Most Annoying Alarm Clock in the World?

Today we’ll make this alarm clock a little bit more annoying! First, I carefully disassembled the clock I kept taking it apart until I reached the alarm switch I drilled a small hole in the case for the cables Most of cheap alarm clocks will have a switch that will look like this one We need to disconnect the switch from the clock’s circuit board so we could connect our own alarm To do that, I cut the connector that was connected to the battery as well as connection to the circuit board Next, I soldered two cables to the switch Then I fed the cables through the hole I drilled earlier I had this battery operated alarm lying around I soldered two cables to the alarm so it could be turned on with alarm clock’s switch Let’s see how it works! You can set your alarm and it will go off But instead of your usual sound you will turn on a custom alarm or other low power device you decide to connect to the switch I tidied up the cables and put everything back together I glued the alarm on top of the clock and was ready to test it out Here you have it! An alarm clock that will wake you up with an annoying sound and light Oh Yeah! What did you think? Feel free to leave a comment!

37 thoughts on “Most Annoying Alarm Clock in the World?

  1. +Shake the Future Great project. I think you covered the snooze button; making it even more annoying. I need one of these clocks; but featuring a set of truck horns.

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