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Hi, I’m John Marvin, VP of Customer Experience
with Protection 1. In this video, I’m going to personally walk you through a few of the
top questions we receive regarding how to access you bill and how to make payments on Open a web browser and go to
Once the website loads, you will see a blue box on the left. Please enter in your user
ID or email address to access your account. To view your billing information, click on
the “My Account” heading on the dashboard. From the “My Account” tab, click “Statements”
on the left side of your screen. Bills can be viewed by selecting “View Bill” on
the right. Bills are presented sequentially and can be downloaded and saved to your computer
from your browser. Now I’m going to personally walk you through,
how to read your bill. You should find this helpful whether you use
or receive your bill through the mail. Billing is generated for services in advanced.
You can see the time frame covered by your bill by reading the “Billing Period” in
parentheses on the “Services Provided” line of your statement. Your location and
address will appear on your statement in a grey blue bar just about the “Services Provided.”
If you have more than one location monitored by Protection 1, each will be represented
by a grey blue bar with the address. The “Due Date” will be reflected in the top bar under
“Payment Due Date.” It is possible to cross a payment with the bill generation date.
For example, a mailed payment takes approximately five days to post to your account. If you
mail a payment on September 16th, and the bill is generated or created on September
18th, your payment will likely, not yet be reflected. Don’t worry, if you sent in the
payment, it will appear on your next bill. Now, let’s take a look at how to make a
payment online. From the “My Account” tab, click “Pay
Bill” on the left side of your screen. You will have an option to use and existing payment
method or add a new one. There are two methods of payment, “Bank Account” or “Credit
Card.” Select which you would prefer to use and enter the necessary information. Click
“Add” once all the information has been entered. “Pay Amount Due” or select “Pay
Other Amount.” Select the date you wish to process. Select “Pay Specific Invoices”
if you wish to apply to specific invoices. Click “Continue.” Complete transaction
by clicking on “Submit” to finalize your payment. Did you know you can set up or edit your payment
options online? It’s quick and easy. Let me show you. From the “My Account” tab, click “Pay
Bill” on the left side of your screen. Select “Add New Payment Method.” Up to three
payment methods can be saved. Under the “New Payment Method” heading, select the appropriate
tab for either a new bank account or new credit card. Enter payment information and select
“Add.” Please be aware that adding a “Payment Method” will disable paper billing. To edit
your payment methods, click “Payment Methods” on the left side. Select which payment method
you’d like to edit and select “Edit This Method.” Here you can also choose to delete
or make this your primary payment method. Next, let’s set up automatic payments so
you never have to worry about paying your bill. Auto Pay, can be established after saving
a payment method. From the “My Account” tab, click “Pay Bill” of the left side
of your screen. Select “Set Up Autopay.” Easiest way to pay your bill and the continue.
Select a payment method you would like to use and continue. Agree to the terms and conditions
and select “Agree.” If there’s a current balance, you’ll need to pay that amount.
Autopay will start automatically debiting payments, starting with you next bill.

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