OCLU Action Camera: A Unique Approach (vs GoPro 7)

this is the brand-new action camera from OCLU, I’m Ben from authentech, and huge thanks to those guys for sponsoring
today’s video now I’ve tested a lot of action cameras
over the years and it’s refreshing to have some new competition enter into the
market plus it’s at a lower price point than average I’ll cover that at the end
the OCLU features 4k video at 30fps or 1080p up to 120 fps 12 megapixel photos
waterproof down to one meter one touch recording a thousand milliamp hours
interchangeable batteries Plus this magnetic charging GPS AppData and more
now make sure you follow me on instagram for all my behind the scenes starting
with an unboxing it was very pleasant and even though this was a VIP box the
standard packaging is nice too everything is well branded and it
doesn’t feel like a cheap knockoff but a fresh new company entering the action
camera scene I like the black and green color design all throughout it feels
sleek and stealthy the aqua camera comes with this nice hard shell zippered case
in the camera itself has a unique compact design with the screen on top of
the camera soft touch rubber for improved grip and
it fits perfect in the pocket I wonder if this could be a great fit for those
racing drone shots as it’s that slim form factor almost half the height of a
GoPro more on that later it feels rugged in the hand ipx7 rating
with water resistance down to one meter as is or if you want to dive down to 50
meters or about 165 feet they have a dive case for that
I love the quarter 20 tripod mount built right into the bottom of the camera the
community and I have been asking for this for years from other action cameras
and it adds a ton of versatility and efficiency when attaching to almost
anything anywhere plus they also offer a wide range of custom accessories cases
and the sock link mount adapter that connects to the old Universal action
camera mounting system as well everything feels like it was made with
good quality materials and great attention to detail which I always
appreciate for example this chest mount harness or as they call it the Aki
has this genius quick latch system plus the rubber is soft and bendy which makes
it comfortable to wear there’s a lot more cool accessories I found useful
I’ll touch more on those in just a minute to continue with the hardware
tour the main action button is on top with toggle display on the right and on
the left are two up and down select buttons unfortunately this is not a
touchscreen now they say this makes it easier for example when you have those
winter gloves on in the freezing cold or maybe even controlling the camera
underwater on the front is an LCD display with status screen microphone
and camera lens on the back is a door latch which snaps and locks into place
inside is the battery and microSD slot and next to it is the magnetic point for
the cable to snap on for charging and data transfer now I love magnets so this
feature won me over instantly it’s fast and easy to snap the cable right on or
quick yank off and go it Auto aligns effortless charging I really like this
little detail and idea here my only complaint here since this is a
proprietary charger cable if you lose it there’s no backup USB charging port
option you’d have to buy another cable just keep this in mind now on to the
main features of the Aqua cam and what distinguishes it from other action
cameras out there it has the sleek yet rugged design it almost feels more
natural to hold sometimes with that palm faced up and my thumb naturally resting
on the action button while the lens is facing forward there’s preset modes
which allow you to create for customized quick toggle shooting modes that change
settings on the fly so here’s how that works after powering on we can see the
mode that we’re in on the bottom left of the screen a press of the bottom button
will cycle through the four modes that you have set up to change these press
the top select button then select edit modes and here’s some of the favorites
that I like to have set up I like to have a 4k 30fps mode and then also maybe
a slow-motion mode maybe 60 or 120 FPS at 1080p then another one I like in
video mode is 2.7 K superview which is ultra wide-angle lens at 30fps and lens
correction turned on and one more than I like is photo mode
turned to 12 megapixel with a three-second timer automatically turned
on then once we have all these customized and setup to our liking when
we’re out filming and I need a quick toggle shooting from 4k to let’s say a
slo-mo shot or something else it’s just a quick press or two of that toggle
button to switch over to my other preset shooting modes then hit record and go
from there it’s a nice and clever way to have your favourite shooting modes all
customized and ready to go with just a tap of the mode button another unique
feature of the ah clue is what they call it live cut now imagine you’re recording
something that takes multiple takes one after another
maybe you’re landing a skateboard trick or surfing that perfect wave but to get
that perfect shot it often takes multiple clips of mess-ups and those can
take up space on the SD card their approach is to keep the camera rolling
so let’s say you have a tank and it screws up well then you press the cut
