My Ideal Camera Kit May 2019 Edition

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. If you could put together
any camera kit at the moment from any manufacturer
what would be in there? Curious about that… I made a list for
myself. Gonna go over my ideal current camera kit from all the manufacturers. I
picked Sony at the moment. A7 III based… Two different bodies for the a7 III. So
in professional situations I want backup or two cameras. Wear a dual
camera strap. I like doing that. Maybe three actually. But two just to start off.
One body-only and then also one with the kit lens. The kit lens is good just to
have as a backup. Of course, you want to have extra batteries. I always put that
in there. They’re a little pricey for this camera, but the batteries are pretty
solid. So good match for that. Then we’ve got the VG-C3EM battery grip. The
official one. I know there’s a lot of third-party options. But for the most
part if I’m doing something in a professional sense… Of course, I do the
YouTube videos, but I would probably try to use this kit for other situations. I
want a standard OEM battery grip, not… Probably not two of them. One is probably
sufficient. So just one of those. I would get a camera cage for situations where I
want to break it up. It is the smallrig 2087… Looks pretty nice.
Lots of ways to connect things. I do have one for the Canon EOS M50. It’s pretty
useful. Let’s get into lenses. The Sony FE 135 millimeter f/1.8 lens.
Now, there is a Sigma version that’s a lot cheaper. I’d consider that as well,
but I would tend to go with the OEM stuff if I could and price wasn’t an
issue. 135 millimeters is one of my ideal focal lengths for
portrait work, in those situations. I just really like that one on full-frame. Then
we’ve got the Sony 70 to 200 f4. In this case I prefer the f4 versions because
they’re smaller. I don’t really need 2.8 in a lot of situations.
I just tend to go for f4 on those nice zoom lenses. Having that range is good
and in this situation f4 is just fine for me personally. To get a lot of extra
range and get 100 to 400 millimeter at f4.5 to 5.6 GM OSS lens.
Just get the extra range and then I’m gonna mention an aps-c camera on this
and I’ll probably use it with that as well if I wanted to. So even just a
little bit more resolution with that crop. Now we’ve got the Sony FE 55
milliliter f/1.8 za lens. I didn’t see.. or I’ve used the cheapo 50
millimeter on the Sony e-mount. I wasn’t a fan of it.
Slow autofocus and just didn’t seem like a good value for what it is even
though it’s cheaper. I would try to get this lens instead. Just seems a lot
better. The reviews and everything related to that. But a standard 50, around
50 milliliters, is a definite must in my case. Another lens, the FE 90 millimeter
f/2.8 macro lens from Sony. A lot of the stuff that I do with video.. even, is I get
really close-up shots of equipment. Having a dedicated macro lens is very
nice. With 90 millimetres you get a little bit more distance to deal with
things.. working distance. Than something like a 50 or 35 macro. So 90 in this case
seems pretty good. Of course, you could use that lens for portraits or whatever else. So here I veer off a little bit with
the Tamron 28mm to 75mm f/2.8 DI3 RDX lens. Now,
first off it was not ideal because there were some issues with focusing. But they
fixed that and firmware. I would expect it to continue like that. It just seems
like a good value. Similar to that, the Tamron 17 to 28 millimeter f/2.8 RXD
is going to come out pretty soon. I’d probably get that paired with the other
Tamron. Here’s a fun lens, the Rokinon AF 35 millimeter f/2.8 FE lens. It’s small, it’s
compact. 35 millimeter and just seems like a fun lens to try. The main camera
for my video work would actually be the Sony a6400. At least one of them,
maybe two of them. Because it does have that flip up screen.
It’s very convenient. I don’t really care that it blocks the hotshoe. There’s so
many options to deal with that. You can get a bracket to move it over if you want to
put that microphone. Or just get a full camera cage. Looking forward I would
probably go for whatever is going to replace a6500 with the in-body shake
Reduction. I assume it’s going to be quite a bit better than the a6400. Maybe
even a new sensor. So in the future I’d probably change that up to use it
instead of the a6400. But at the moment a6400 is a good value for video stuff.
