MorningVibes Alarm Clock Pillow

Everyone has had a roommate whether in college,
a wife or husband, or a newborn child. At some point, everyone has had to deal with
a roommate’s noisy, obnoxious alarm, which often times wakes everyone in the room up
as the early riser struggles to turn off their alarm. The MorningVibes Alarm Clock Pillow solves
this problem. A battery powered system is attached to a
series of vibration motors contained within a sleeve that runs the length of a supportive
and comfortable foam pad. The battery is enclosed within foam so as
to maximize comfort; and the entire foam pad slides in and out of the provided pillow case
seamlessly to allow for cleaning. The pillow remains sleek and comfortable for
the user. The MorningVibes system includes and app that
allows the user to see current pillow battery level as well as manage their vibration alarms,
the vibration strength and to set an audible backup alarm on the phone, just in case the
vibration doesn’t wake you up from a deep sleep. The MorningVibes pillow will certainly prevent
many morning conflicts.

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