Protect America – GE Simon XT Review

Hello and welcome to my Youtube channel. THis
is a review of the Simon XT by Protect America and GE. Protect America is an alarm company
out of Texas. And the Simon XT is – this particular model I have had for about 4 years. And I’m
upgrading to the new touchscreen version of the Simon XT and it’s on the way to me right
now I just ordered it [today is Thursday so I ordered it on Tuesday] so it should be here
anytime now. Once I get that I will make a review for it. But you know this is your basic
alarm system. As you see right now it’s disarmed and it’s got the time on it. If you can see
that there. Let me just get that in the picture – okay. So this is the screen on it. To arm
your system you’re going to push this once if you want your door and window sensors on.
You’re going to push it twice if you want the door and window sensors on with a no entry
delay. The windows automatically have a no entry delay but the doors don’t so you’re
going to want to put it on the no entry delay feature which means pushing this button twice
if you are home at night, in the evening, or whenever. So That means whenever the front
door or back door or any thing in the system that is deemed a door opens it will automatically
set off the alarm. There will be no delay to get in and turn it off. Which is a good
feature for at night or when no one is out of the home. The motion feature you only have
to push that once and that turns on all your motion detectors. Here is the disarm button.
And the status button. Right now if I push the status button on my alarm it’s going to
say there is a low battery. They have sent me one but I have not installed it yet. And
the front door is open right now so I’m just going to walk you through arming and disarming,
no entry delay, entry delay and all that. So first of all to arm your system you’re
just going to press this once, twice and to bypass
that so there you’ve just bypassed the front
door but the alarm will still turn on. Let me turn that off so that doesn’t beep. Let
me zoom out for you. These buttons you may have been wondering what I pushed right here
the silent button makes it so it does not beep this is useful again if you’re not setting
it when your home. It’s useful when your are home. And the bypass means a door is open
but that’s okay you don’t care you want it to bypass that door or window will not be
secured but it’s good for during the summer when you want to have a window or door open
for some ventilation. So it should beep here in a minute. Even when you put it on silent
there will be a final beep telling you that the alarm is on and any other doors or windows
that open will set the alarm off. So I’m going to put in my code here. SO we can watch it
– there you go. So um motions oh but also the bypass as soon as you disarm it forgets
that that door or window is bypassed again so it’s back to normal. Motions – you are
just going to press the button once to turn it on. To do both doors and windows and motions
you’re going to push this button and this button. So to
do doors and windows no entry delay push that
twice. To do doors and windows no entry delay and motions you’re just going to double tap
and push once. So that’s how that is. To check the status to see what doors and/or windows
are open just push status. Like I said mine says low battery but yours shouldn’t. This
is how you get in to menu [over here] and you can flip through the features. Whenever
you call in for service they’re going to tell you push the enter button. This is your enter
button – this center button right there. That is the enter button. And there we have learned.

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