Oliver Stone Slams Government Surveillance Machine

now look i i i read over stone i would
agree to be a shade out onto experience and so i don’t know what a bit now uh…
we’ve had a problem for you know social exchanges assent or so on korva biased because of that and i also
wanna watching his whole ten part series on showtime amount will distribute mrs that’s where my begin corp bias comes in here ’cause i
thought it was terrific an eye-opening so now im predisposed to like you’ve got
the resto and us but boy did he mean expectations here
but their video here for a c l_ u_ to talk about civil liberties last line the twist that he uses there i absolutely love so watch this does it concern you that the government
is going on thirty years ago to even ask this
question would have been a scandal if you live through watergate if you
read the church committee reports you know costs of a unchecked governments
rights government is exploiting our amnesia we do not passing fourth amendment in
order to protect those something to hide we passed an amendment which prohibits general warrants or
limitless surveillance as we know all too well almost a month ago question is not do you have something to hide question is whether we control go or the government trolls loss all along that line at the end question is do we control are own
government were to closely our government or representatives or does the government control loss
that’s the essence of the american question anti-american answer is we are suppose
to control our government not the reverse that’s exactly the right framing in
that’s exactly what sent him here with the n_s_a_ spying issues and the
gross violation of civil liberties across the board but what’s interesting is as much as a
liberal i gallery stone saying this is not just me saying a going greenwald a va ser
rhoda jeremy schedule etcetera it’s now some congressmen and senators slowly slowly with cacheris jerry l is
uh… congressman from your he says the national security state has grown so that any administration is
now not up fraught with congress it’s an imbalance is growing our
government and one that we have to clients now look at how carefully saying that
this is a democrat he doesn’t listen to obama administration is the one that support here but he is saying was no matter what the administration
bush administration or obama administration the national security state has gotten totally out of hand and by the way he represents the
district in new york city that got hit on my left anne saying this is gone true for uh… several online as well the few
senators who’s been fighting bravely on this
issue from day one he says these statements give the public a false
impression of how these authorities were actually
being interpreted referring to with the n_s_a_ set about
their spine the disclosures of the last few weeks
have made it clear this secret body of wall authorizing
secret surveillance overseen by a largely secret court as
inference that american civil liberties and privacy rights without offering the public the ability the judge for themselves whether these
broad powers or appropriate or necessary it’s just the beginning here we still have largely bipartisan support in the national security state and the
police state in the surveillance tape they’ve got prominent democrats like dan
feinstein and prominent republicans you name ’em that with a federal grant
bought a couple of others who say it all absolutely the american people must be
spied upon they must all be assumed to be guilty no specific work is necessary which is unclear and obvious violation
of the fourth amendment but there are few brave soul saying look
they made his decision seated and never really told u other interpreting the law and now they say well we’ve been doing
it all up well that’s no answer at all for the fact you’ve been doing it wrong along
illegally unconstitutionally all along and the brave voices mothers all restore ron wyden
nurturing outlived are now being to speak out we hope does which is build
and build on both sides of the aisle and so we finally get a consensus say enough is enough america’s not supposed to be a police
state as stone pointed out there it would have been unthinkable thirty
years ago even in the midst of nixon’s abuses the state of the police say we have now
would have been on and magid oval and unacceptable and we’ve come way too far and accepting it as america
it will certainly our politicians and certainly our media we have to fight back and make sure he
does not become the new america we like america the way it was when he
stood for free

100 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Slams Government Surveillance Machine

  1. I agree with you entirely, and I share your opinion on these matters, in addition to your anger. I have actually written to Marco Rubio on climate change, and even though I think his position damages my state's future, he at least replied. I aim for my level of eloquence to force him and Bill Nelson to reply. Good luck!

  2. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." V for Vendetta

  3. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." V for Vendetta

  4. "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." V for Vendetta

  5. well that's what Ron Paul said and you were screaming Obama Obama , so now deal with it , other than health care bill one positive thing he did compare what Obama did and Ron Paul would have done ?

