Nest Hello Video Doorbell Review

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks, this is Gabe at Security
Baron… [music] Gabe: …and in the immortal words of Lionel
Richie, we say, “Hello, is this the video doorbell that you’re looking for?” Today,
we’re checking out the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. [background music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Nest Hello
Video Doorbell, we’re going to go over some pros and cons, its design, its feature set,
the installation experience, before diving into its mobile application, the Nest App,
to make sure you have all the information you need to know if the Nest Hello is the
right video doorbell for you. If you want to see a list of our favorite
video doorbells, google, “Security Baron best video doorbells.” If you have a question about
today’s review, leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s kick off today’s review of the Nest
Hello Video Doorbell, checking out some pros and cons, beginning with the pros. Now, it
has crisp, clear, 1600 HD video. It integrates with Google Assistant, and it has person detection.
On the con side, it is a bit pricey retailing for $229 out of the box. If you want to fully
unlock the features, you’re going to have to subscribe to Nest Aware, which is at least
five dollars a month. [background music] Gabe: Now that we’ve gone over the pros and
cons for the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, I want to talk about its design. I’m honestly
a pretty big fan of the design. The first thing that I always want to point out is the
fact that it is flush on the front. There’s nothing protruding. You have that nice flush
front with the glossy black. It’s essentially a two-tone with the glossy black and the white
on the side. If you see here on the front, I like that
it’s a really intuitive design for your visitors. There’s a large button to press here to let
people know, “Hey, I’ve made it to your front porch.” The microphone is here, and you’ll
see the camera. When you’re trying to be heard, the speakers are found on the bottom. I think
that should be pretty loud. You’ll see that it’s got this nice, white
encasing and the sleek metal mounting plate. Overall, it’s pretty capable of handling any
temperatures you throw at it. It’s 5 to 104 degrees, which would probably take care of
95 percent of us, at least in the contiguous United States. Beyond that, it is IPX 4-rated,
so it can handle all types of dust and water being thrown at it. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing the
ability to see who’s at your front door just because of a thunderstorm. Overall, I’m a
big fan of the design of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. [background music] Gabe: I want to jump into the feature set
for the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, beginning with the actual video quality, and the Nest
Hello Video Doorbell does not disappoint. It has 1600 high definition video. It has
eight times zoom and a 160-degree field of view. Now, if that’s not enough for you, it has
a 4:3 aspect ratio, which really lets you capture everything that’s going on, from north
to south, on your front porch. Beyond that, if you’re looking at nighttime,
for example, it has amazing infrared LED capacity. That really makes sure that you’re capturing
anything going on, even when that porch light is off. Overall, we’re really happy with that
crisp, clear, 1600 HD video, both in the daytime and at night. When it comes to audio, the Nest Hello Video
Doorbell is really elevating the game with the HD Talk and Listen, which is enhancing
your standard two-way audio experience. The reduced ambient noise and echo cancellation
that comes built in really allows you to hear and speak clearly with whoever is in front
of your video doorbell. If you cannot speak, for whatever reason,
you have the ability to set up pre-recorded audio messages. If you have a UPS or Amazon
driver who you have a message for, you can just say so right there in your Nest app.
Really want to point out that Nest is showing out when it comes to this audio experience. With your Nest Hello Video Doorbell, you get
24/7 live-streaming. If you want to save any of those clips, you’re going to have to get
the Nest Aware subscription. For $5 a month, you get 5 days of cloud storage.
