Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 UNBOX – Best 4K Bridge Camera 2020 Under $400

Unboxing the panasonic lumix FZ 300 the
best 4k bridge camera of this year under $500 inside the box we find the warranty
disclaimer the usual operating instructions and owner manual a quick
guide on how to take 4k pictures and one DVD with photo fun studio a software
that can also be download from Panasonic website the box contains a battery
charger one lens hood very useful to protect the lens from unwanted lights
this is the lens cap and lens cap string next we have a twelve hundred milliamps
battery here I suggest to get another battery with high capacity because these
kind of batteries drain fast especially if you’re going to shoot only 4k videos you also get a shoulder strap with the
Lumix logo on it the USB connection cable the battery charger power cable
and of course the digital camera unit the best budget Bridge 4k camera this
year the Panasonic Lumix F said 300 gorgeous and beautiful Bridge 4k camera
for the price you don’t find better these year on the market with all his
features and picture quality this is a camera with a total of twelve point
eight megapixels and three inches free angle touch display it has one 2.3
inches sensor like a lens with 2.8 aperture and 24 times of optical zoom it
also comes with an external microphone input the built-in flash is the mounting
bracket for an external flash or microphone on the right side we find the
remote input a micro HDMI and micro USB interfaces this camera has a splash and
dust proof design meaning that is great for outdoor photography
on the bottom is the place for battery in the SD card to shoot 4k videos and
photos make sure to get a speed class free memory card the F said 300 is very
easy to operate buttons and knobs are well designed and well positioned and
nowadays a touchscreen monitor with free angle is a requirement for all cameras
in this segment an accurate touch control panel with high resolution that
features higher visibility even for sunny outdoor shooting and what about
the high resolution live viewfinder with all settings displayed directly in front
of your eye and this was the unboxing except said 300 next you can watch more
videos of this great budget camera thanks for watching and I see you on the
next videos

4 thoughts on “Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 UNBOX – Best 4K Bridge Camera 2020 Under $400

  1. Can one autofocus using the display, when vlogging for example? And I wonder if there is a slot for headphones? Nice that it has an option for external mic.

  2. That video footage at the end doesn't do this camera justice. There are other videos on YouTube that show how stunning the picture quality really is.

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