NRA Loses MAJOR COMPANIES In Wake Of Parkland Florida School Shooting | What’s Trending Now!

Brands and companies are ending their
relationships with the NRA due to the popularity of a social media movement.
Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Candace Carrizales. Subscribe for more
social media news every day. In the past 24 hours, a bunch of companies have cut
ties with the NRA due to the popular Twitter hashtag #BoycottNRA. Many of
these companies provided discounts for NRA members. I wish I got a discount for
eating candy all the time. That would be great. I get a, I get a little candy
card you know and I can just scan it everywhere and I just get free and on
sale items. It’s kind of weird, a lot of the
companies that we’re supporting the NRA, we’re actually rental car companies. I
don’t know. I guess you need a lot of space for your guns in a trunk? I don’t
know. As of the filming of this video, the companies that have cut ties with the
NRA are Enterprise, Alamo, National, First National Bank of Omaha, Symantec,
MetLife, Chubb, Wyndham Hotels, and Best Western. that’s a pretty big lost chunk
of discounts. And these companies who are cutting the ties are tweeting about it.
Let’s see what they have to say. Symantec said: “Symantec has stopped its
discount program with the National Rifle Association.” Simple, straightforward. They
ended it. That’s all they said. They didn’t say anything else.
MetLife said: “We value all of our customers, but have decided to end our
discount program with the NRA.” Best Western Hotel said: “Best Western Hotels
and Resorts does not have an affiliation with and is
not a corporate partner of the National Rifle Association.” Enterprise responded
to a tweet, somebody asking: “Hey. Are you still associated with the NRA?” And they
replied with: “Thank you for contacting us, J! All three of our brands have ended
the discount for NRA members. This change will be effective March 26. Thank you
again for reaching out. Kind regards, Michael.” Honestly, Michael sounds kind of
tight. This isn’t an updated visual, but there are still plenty of companies who
haven’t yet dropped their discounts to NRA members – include Hertz, Avis, FedEx,
and LifeLock. Amazon is being pressured to drop the NRA TV streaming service
from its devices, as are Apple TV and Roku. FedEx is one of the more popular
companies that’s being pressured to end their discounts with the NRA. Not
everyone is taking the boycott well. I mean, with anything there’s always gonna
be another half. Like this guy kind of doesn’t get how a boycott works.
He says: #BoycottNRA? You have to be a member you idiots.”
Well, you see… people are boycotting the companies who are supporting the NRA, so
that means those companies are losing business because they’re supporting the
NRA and because of the boycott now the NRA members are losing discounts. So it
seems like it’s kind of working actually. Another NRA supporter tweeted this:
“You can’t #BoycottNRA if you aren’t an NRA member. Sincerely, Logic.”
Damn. The thing about logic is it’s always roasted my ass. Wayne LaPierre, CEO
of the NRA, defended the group at the Conservative Political Action Conference
and hit back at those who would try to change gun laws. They don’t care if their
laws work or not. They just want to get more laws, to get more control over
people. But the NRA, the NRA does care. You’re right, man. Those teenagers who’ve
talked about this every day since the last shooting – they just want to score
cheap political points, right? Other people weighing in on the movement are
the cast and crew of Parks and Rec. Although they haven’t tweeted about the
#BoycottNRA, they did take to Twitter after the NRA used a GIF of (or
JIF) of Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope in a tweet. The tweet read: [email protected] thank you for being the voice of over 5 Million #NRA members.” TV
producer Michael Shur tweeted: “Hi, please take this down. I would prefer you not
use a JIF (or GIF) from a show I worked on to promote your pro-slaughter agenda. Also, Amy isn’t on Twitter, but she texted me a message: Can you tweet the NRA for
me and tell them I said f*ck off.” And Nick Offerman tweeted: “@NRA @DLoesch our
good-hearted show and especially our Leslie Knope represent the opposite of
your pro-slaughter agenda – take it down and also please eat sh*t.” So what are your
thoughts on this hashtag and on this movement? Let us know in the comments
down below, and for more stories like this check out whatstrending (dot) com. I’ve been Candace Carrizales. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I've been,stabbed!!…in "What'sTrending"s parking lot!…let's blame the the knife!…I've been ran over in the parking,lot by a car!,…let's boycott the cars!!!……I had a drink! thrown in my face!!!!….I'm a fuck-ass!!,…BAN!….drinks!!…..When will it stop?…you assholes!?

  2. How nice and quirky the she is personally, i don't think that the WT format fits her style of video making.

    PS: about the topic… It is a someone of an improvement to protect lives instead of rights but the US has a long way to go. But that is all you can really say about it.

  3. U have no right I don't own a gun but remember when earth liberation front burned down buildings u we're leasing cars to them but I guess u think that's ok u know very well the FBI we're checking your books but don't worry I can back up my statement

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