For $10 a month, you get 10 days of cloud storage. For $30 a month, you get 30 days
of cloud storage. Something to think about when looking at your Nest Hello Video Doorbell
is the fact that it is a bit pricey to hold onto your favorite clips. The Nest Hello Video Doorbell has pretty extensive
smart platform integrations. It integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
With Amazon Alexa, you can say, “Alexa, show me my front door,” and watch that on your
Amazon Fire television, Amazon Echo Spot, or Amazon Echo Show. With Google Assistant, you get slightly broader
capabilities. You can, of course, send any of your video from your video doorbell to
your Google Home and Nest Hub, or any Google Chromecast-enabled television. You can even
use Google Home or Google Mini as a doorbell chime for your home. Overall, there’s some
pretty impressive integrations with smart platforms with the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. The Nest Hello Video Doorbell has some substantial
artificial intelligence capabilities. One is the ability to actually detect when a person
is there. If someone comes up to your porch, you can get a notification no matter where
you are in the world, that someone is there. That’s useful for those of us trying to keep
tabs on what’s going on near our abode. Beyond that, you can actually dive deeper
and get familiar face alerts. If you have a dog walker or a babysitter, you can know
whenever they arrive, because not only does your phone notify you that someone’s come,
but it tells you who that person is. Overall, I’m really impressed with deep and robust
feature set that you get with your Nest Hello Video Doorbell. [background music] Gabe: Whoa, whoa. I hope you’re enjoying today’s
review of the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. If you want to be kept up to date on the newest
in smart doorbells, VPNs, passwords managers, and smart home security, subscribe to our
channel, Security Baron. We’re dropping new content weekly. All right, let’s get back
to the video. [music] Gabe: Now that we’ve gone over the feature
set for the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, let’s talk about the installation process. If you
live in a traditional home with an existing doorbell infrastructure, you can get just
go to your chime box, take your chime connector that Nest provides you with, and set this
up inside of your home. Then, you’re going to go to your existing
traditional doorbell, unscrew it, and replace it with the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, which
will provide it with both power and the ability to coordinate with the chime itself. If you need assistance or need to have part
of that process facilitated for you beyond the mobile application, there are numerous
resources on the Nest website to help you get through that process. Nest has actually
completely done away with the need to do that. If you live in a space without that existing
infrastructure, or just don’t want to go through that, you can actually just order a power
adapter from Nest, which will provide power to your Nest Hello Video Doorbell. If you
don’t want to use your phone and the notifications for your doorbell, you can actually use a
Google Home or Google Home Mini as your chime. The speaker will go off when someone presses
the button on your Nest Hello Video Doorbell. Overall, Nest provides two easy options for
you to set up your Nest Hello Video Doorbell. [music] Gabe: Now that we’ve set up our Nest Hello
Video Doorbell, let’s talk about where you’re going to be interfacing predominantly with
your Nest device, the mobile application, Nest app. Here, of course you’ll be live streaming your
footage, pulling up old clips, and in the Apple app store, people don’t seem to really
love that experience, where it has a 2.2 out of 5 star rating. Fortunately, people seem
to have much better experience in the Google Play store, where it has a 3.7 out of 5 star
rating. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone 7 Plus. Here I am checking out the Nest Hello Video
Doorbell on my iPhone. You’ll see here, there is basically from the get-go just a solid
view of what’s going on outside of my home. If I click here, I’m looking at the live view.
One thing you’ll note, is that aspect ratio that really allows you to capture what’s going
on right here from a pretty north to south perspective. I can shift back and forth to get more of
that landscape perspective. I can even zoom, so let’s check out what’s going on. Look at
that plant. This is all live footage. If I wanted to talk to someone outside, I could
actually just click on the microphone. This is me talking. If anyone were outside of that home right
now, they would probably be pretty freaked out by this random person speaking to them.
In today’s world with all the things going on, people are pretty familiar with it. Let’s move on to some of the other elements
of this particular page like looking at the timeline. Today, there have been 179 events.
