New TMR Rotation Sensor

Today we have a preview of a new kind of rotational sensor:
NVE’s “ADT” tunneling magnetoresistance sensor. These remarkable sensors
provide four precise rotational reference points. Revolutionary Tunneling Magnetoresistance
technology provides precise, low-power rotation sensing. This demo board
is powered by a button-cell battery. The sensor is here: Simple circuitry
drives LEDs to show the rotation quadrant. Here’s the schematic: It uses a simple 2-to-4 decoder and a buffer to drive the LEDs. Here’s the ADT sensor truth table: As it shows,
the outputs define the quadrant of rotation. We’re demonstrating with
a round horseshoe magnet like this one,
but you can use any diametrical magnet. As the magnet turns,
sine and cosine outputs track the rotation,
and the rotation quadrant. As you can see,
as we reverse the direction, we have very little hysteresis… And the phasing of the quadrature outputs
allow you to detect direction. Key features of the ADT001-10E are: Precision digital quadrature outputs; wide airgap tolerance; integrated fault detection; extremely low power; -40 to 125 Celsius operating range; and an ultraminiature TDFN6 package. Click, e-mail, or call us for more information, or to order parts or demonstration kits.

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