  6. "Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country."
    -Franklin D. Roosevelt

  7. so long as capitalism exists*

    Not sure if you read that part or not, of course the style of government we have now didn't exist in feudalism, or slave society, or primitive communism.

    I make my point again, but clearer, in capitalist society the government serves the bourgeoisie (those who own the means of production – the rich)

  8. strange how there are people who stood up about this many many years a go and were called crazy and conspiracy nutts and ignored… now look at what's happening

  9. Since, Hollywood has this unspoken bond with the United States government, exchanging information and military grade gear for favorable representations in scripts and on film; I doubt they will make a Snowden film. Even if a Snowden film is made it won't be a pro Snowden depiction, unless it's independently funded.

  10. The thing America needs to do to take back their democracy is to organise rolling boycotts of media companies. Start with CNN, then Fox then the newspapers. Tell them that until they start doing their job you won't be watching.
    Organise mass emails to the advertisers who buy air time to sell their products.
    No ads, no revenue, no business.

  11. 1 for conspiracy theorist. 0 for the rest. Still, research and skepticism is needed. But still, one point for the nutjobs.

  12. "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson — or the "V for Vendetta" equivalent. We have tyranny.

  13. Sorry, yeah. They're the small government wing of youtube.
    I know… fuck you blah, blah, blahhhhh…. moving on.

  14. When Did american Stand for Freedom? When it was created ? But that was on the back of a genocide of Native Americans . America the country, is never about Freedom. Its the Idea of America was about Freedom (yet they did have slaves when they formed the Constitution).
    Governments will always seek to oppress and control, people just got to fight back with protests and mobilization. So it doesnt happen quietly, which is what happened in the last 20 years.

  15. not to butt in or anything but I'm going to totally butt in and say that
    1a) Ron Paul is right on more than one thing
    1b) You know what deenman23 meant though
    2a) Cenk (with an 'e') has promoted Ron Paul before
    2b) even though doing so can be touchy

  16. I don't know; I'd probably accredit some credibility to Snowden, seeing as, you know… the government admitted to absolutely everything he said.

    Just sayin'.

  17. For the People by the people! The Government shou,ld be control'ed by the People, The Government should not be control'ed by itself! The Republic, and Democracy………Have People in the Government Forgotten!

  18. The only way to fix this is to undo all the fake bill's that take away our rights and then take money out of politics, then Kick every one out of the Government and reelect new people! Reset our Government is the only way to fix it now!

  19. Oliver Stone Is The Most Honest And True American,America Has Right Now With Any Influence And Fox Is Trying To Demonise Him FOX IS THE DEVIL DRESSED AS ENTERTAINMENT,top being manipulated

  20. I made my tin hat out of wrappers from Doublemint gum. But, when I was done I had a cool Spartan helmet from Halo. E3 2014 here I come. On a side note, My jaw is still sore from all the chewing.

  21. Congress has a 5% approval rating, but a 95% relelection rate. Americans have serious disconnect with reality. And fucked up priorities. We attempt to impeach Clinton over a sex lie. McIdiot and company does away with the bill of rights, lie to start a war, subcontract America to their friends, and torture people. Treasonous and war crime offenses. Few bat an eye.
    Though, it's no wonder better people don't run. It's a brutal arena. Any skeletons will be found. We are so fucked.

  22. There's an old quote that I think is relevant now more than ever; 'Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither'.

  23. In the not so distant future…
    Child: "Mommy, what is civil liberty?"
    Mother: "Shh my child those are the words of terrorists."

  24. well he is against invading your privacy , wars , foreign aid and supported whistle blowers , if you think he was gonna support corporations well obama is doing that regardless ..

  25. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah just like a douche tyt lapdop, if you call something out, youre automatically the opposition in full force. youre not too bright

  26. he distorts the facts beyond recognition. nearly every frame of that movie has been debunked 100 times over.

  27. I'm pretty sure that the NSA spying program is not the only thing, there is defiantly a lot more shit that they are doing to control the mass and gain more power.

  28. The people are mad about it because it's in our constitution that the government is not supposed to do that. This country was supposed to be different.

