One Easy Tip to Increase Your Players Club Benefits with Casino Gambling Expert Steve Bourie

hi and welcome to our instructional
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Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino
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American casino guide author Steve Boori gives you one easy
tips to help increase your slot club benefits one of the best things about
going to casinos is getting constant replay and in this video I’m going to give you
one easy tips that can help increase those benefits for you now this information it’s not for live
table game players but it will usually work for gamblers who like to play
electronic machines and that would include slots video poker
and video keno now if you’re not familiar with the term cops it short for
complimentary and it means free stuff to the casino
will give you it could be free rooms free food free show tickets
even for gifts such as jewelry trip sir maybe even Visa American Express gift
cards and the terror freeplay means free money that the
casino gives you to play with on an electronic gaming machine it’s really like giving you cash to play
the machine but you can’t directly cash it out so
let’s say you’re given fifty dollars in free play would first need to run that fifty
dollars through the machine one-time and whatever you win is yours to keep
now when the casino decides how much pre-planned calms they wanna send you
they’ll take a look at your players club account to see your a the T and that stands for average daily theoretical and that
number is what the casino expects to make of a
view in one day when you visit that casino the casino
will calculate that number based on your past visits and the formula that uses rather simple
they just multiply the casinos theoretical advantage on the game you
play times the total corn chip put into the
machine so let’s say you play penny slots with a 10 percent how said and each day you play you put five
hundred dollars through the machines the casino with then calculate your ATT by multiplying five hundred dollars
times 10 percent which would equal fifty dollars and that is what the
casino would expect to make from you every time you visit cause actual results will vary because
someday she’ll win more money in another day to probably lose more or less than
fifty dollars however based on your previous play the
casino thinks that you will average about fifty dollars in losses every time
you make a visit keep in mind that the higher your ADT the more the casino will be willing to
give back to you in the form of Compton freeplay so what can you do to increase your ADT well the easiest thing to do is to
increase the amount of money you bet that most people have a budget and they
don’t wanna bet extra money cell here’s an easy way to increase your
ATT without betting any extra money let’s go back to our
original calculations and that’s a visit your local casino
once a week and each time you go you play slot machines that have a 10
percent casino advantage you only play for one hour and the
average all your pants during that hours five hundred dollars therefore the casino will calculate your
ADT at fifty dollars just like before since you only go once a week for the
same amount of time the casino will always come up with that
same fifty dollars at your average daily theoretical loss but what what happened if you change
your schedule to only once every two weeks and you
stayed for two hours rather than one well previously you are expected to lose
fifty dollars four times a month which is a total of
two hundred dollars but now you are expected to lose one
hundred dollars twice a month so your total expected
loss for the month would still be the same two hundred
dollars however how would that affect your ADT let’s
take a look says ditto love your bets is now one
thousand dollars per visit that is multiplied by the casino
advantage a ten-percent it now make sure ADT one hundred dollars
per visit which is twice what it was before sensor
ATT has doubled that means the casino should now
consider you a more valuable player and give you more cops and free play
this can be a good way to increase your constant replay without adding any extra risk your
camping bankroll but I should point out that this won’t
work in all casinos however it will work in a lot of casinos
and you may want to give it a try to see if it works for you and now here are to final bits of advice
for you concerning ADT that I think are worth mentioning
number one don’t always use your player’s club card
if you’re making a brief visit to the casino and you decide to play for just a few
minutes it would be a bad idea to use your card because it would lower your ADT and number two trying to put all here
play and at one casino on one day if you like to play it two
different casinos would be a bad idea to play part the day at one casino and part of the day at the other because
it would lower your ADT at both of those casinos it would be much better off putting all
their play and it only one casino as we give you much higher edta thanks
for watching and good luck on your next visit to the
casinos don’t forget that you can see more of
our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel just go to YouTube dot com slash
American casino guide

24 thoughts on “One Easy Tip to Increase Your Players Club Benefits with Casino Gambling Expert Steve Bourie

  1. This is true at most casino's in LV & Reno, but the local casino's in other States have gotten very cheap with comps.

  2. What about casinos that are owned by the same company, such as CET properties in Las Vegas? Is it best to gamble only at Harrahs or could you venture over to Caesar's and not have a negative impact on that number?

  3. How do you find "Casino's advantage on machine you're playing" for the various 25-cent video poker machines?

  4. People always ask me where I am staying in Vegas … I always answer … the best free casinos.  I play pretty modest amounts at the casinos (mostly because I play at so many locations … so, my play is split).  Boyd is excellent at comping rooms.  Older resorts … but clean and spacious … and often a great casino floor.

  5. Regarding your number 2 advice, what about casinos that are owned by the same parent company and which use the same player card? (Example, all the mgm casinos on the strip use the same "m" card). In that case is the amount played calculated per casino still, or across all casinos where you used that player card that day?

  6. hey everyone I recently received an offer from Rio for 3 nights free + free entry to a 75k black jack tournament. I play blackjack, I'm about average, I play often but not a big better. can anyone tell me how these tournaments work and tips for winning? thanks in advance!

  7. Steve, we are Mlife card holders (amongst others) and like the Aria, MGM, and Bellagio. Does that lower our  ADT or does MGM consider it all the same?

  8. since learn how to play video poker I been making money so no loses what do do if don't lose in consino

  9. Slightly confused here is the total amount wagered determined by cashing in and out or by adding all of your bets together.

  10. Can we get a plain answer here by chance? I am going to use slots as an example here as they give the best comps and that is exactly what this video is about… Assume we are using the exact same bankroll and going to just 1 casino, is it better to spend 1 day at the casino betting $3.00 a spin or is it better to spread out the bankroll over a few weeks betting $0.40 a spin? It sounds like you're saying spending 1 day at the casino and going big is the best option.

  11. I was told that casinos dont watch the money you spend but the length of your visit because not everyone uses their card ALL of the time. So it wold be bad to play multiple times a day every day? Say for instance I played 20 on my card in the AM and 20 in the PM. How do they know I havent gambled 100 in between?

  12. Just for clarification, when a casino calculates your ADT, “daily” refers to your loss per gaming day and not 365 days a year “daily” correct?

  13. People only lose like 10% of their bets on slot machines, really? Maybe it's just me, but on the few occasions I've seen people playing anything(I don't frequent casinos often), they always seem to leave completely broke.

    I mean, if you didn't know any better you would think the goal is to lose all your money, it's only then that most people leave.

  14. Hi. It’s me again 😁Im in Vegas every couple of months (I live close, San Diego). Most of the time, the host will cómp whatever I charge to my room. On the RARE occasion that I leave Vegas a winner, they will not do it. They say “you won this trip”. Yeah, but what about the last 10 trips that I lost thousands. Oh and one more thing I’d like to point out. Anyone here that plays at CET properties, make sure you deplete ALL of you points before asking for comps. One time they agreed to waive all of my charges at the end of the trip, when I went to my local Harrahs a couple of weeks later, I tried to use my points and I had none.

  15. omg I only get $5.00 I goto every 2 weeks, I sent $150 at Horseshoe in Hammond Indiana they are cheating out of money too

  16. Such valuable info !! Please keep these videos coming. Thank you for all you do! You've really helped me. I have earned free comp's and free play and better rooms at my hotel than I could have imagined – thanks to your videos!

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