Oh $#@%!

Welcome back to my hometown, sweet home Chicago. Whoa! Excuse me guys, I’m afraid dinner might be a problem. Broken device equals no recipes equals no dinner. Well, now might be the time for you to check out Verizon Protect Home. It’ll give you peace of mind for all your home devices. Laptops, tablets, home entertainment items, smart devices and even your wearables. If your covered home product breaks down, we’ll repair or replace it for you. Wait, wait, wait guys. I’m about to log on here, I definitely don’t want anyone snooping while I’m gaming. Well get this Verizon Protect Home also covers your digital security & privacy. It protects your devices from online threats and gives you a secure Wi-Fi. You’ll also receive identity theft alerts, avoid risky websites and remove viruses. Antivirus and safe Wi-Fi, I’m liking the sound of this. Me too. While my chef skills are pretty solid, my tech skills, not too savvy. You don’t have to do it by yourself. With Verizon Protect Home, you can have a Tech Coach walk you through any setup or tech support you might need. They’ll even stop by to help you setup and optimize your smart devices. It’s available for wireless, Fios and 5G Home customers for 25 bucks a month, so you can rest easy. My bad guys. It got it. Hey Google, find me the nearest cleaning service. Not again. I better head to the kitchen. Until next time You’re Up To Speed.

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