Oregon Man Fined $500 for Criticizing Red-light Cameras

I got really interested in this because
my wife got a red light ticket The original formula is limited to only straight through lanes, however today it’s misapplied to turning lanes,
where we need to slow down to maneuver safely So we need to add an extra function so to say
to enable those vehicles a little extra time
for the yellow. This is the board’s order that I received to stop me
from talking about traffic signals,
and where they fined me $500 Oregon’s engineering board Told Mats it was
illegal for him to critique traffic lights
without a state issued license. But under the First Amendment every American has
the right to critique the government whether it’s
about traffic lights, or anything else. I had stated that I was a Swedish electronics engineer,
but I based all the things from Freedom of Speech. I was just talking. That’s literally what I did. People like Mats aren’t designing bridges,
they’re talking. And the state is punishing them for that,
and it’s not just Mats. Oregon’s engineering board fined an activist for publicly
criticizing a power plant, they fined a retired guy who
wrote to complain about home water damage. It’s even launched an
investigation based on a political ad.
This is a major First Amendment problem. Anyone should be able to talk about the traffic signals,
if they’re too long, or too short, or anything,
without being penalized.

100 thoughts on “Oregon Man Fined $500 for Criticizing Red-light Cameras

  1. you know you could just stop and wait for the next green light instead of trying to beat a yellow or run a red 🤷🏼‍♂️

  2. You think they would have taken his good ideas on board as a matter of road safety and thanked the guy, but this is America !!

  3. 😂😂😂 Brilliant! Brilliant! I love Americans' sense of humor. This isn't found anywhere else in the world. Never ever have I seen such a genre of 'dark humor'. Kind of understatement. I thought Mr Bean is funny. But this is hilarious. Your scriptwriter is absolutely a creative genius.

    Is this a SNL type of programme? Strange humor but I suppose people and countries have different kinds of humor. Will definitely get used to it. Must say it is very funny. It is an original kind of humor that I've never seen before. Not the slapstick kind of humor associated with the US. The actors are very convincing. Very very good acting. No overacting. Dark humor?


  4. Cameras at red lights are a huge financial boon for cities and States. A short yellow light cost me $340 in Salem Oregon. That bad taste lasts forever in ones mouth.

  5. We need to stop Voting for this. Anybody who put a check mark in DEMOCRATIC BOX…. this is what you asked for. This IS HOW THE DEMS OPERATE. All they want to do is TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS…. Its been over 30 years. Let's try something new.

  6. Red light cameras themselves are unconstitutional. IJ needs to sue to allow anyone who gets a ticket from one to be allowed to examine it for proper function. State expense to take it down and reinstall. Right to confront your accuser.

  7. This is not about right vs left, demo vs republican. Its about the 1st amendment. Its not funny . You should be able to say what you want especially criticism of goverment.

  8. Mats, you should asked for punitive damages. Oregonians, see what happens when your state is ruled by Democrats? Thank you, Institute of Justice, for protecting Mats' right to free speech.

  9. Now we 100% know the Government is clearly guilty of theft ,corruption, cover ups, slander, using political clout to effectively shut down descent and extortion, but nobody will be held accountable because these Domestic terrorists in "Government" always have their asses covered ,let's uncover their asses and throw them under the prison.

  10. just more of your corrupt communist socialist garbage I hope that state gets it straightened around because they need to remove every one of these corrupt pieces of communist socialist scumbags that call themselves Democrats they're liars America they're not Democrats in there not liberals they're just lying corrupt scumbag communist socialist trying to destroy our country you need to remove them and remove every one of them they're corrupt mine pieces of trash

  11. Bet the defense was that he wasn’t passing himself off as a ‘traffic engineer’ but simply presenting on whAt he analyzed, how he analyzed it and his opinions on the matter.

    Fuck the bureaucrats.

  12. Most of the money collected by these cameras are a 3rd party entity. The states or local government agencies only get a percentage from every infraction. Whom is benefiting from these devices?

  13. The First Amendment covers this quite well, freedom of speech, freedom to protest and freedom to petition for redress of grievances.

    BTW, Oregon, you suck, your red light cameras suck, your engineering sucks, and your draconian laws suck, come and get me, I'll be right here, I'm old and I'm not going anywhere.

  14. Fucking cocksucker new Nazis of the fourth Reich every state in this piece of shit Union. The entire government from the federal level down to municipalities are cocksucker piece of shit motherfuking corrupted criminal scumbags who should be publicly executed for their crimes against Society

  15. This would have been so much easier to watch if you had left the crazy music that had nothing to do with anything off.

  16. The good news is, the "Looney Liberals" in the Oregon Government are going collectively insane, they're days in power are numbered.

  17. When few people thought they are superior to the rest of the population and become the oppression force. These are the few that should be banned from serving the public.

  18. Traffic Cameras have nothing to do with safety – but have everything to do with generating money for private companies and municipalities.

  19. He first amendment right of freedom of speech was maliciously violated by Oregon. Like the Nazi Germany, they have no tolerance for voicing disagreement with their utopia.

  20. Put me on that jury and the $500.00 becomes $50K and the juror's do not get to go home until this reasonable number is reached. When someone rejects your constitutional rights and you have to sue them to get justice, $50K is the minimum acceptable award.

  21. The traffic light systems are indeed flawed and he proved it using MATHEMATICS. They are angry they were exposed. I want more people
    To do what Matts did. Speak up and call out flaw and injustices within public systems.

  22. Tyrannical government
    Not to protect and serve. They want you to shut up pay more and comply with their unlawful regulations

  23. We are all slaves to the govt entities. Pay up or lose it all and go to jail. What makes slaves think they can criticise the govternment anyway?

  24. Apparently, those communists running Oregon ONLY believe that our God given first ammendment rights ONLY apply to those of them.

  25. The most critical problem of the world is the enormous amounts of idiots in power positions…whether cops, judges, mayors, governors, congressmen, presidents, UN ambassadors…to name only the most known….

  26. I would never have paid them. I don't recognize their power to fine me diddly shit. They want money from me they would need to sue me.

  27. I would ask where is the ACLU in some of these cases, but they are too busy affirming the right for parents to give their children sex change surgery and the right to vote as many times and places as you want without being questioned.

  28. DEMOCRATIC liberalism at work here.. Oregon voters get exactly what they voted for… So glad I moved away..

  29. When the state of Oregon didn't build a wall on it's S. boarder, the insane Leftist were able to move N. & contaminate a once free and beautiful state.
    Build the Wall, keep CA contained.

  30. Oregon sick liberals in the head in charge they scam citizens anyway shape or form they charge tax on top of tax City county and ZIP Code

  31. Every member of the board should have a felony conviction on their head. That should keep them out of government.

  32. In the illustration, it looked as though the car slowed down for the yellow then stopped on the line, and turned RIGHT ON RED! Which unless otherwise posted, is LEGAL. So how did this woman even receive a ticket for running a red light when you are allowed to turn right on red? Glad they caught these people who tried to illegally cite her.

  33. Welcome to the beautiful state of Oregon where if you speak your mind you could be fined and have your engineering degree revoked.

  34. Shows you how deep the Deep State is. This would never have been allowed the light of day unless our governments were crooked.

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