35 thoughts on “Peter Parker and Mysterio Scene – SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME (2019) Movie CLIP HD

  1. This movie managed to make fans who know who Mysterio is have doubts and make everyone else believe they'd be buddies

    Top notch 👏👏👏

  2. The question is how did Mysterio use drones and other Stark technologies to levitate to close to Peter and talk with him without fishbowl…? 🤔😒

  3. Saw it yesterday

    It was awesome

    But how the fuck can they do a third movie?

    I mean i only know one possibility but not a good one

  4. I'm sorry but MCU Spider-Man still feels like Iron Man's boy wonder sidekick and MCU Mysterio's motives doesn't make sense.

  5. It’s mad because I really thought that (because of how well he’s portrayed and also because of how they changed villains like the vulture) that they would make him a good guy. They literally fooled me and I knew he was a bad guy. That’s top quality film making

  6. You won't believe how much I want Spiderman Far From Home to be on DVD or Blu-ray in my opinion it's just a masterpiece.

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