to my iPhone camera roll with this app??? definitely buying if that's what it does cause I have a folder of photos and videos that I didn't want to do through back up cause my back up was corrupted so now I have them as its own folder which I can not delete or anything and I really want them to be on my camera roll everything

    let me know I plan on doing this later on during the day

    I'm on iOS 8.3 should work right?

    thanks a million

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