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  1. Biden is doing exactly what horrible people do…pick apart the competition and offering nothing of themselves. He is going to lose. I will vote of either Bernie or Pete.

  2. In the end times lawlessness will abound. As it was in the days of Noa so will it be in the last days. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gamora, so will it be in the last days. These are those days.

  3. Is it bad that I am 100% behind helping with a miscarriage but have serious issues with Parental leave? One is an agonizing loss the other was a choice.

  4. Attacks on police are due to the police and their blue line gang. Kidnapping, extortion and murder are the money makers for the police. They are on duty to protect the rich from the poor and make the dividing line clear to all who aren't on the rich side. If you are a cop, remember, they only pay you between 30-40 thousand a year to do what your told or your back to being on the civilian side. Civilian… How much longer can we afford to be civilized?

  5. Bill Debloseo is the reason NYPD no longer has the respect of the people! Bill Debloseo is the problem! Bill Debloseo has to go!!!

  6. Those cops were beating the crap outta that unarmed man who clearly gave up!
    So if 1 officer attacks 1 person from the public does that mean he’s attacking everybody from the public… those cops are criminals and thugs with badges!

  7. after years of fake staged witch hunts and waisted tax dollars. new hampshire is now for Trump 2020

  8. I will not be voting for who throws the most mud I will be voting on my conscience and who I think would do the best job in the white house and for the people mudslinging is for Trump the little knife

  9. "Community support plane" my butt…
    Invasion of privacy……
    Why not put all 12 cameras on yourself….say 4 a week.
    Let's see who's exonerated then.

  10. It's amazing. We can have surveillance planes to catch crimes in the city, but Trump can rob the Nation in plain site, and with protection from the Republicans held Senate, he can get away with it. Justice.

  11. They could be reporting on how well Sanders and Buttegieg are doing, how will they maintain their lead, what they are doing in NH. Instead we get- "what's Joe Biden going to do to get out of 4th place!?"

  12. Wait a sec. Pro choicers say that a baby isn't a life until it pops out of mom. Why are they demanding PTO for losing something that wasn't a life? Why, because the pro choicers are full of ish!

  13. This Coronavirus is a media virus. 800dead in China and it's closed down, with everyone wearing masks. In the U.S. the flu epidemic has killed 6,000 so far this winter, yet everything is open and no masks. Humans are illogical. I'd take my chances in China before I would go to the U.S.!

  14. Someone tell that basketball coach that he could've played the Stewy kid for four years not just 1 minute. Nobody gives a crap about High school basketball anyway.

  15. Benjamin Franklin said "any society that puts safety over democracy (as in privacy) will have neither". We should learn from that as many Western countries become less democratic with fewer civil liberties….

  16. If Mayor Pete can energize young voters to insure that they become involved in the process of democracy then I will support him. I'll be 70 next month but I'm thinking ahead to the future of our country.

  17. An attack on our Constitutional Amendments is an attack on all the people who fought and bled and died.
    ALSO, did I not see that freaking pig just punch the suspect while he was restrained by 4 pigs?

  18. In regards to the surveillance aircraft. The public: why aren’t you doing more cute protect us and stop crime?! Government officials and authorities: OK let’s plays surveillance planes in the air. The public: how dare you, you’re invading our privacy, you’re invading our rights, you can’t do that! Typical arguments people want something done but when the government and authorities try to do something the people outcry it’s not right, it’s an invasion of our privacy.

  19. So when a police man goes to work he shouldn’t be expected to be shot but when kids go to school they should? Not sure I understand.

  20. All Trump supporters post this message to all Channels on YouTube. Let me count on your vote in the coming elections. Trump is a great man of God and he will keep America Great. So, show God how much you love Jesus by giving Trump your unconditional support and your vote in the coming elections.

  21. I love how every company is now compared to the tech companies. A very small percent of the population works for the tech sector. No mom and pop business is going to be able to afford to pay for employees to miss that much work. Next, why did that woman tell anyone anything before the 12 week mark? Most miscarriages happen within the first 12 weeks. She should've waited until she was showing.

  22. 19 years of fighting? like since 9/11/2001 ? haha! We just started fighting the Taliban since they blew up the towers … yea, sure

  23. The basketball player stewy walked. If I was the ref I would have emphatically called traveling and waved the shot off. Imagine the let down after that one.

  24. FROM CANADIAN POINT OF VIEW how could you NOT vote for trump you peope are back on top of the world you could very well be at bottom like canada with a left mindless prime minister like we have in trudeau consider yourselves lucky to have him running your country ….canada sucks right now we are at the bottom of the bowl due to liberals and there foolish ideaologies

  25. Super Pete really taking it in the keester from Jolted Joe, and Braindead Bernie… That should put a smile on his face.. welcome to New Hampshire….what are we supposed to call his"special friend" anyhow, The First Lady??

  26. "the suspect surrendered only after he ran out of bullets" … "he is a lifelong criminal paroled after attempted murder"

    ok so do we really need a trial, here? do we really have to waste more taxpayer money on this gentleman? can we please just empty a chamber into his skull and be done with it??

  27. This is Pete: "Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg – SOME MORE NEWS" https://youtu.be/DMmoB2WMMlo

    and this is Bernie: https://youtu.be/RU3NKvvxcSs

  28. Why is the cop punching the guy on the floor…when he already surendered..qnd subdued…and the you can see female cop punching him too….subject is already subdued and yet he is punched…idot cops need to be retrained on anger management and self control…do what is right and follow LEO Doctrine..makes you very unprofessional qnd shows you have lack of control…noticed media didnt make coment of that.🤔 where these officers targetted …make you wonder why he gave up so quickly after he downed the two officers🙄😳🤔

  29. MAYOR PETE reminds me of an overly confident young upstart who has delusions of grandeur. Sorry, he couldn't take care of major problems in his own city in Indiana. How egotistical to think he can manage a country. Pete, come back & run again in 20 yrs.

  30. Democrats may think a Democratic society is decent but it's dymb…they have dumb ideology, like, take in the whole world, feed and house them as they breed more and more…socialized medicine, food, homes….just one big ghetto.

  31. Biden and Warren are done I think. But what concerns me here is that if Sanders gets the nomination.

    He will lose half of the democratic party. I probably wouldn't vote for him either. There's no such thing as a Democratic Socialist.

    Anyone who believes that should go back to school. I like Sanders but I will never vote for him. Mayor Pete or bust!!

  32. On paid leave issues, the down side is employers have to work the cost of paid leave into the cost of having an employee and therefore the pay rate for work would have to be impacted and with smaller employers they may not have backup available for everyone.

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