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Hi, there. What? You’re going so soon? At Ring, we reinvented the doorbell. And now, we’re reinventing home security with Ring Alarm. Protecting the things that matter most is simpler than ever. Here’s how. Make it yours. Every home is different. Every family is unique. So choose the Ring Alarm that fits your needs. Go small. Go medium. Go big. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there’s a Ring Alarm for you. Even me? Sure, if you’ve got Wi-Fi. I do. And install it yourself. He can do it. She can do it. They can sort of do it. Higher. Perfect. Oh–it needs to go over here, actually. And it’s just as easy to take down and pack up. So, I can take it with me when I move? It’s all yours. With absolutely no contracts or long-term commitments. Yeah, commitment is not really my thing. It’s all on your phone. The Ring app puts your Ring Alarm and all your Ring cameras seamlessly into one place. Monitor everything no matter where you are. Excuse me one moment. See your stuff from here. Excuse me. Yeah, can you please put that down? Check in on the house from here. Dude, did you leave the door open? And lock your door from here. I can do that? Yup. Cool. [LOCK CLICKS[ It’s more than just security. Ring Alarm doesn’t just keep your home safe from this guy. It keeps it safe from flood… …freeze… …and fire. [SMOKE DETECTOR BEEPING] There’s even a panic button just in case of… [GLASS SHATTERS] …cat-astrophes. Right, okay, moving on. It’s smart. Like, if-your-hands-are-full-just-tell-Alexa, smart. Alexa, arm Ring away. Ring is armed in away mode. Or if-your-alarm-is-triggered-your-lights-and-cameras-turn-on, smart. [ALARM SIREN] Or you can tell this guy he’s not so smart. – Not so smart, dude. – Sorry, I’ll be a better person! And if you’re not by your phone this guy will send these guys to the rescue, smart. – Hey. – Hey. So, you can relax knowing that you’ve got Ring Alarm. The simplest, most affordable, home-protecting, crime-deterring, smoke-detecting, flood-sensing, frozen-pipe-alerting, family-rescuing, peace-of-mind-giving, Alexa-integrating, life-saving security system that we’ve ever invented.

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  1. Can this system be localize or does it require internet to function? I don't plan on having an ISP. I like that it's automated with features like z-wave and zigbee so I can pair it up with automated lights. I'm not worried about the camera monitoring as I have own own CCTV. I am not concern with false alarms/pet triggers when I am away. I plan on using it as a DIY/self monitored security to protect my family while we are home, door/window senors are my primary reason for the purchase.

    Thank you,

  2. Hello! We just got Ring today. I have a question. If we need security do we have to call the police manually or is there a certain button to call them? Thanks!

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