To give you a brief overview of what that looks like, we can do this really cool time
lapse video. Let’s hit dark, we’ll hit the dark soon, and boom, now you can see what
it’s like when it’s dark, but this is with the porch light actually on. We can go back a few days. Yesterday, there
was a lot more events. There’s a lot going on right here in the app. Let’s go ahead and
make a new clip. I’ll click here, and I’ll make new clip, and it says adding clip to
your Nest account. One thing I want to note is that you can do
things right here in the mobile application, but you also have a lot of functionality if
you go to your desktop, and go to your Nest account. There you can really flip between
things more quickly, and see the full functionality of the Nest ecosystem. Now you see I was able to save a clip right
here in the mobile application. What’s fun about saving clips here is that you can, of
course, save it to the camera roll on your mobile device, or you can share a link. Sharing a link is fun because I can do it
in a message or an email. You could send it as a WhatsApp messages. There’s just a host
of ways of sharing whatever has taken place in front of your home for the day. If I go to People, I can actually see all
of the new people that were seen at my home today. I can go to Quiet Time, and actually
turn off the chime and the visitor announcements for a certain period of time. 30 minutes,
60 minutes, 90 minutes, however long I want to take a nap. I can prevent anyone from waking me up by
just ringing on my door. If you look here on this page, on the right-hand side, you
see three dots and three lines. Tap there, you’ll see it says, “Sound, sound, sound,
sound, sound.” If I click here, I can actually filter. I can filter it by the zone, by the sound,
by the motion, person, unfamiliar face, familiar face, doorbell ring, which is really useful
because I’m looking into my past, and I don’t want to see everyone that I know coming. I’d rather see all the people that I don’t
know. I can just click off of all of these, except for unfamiliar face, and this will
show me everyone who came to my home today that I do not recognize. If I want to know
when the kids arrive, for example, I would do the opposite. I would just turn on familiar
face, and it would tell me each time that a familiar face came to my home. Let’s go ahead and turn all these back on
so that I can stay apprised of everything going on around my home. If I go into Settings,
right here on the front door, in the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see that you have
a lot of things that you can optimize, customize, with your Nest Hello Video Doorbell, like
turning the camera on and off, turning the indoor chime on and off. I can go to my Home Away, Home Assist. I can
set up a schedule. I can set up notifications, the types. Here, I have a zone one on for
people and all other motion. If I wanted to turn off the zone, I could do so. I turned
off people and all of the motion. Let’s go to activity zones themselves. Activity zones are useful. I’ve created the
zone already, which is over the stairs. This means any time someone comes over the stairs,
I will be notified. Anything happening to the left or the right, maybe the garbage truck
comes by, or someone who lives next door to me walks through the yard, I probably won’t
see it. With this activity zone, I can be sure that
anyone coming up the stairs will be visible. Let’s create a new zone. We’re going to go
all the way to the left side of the screen. I know if someone comes over to the left side
of my screen. Now, I’ve created the zone. We have two different types of zones created,
which can be useful for different reasons. Maybe you don’t pay as much attention, for
example, to the activity zone on the left side because it’s not someone actually approaching
your home, but you do want to make sure you’re paying attention to what goes on exactly in
front of your home in activity zone one with people coming up your staircase. I can also go look at familiar faces, which
are all the people that come to my particular home. Pretty useful. Visitor announcements
is another element. This actually allows your Google Assistant-enabled speakers and display
to announce when a visitor rings your Nest Hello. What’s even cooler is that if they are a familiar
face, it will even tell you who it is ringing your doorbell. Finally, I’m going to look in this section
at the Nest Aware subscription service itself, where it talks about the features, like familiar
face alerts, five-day history, close ups, activity zones, and sharing your particular
clips. Below that, you’ll see you have your video
options in terms of quality and bandwidth, night vision, camera sharing, and device options,
like status light, the duration of your chime, how your microphone is either on or off, so
you can listen or not listen to whoever’s there. You can even change things like the spoken
language. I, of course, have mine on English, United States, but I can change it to Mexican
Spanish, Spain Spanish. I could change it to Quebecois French or French from France.
There are a lot of options for those who want to use the Nest app, and the language that
they’re the most comfortable with. Overall, there’s a lot of robust features
to be found on the Nest Hello mobile application. [music] Gabe: All right, we’ve come a long way with
our Nest Hello Video Doorbell, but you want to know, “Gabe, is this the right video doorbell
for me?” I’ll say this. If you are looking for top
quality high-definition video, the next level of audio capacity, and artificial intelligence
features that really bring your porch game to the next level, then you want to look at
the Nest Hello Video Doorbell. However, if you’re not looking to pay over
$200 right off the top, along with, at least, $5 a month from there forward just to access
the premium features of this device, you want to look somewhere else. Overall, yes, the Nest Hello is really bringing
everything that I’ve come to expect from a video doorbell, but you’re definitely going
to be paying for it. [music] Gabe: That concludes our look at the Nest
Hello Video Doorbell. If you appreciated today’s video, give us a like. Hit that subscribe
button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music]

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