100 thoughts on “Mother Of Man Caught On Video Attacking His Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Was Drunk At The Time

  1. Yall here need to chill about what ur saying about the mother no where in this video did she defend her sons action or taught her son to do this she did not defend her son at all she even called the police to get him to surrender and even get him a little mental help from Dr.Phil and I would bet ur own mothers in some shape or form would want to protect u in some way whether what wrongs u did and being drunk of course is never an excuse to hit anyone

  2. I've never seen a drunk run that fast and that straight, this guy look like he was trying out for the NFL to see how fast he can run in the 40.

  3. I’m sorry me and my boyfriend have gotten in plenty of fights while completely intoxicated he’s even blacked out and NEVER even so much as lifted a finger never yelled at me never done anything aggressive around me. So being drunk is not an excuse.

  4. There are literally millions of men whos mothers would say my son would never but they do!!!
    This could be your son !!! Don't think they wouldn't do it they are!

  5. Wow the mother is no different from her son . Does she think were all fools ? How ppl live in such a delusional little bubble and assume that they smarter than others with their BS I'll never understand

  6. How can someone do that to any person let alone a woman…? Here the mother is as cruel as the abuser….put them in jail…

  7. He was running to hurt her, you could see the intent. He KICKED her, the woman who bore his child. His momma just trying to get her 15 mins and that’s it.

  8. Somebody birthed and raised serial killers, psychos plus everything else. " he wouldn't have if if he was sober" are you kidding me..!
    He doesn't look drunk, he look exactly like a man that has beaten a woman before.The police dragging him out of there.. Is what he did with a women that just had a baby! ANIMAL.

  9. If my mum saw me doing this to my gal(which I wouldn't ever) she would have called the police on me and get me incarcerated, herself!

  10. He needs to spent the next 25 to life in jail. This was absolutely disgusting. Being drunk doesn’t excuse this type of behavior.

  11. I never been drunk enough to beat my baby's mother. That's in him hes an abusive person a woman beater. I'm not saying he cant change but it had nothing to do with him being drunk.

  12. Lock the beast up. He obviously has absolutely zero control over himself and belongs in a cage. He looked pretty damn coherent and balanced for being "drunk" whist kicking a woman as she's down. Obviously this vile beast inherited his mother's intelligence, or lack thereof.

  13. Put him a jail as a mother it's painful to see ur kid fail but let him learn his lesson , hopefully he will be a man after his sentence is over

  14. as a mom myself , the fear of my son getting shot specially in the black community is real. im not even black and I can understand .

  15. No momma .. your Son is Evil anyone who puts hands on a woman the way he did is Pure Evil!! Stop coming up with excuses for your son, his true colors came out.

  16. No theres no excuse for this, drunk or not. I remember seeing this on the news and it was heartbreaking. While it is unfortunate this happened I am glad It was not worse. When i first saw the footage i thought shed never be seen again or something worse. What a pathetic man. He doesnt need his baby with that behavior. The mom is terrible also for making excuses for him.

  17. Omg this is so terrible. That “man” needs to be castrated to learn his damn lesson, he is not a damn man. I’m glad there was footage to prove that he’s a women beater.

  18. I cant believe she started by victim blaming. You cant say "she pushed me and i pushed her back" when the video shows what actually happened. Even if hes drunk, he still needs to be charged. What if it had escalated to something worse like man slaughter, would still still cry and say he wouldnt do it if he wasnt drunk. Thousands of kids get beat up by drunk parents, theres a kid in that car. What does she think will happen next time, maybe when the girlfriend isnt there, and hes "drunk" with his baby. One little shake is all it takes, and you cant come back from that. She needs to realise that.

  19. I understand wanting to stand up for your child but this has gone far beyond that. This mom needs a reality check and needs to start holding her son accountable and stop enabling him.

  20. “He’s not a monster he just needs help.” You’re correct, he does need help, but he also needs to do some time and be held accountable for his actions.

  21. Wait so woman can attack men all they want and nothing will happen but when a guy attacks them they get sent to prison? What kind of sexist world do we live in today

  22. Wrong is wrong and he was wrong drunk man speaks a sober man's mind. If you know he had a problem why you didn't get it taken care of

  23. My son is a good boy. If he wasn't drunk that wouldn't have happened! He's just misunderstood. She pushed him to it. It's not his fault! My son is an honest, very, very good boy! He just needs help!

  24. So he drove home that drunk esp with a 1 month old newborn baby!? That he could run that fast following her and look totally sober!? Like Whattttt. Come on now people. Ntm it makes me really mad that he really said “I lost everything my job, my family, my life.” Umm sir, being I was in this kind of relationship before I can willingly and positively say that your ex and mother of your child has lost a lot more!! She’s most likely lost her sanity, her self worth, her self esteem, her trust esp in other guys, her will to get up and move on, her freedom and her self love. This kind of bs literally is in its own right a term of being in jail, being prisoned. Bc as victims your a prisoner of your own mind now. Scared to live, scared to eat, scared to breathe, scared to tell, scared to be you and scared to leave. For the fear of getting hurt, family hurt, friends hurt, or the monster telling you that they will end up killing themselves. He deserves jail. Not help first. IMO.

  25. Doesn't matter if he was drunk, high or whatever……this is NOT okay. He certainly didn't look drunk. What drunk can run that fast and handle his balance that well? None!

  26. Oh please. It seemed so easy for him to throw her and kick her. This definitely isn't the first time he's done that. I'm a Mother too and i understand wanting to see the good in your children… But this is ridiculous.

  27. His mom makes me sick. My abusers mom was the same way. He'd knock me out in front of her and she still to this day says her son isn't abusive. It wasn't just me either every girl he has he beats .

  28. Hes trash!!! He licked her and she rolled down the stairs! No reason at all. Doesnt matter if you are drunk. My man and I get drunk together and have never been aggressive to each other

  29. There’s really no excuse for what he did. Unless he was high on something like pcp which makes you extremely aggressive then I have no sympathy for him

  30. Lmao Dr.Phil is supposed to help a man who basically hunted a woman who was clearly trying to get away from him? With all due respect lady your kid is a monster and even though you don’t recognize him as one the video states otherwise.

  31. Who gave him the right to lay a finger on her, and then to blame alcohol? You are a sick excuse for a man! May you rot in jail

  32. Look, his mom doesn't seem like a bad person. Just a mother who loves her son too much. I say too much because there is a limit to a mother's love and a point where they love becomes enabling and produces a menace to society. One mom's love for her son < all of societies safety

  33. Disgusting how Anyone thinks they have a right to treat another person like this. I believe he remembers and his mother should back off and let the law deal with him. He IS a monster.

  34. Needs prison while he's getting extensive treatment. He's violent, has no respect for women. Being drunk is NO excuse.

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