  29. So maybe those crazy right wing nut jobs who want guns to protect themselves from an over reaching government might not be so crazy after all?

  30. This is a big victory for the jihadists IMO. If someone could have shown them on Sep. 12th 2001 that in 12 years, so many freedoms would have been stripped away, and that our govt. was pissing all over our constitution, I think they would have been ecstatic.

  31. * In before people say Stone is a disinfo Jewish agent.


  33. We aren't going to do shit! The playstation 4 and Xbox 0, baseball season, nba trades, new iphones, so much shit to consume! Bread and Circuses baby! USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!111111

  34. He simply lost "it" — whatever it was that made him able to make good movies. It happens with artists sometimes. In some cases, they find a way of getting it back or finding a new path, and in other cases they don't.

  35. 1. He said we should our way out of medicare , its not like he is gonna cut medicare tomorrow and he doesn't want sick to die "people should help people" and he did that in his career as a doctor but i would prefer obama care much better idea .
    2. He left gay rights to States , supported abortion and he is a "doctor" anti science for believing in God ?
    3. How am i a subhuman ? what does it even mean ? Keep Calm you suppose to a Democrat but acting like a Republican !

  36. This should be TYT's song πŸ˜‰ Amazing music and lyrics… and performance of course..

  37. Hmm, maybe u need to refraze what u said.. Cause your first comment is very clear. Captialism isn't the problem. The worlds problems didnt only come about in mordern times becaue of captialism. Where do u think these elite families got all their wealth from?.. The elite familes of this world are very old. Not captialism, socialism, commusim or any of that bollox is why Earth is in this state..
    The elite families of this world is the problem becaue they love corruption and thier power & control.

  38. Capitalism IS the problem. It keeps these super rich in the position they are in by allowing them to exploit the labour of the majority, the proletariat.

    The "elite families" are not the same as from the feudal era, although many in the aristocracy did eventually join the rising bourgeoisie.

  39. search ron paul on abortion on youtube 3rd video from top ( its CNN video with piers morgan) , he sort of did supported abortion , i don't think he would have changed existing abortion laws , and no one is perfect here i think he would have been better than obama on many different issues but not all . I am not a Ron Tard or a lair, just trying to keep an open mind and try not to judge someone its difficult but give it a shot you might like it.

  40. Bush stole the presidency twice, started torturing and called it enhanced interrogation, started an illegal war, shifted tax burden to people's payroll and away from corporations, now Obama continues with monitoring every form of electronic communication. Push the reset button. This garbage is unsustainable.

  41. In left-anarchism, the society would be governed through the bottom-up direct democracy of local voluntary citizens' assemblies which can then be further assembled upward into confederations managed by nested councils of delegates who are recallable from beneath immediately upon failure to deliver the agreed-upon mandates. 5 levels with 50 people on every council would represent 312,500,000 voters. (For more on this, Wiki-search for "libertarian socialism".)

  42. Castro and Stone are not important. What is significant is that the Gov't controls us. What is even more important is that we can't do anything about it. The last one out, turn off the lights.

  43. Cleanse the government? When the corruption grows faster than the fixes, you need to expunge the entire system, pour acid throughout its halls, salt the earth, raze the structures and build anew.

    With the Corporate Party revolving door, too many from government end up in Corporate Party boardrooms, and too many Corporate leaders end up in the halls of government. Expunge them all. Cut them off.

    Have the greatest libertarians help us build the framework of a new government.

  44. keep on dreaming. And I am left-wing. Keep on dreaming nevertheless.

    p.s. humans are way too stupid to go left. Humans will always be stupid enough to go right. Believe me, it's that simple.

  45. Oliver Stone seems like a pretty open-minded guy. His interviews with socialist/communist leaders like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro are pretty interesting.

  46. The science fiction book Nineteen Eighty-Four, often published as 1984, tell the story about an omnipresent government surveillance. The movie Terminator is a 1984 American science-fiction action film post-apocalyptic future with cyborg assassins skynet/AI-artificial intelligence is alive. The movie Matrix a dystopian future in which reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality called "the Matrix". Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

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