Another thing to consider is that the batteries are different between a7 III
and the a6400. Hopefully the a6500 replacement will have the newer better batteries. One
aps-c lens that it would get for this kit is the 10 to 18 millimeter OSS f/4 lens.
Good for vlogging situations. It has the optical stabilization. So with
the a6400 as it is… You want some type of optical stabilization to deal with
that when you’re walking and situations where shake is an issue. As a b-roll
camera. As an extra camera I would get the RX0 mark II. It has that little flip up
screen. It’s waterproof. It just has a lot of versatility to it. Even though the autofocus is kind of wonky, but I think it would work nicely for a lot of
situations where I need that camera out filming myself taking photos. It would be
really useful, it’s compact, looks pretty nice. Of course, it is expensive. I’m not
considering price here.. so. Moving onto photographic gear that I would want to
get. I’d go Godox. So with that we would get to the XPro S triggers.
The AD200 flash. They look pretty powerful. I haven’t
personally used them. But versatile, powerful, and it has its own battery.
But I would definitely get quite a few extras of that. I don’t really like
dealing with AA batteries. So with the flash that I have I really haven’t used
them that much lately. Because it’s just the hassle of batteries. And then I don’t
want to spend any money at the moment by a battery pack. But even if I did buy
the battery pack that you can get for the TT600 flash that I have… It’s
just an added hassle. And it’s separate. So with a flash like the AD200 it just
is all-inclusive, and it looks really nice. Another flash that I will get is
the TT350s. It’s very compact. It does use the AA batteries but only two. And really
the size is the biggest thing with this. So you can use it in the background or
some other situations. Put it right on the camera because you can do some TTL
stuff with that. It’s just nice and small. Looks pretty good! I’m really fine with
SD card so in this case, and it’s just pretty simple. I would get higher-end cards.
And definitely I would go multiple brands. I really don’t want to buy a big
group of the same brand of card. Because that’s really a big risk if you’re
considering… If one breaks out of that batch, chances are the other ones are not
great as well. So here I would break the Sony trend and I would get a Ricoh GR III
for my compact carry everywhere camera. It’s very small, has aps-c sensor. It has
the shake reduction inside. 28 millimeter equivalent lens. It just seems like a
really great take everywhere camera. So with the tripods I’m just gonna go
with Manfrotto in this case. There’s so many other brands, but just something
that looks pretty decent. I haven’t personally used these, but we’ve got the
MT190X3 tripod. It looks really nice. Of course it’s not cheap. The second
tripod we have the Manfrotto Befree live carbon fiber tripod with a video
head. It is smaller more compact than the other one. Just seems like a
good one for taking out and using in the field. With microphones, the Rode
Videomicro. Probably get multiples of that. One for
indoors use in the studio situation. One for outside or a few for outside with
the vlogging stuff. So with the studio microphone I’m really not sure. I have
had a lot of experience, but I’ve seen some people use the Shure SM7B. It
seems like a really solid microphone, of course it’s not cheap. But we’re not
considering price here. So probably get one of those try it out and see if it
works well. In a lot of situations when you’re recording audio and video…
You can’t be right next to the camera. So I would want some type
of recorder with a lavalier microphone. For a recorder with a lapel mic I would
get the Tascam DR-10L. It looks really nice. It does a safety recording.
So you have a low DB level on the second track. And the lavalier, I assume, is pretty decent as well. The light stands I would get the
Manfrotto 5001B. It’s a nice travel light stand. It, of course, is not super
small. But it’s small enough that you can easily take a few of them with you if
you have to in a bag. And it just probably works really well because it
folds the legs upwards. I have similar ones.. of course, they’re not actually the
Manfrotto version, but I expect that one to be even better than the ones that
have of a similar design. Definitely I would change up the a6400 for a camera
that has the same battery as the A7 III. Besides that I think it’s a pretty
solid overall kit. Hope you enjoyed this video. Feel free to
talk about the type of kit you would go for. Now this is just the Sony one in my
case. I would definitely make a Fuji one or whatever other brand. But just in this
specific case. I would go Sony this time. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video. I’m
Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy the video,
please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot. Likes and shares help out a lot as well, thanks!

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