button in the top left it’ll basically purge that clip but then keep recording
so then you have another take mess it up cut it again let’s say take number three
boom that’s the gold we’ll just hit save and now that will help save your storage
space on your SD card and save you time editing through wasted footage to cover
some of the main specs on the camera it can record up to 4k 30fps or 1080p at
120 fps which is nice for that quarter speed slow motion clip to activate image
stabilization set resolution down to 1080p in either 30 or 60 FPS that camera
lens is ultra wide angle at F 2.5 and 150 degrees diagonal field of view the
camera has Wi-Fi built-in and connects with your smartphone to app control with
live preview there’s lots of customization and settings control under
the hood which is nice to have onto another one of my favorite features is
the universal mounting system now not only is the embedded quarter-twenty
tripod mount on the bottom of the camera make it super easy and convenient for
mounting with those standard tripods and other thread and mounts but a clue also
has a great variety of custom accessories that match with the camera
quite well one genius invention I’ve come to love is this acha dock
this cute little magnetic monopod accessory the little rubber ball screws
up into the tripod mount then magnetically docks into the little
socket which also has a magnetic and non-slip rubber base it’s super tiny and
easily fits into your pocket and once you’re set up it can easily adjust your
camera angle left/right up/down tilt the horizon and then we’re good for some
mini tabletop hands-free shots or also perfect for capturing those time lapses
now I’ve never seen something like this before but I really love the simplicity
yet very functional design the excel is a protective dive case allowing you to
dive all the way down to 50 meters with your aku camera the Ock link mount is a
small and a minimal screw and adapter to securely connect with other accessories
and again a small but quality detail I found there’s these four little rubber
tabs that slot right into the base of the camera for perfect alignment the ah
crap is this cool little stretchy silicone rubber strap that securely
wraps around handlebars or a paddle learn almost anything round like this
electric unicycle handle it has 360 degrees of rotation and a very low
profile the aku is another minimal but helpful mount it’s like a foldable
selfie stick that swings out plus slightly extendable to add just a little
bit of that extra reach I found myself using this one a lot of the time it’s
compact and lightweight easy to carry around but then when unfolded it can
reach those extra lows or high shots and unique angles and now for that
comparison versus the GoPro 7 black both cameras recording 1083 FPS with
stabilization turned on this is a quick jogging stabilization test it looks like
this stabilization of the GoPro clearly winds but the aku can produce some
fairly smooth shots on its own how’s the dynamic range and quality compare we’re
in the shade right now but then si to delight as for sharpness and dynamic
range well I think that aku can sometimes be just a tad sharper and
these tests but dynamic range what goes to the GoPro I think as the highlight
sometimes look a bit blown out on the aku k– now I think it’s pretty fair to
say that overall on the spec side the GoPro is gonna win but that’s not
comparing the cheaper price tag on the aku over the GoPro plus as I always say
competition in the market is a great thing for us the consumer and it gives
us more options to choose from which is awesome oh and another sweet little
bonus I just found look ma I can actually take out the microSD card while
the camera stays on the mount even possibly charging unlike the GoPros
design pricing on the aqua camera starts at $2.99 I like the healthy competition
and unique approach and the variety of features that aku offers especially
these custom accessories which are really sweet in my book if you want to
learn more info I’ll give you all the links down below let me know what you
most look forward to in an action camera or if you have any questions leave those
down in the comments I’ll try my best to get back to you thank you guys so much
for watching it until next time let’s with

19 thoughts on “OCLU Action Camera: A Unique Approach (vs GoPro 7)

  1. Please can I get a Dji mavik drone.
    Any Dji phantom or pro.
    I am watching your channel from 5 years and I like every video of yours.

  2. Cool lil camera! It would be sweet on a drone i think but not sure about that stabilization seems a bit sloppy. but all those attachments would be nice to try out to see which works best on a drone…

  3. I like it's new approach. But investing in the whole line i would wait to see how good they are with firmeware updates for improvement.

  4. Let’s ask for build in variable ND filter. It suck with GoPro 7. When you want to film in water in hot day. The moisture that gets between lenses and filter evaporate and makes lenses foggy. I use polar pro filters. Considering ND lenses though.

  5. So we will have a comparison on your next video, one on one between GoPro Hero 7 and Oclu? and You have a Dualtron and never talked about? 🙁

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