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Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now, here’s Wendy. (audience applauding and cheering) The mint of it all. Thank you for watching the show. Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. How you doin’? How you doin? I’m, thank God for Monday to rescue me from the weekend. Sinful. Let’s get started, it’s time for. Hot topics! Come on. (upbeat music) (audience applauding and cheering) So, the Superbowl was this weekend in Miami and that means that DJ Boof was traveling again. So who did I call into help us out today? Suss One. Wendy, what’s up. Hi, Suss. Power 105. New York. Yes, thank you for having me back. Appreciate you. Come here. Walk the runway, I want to see, I want to see it. No, no, no, forget the shoe cam. Just do the whole walk. Shoe cam, first? Shoe cam first, okay, fine. Oh. (audience applauding and cheering) I love you. I don’t recognize. What is that Suss? Ferragamos. Of course they are. Ferragamos swag. Okay, and I love your jacket. Come on out here. Thank you, shout to my stylist, Looks by London. Gotta shout ’em out. Do the fashion show. I didn’t know this is what this show is about. Thank you for having me back again. Wow. Ooh. What is that, velvet? The featured presentation. Yes.
Yes, ooh. Okay. Don’t look at me, walk back. Please. Where is Boof? Is he somewhere in the corner being jealous? Hi Boofy, you could come out, too. Come out Boof, come out. Bye. (audience applauding and cheering) So, the Superbowl was last night and I was watching “Sex and the City” all day. Honestly, I didn’t get to anything else and I don’t, oh, the Kitten Bowl, of course. Yes. Me and Chit Chat and My Way, we watched the Kitten Bowl. They finally learned how to throw shade. Uh-huh, and so Chit Chat took over my. Your Instagram. My Instagram and talked smack about we didn’t know, me and my sister didn’t know what shade was until we met mom, but now I think I have it. What do you think? And those of you who replied gave her like two thumbs up and if you’re wondering where My Way was, fully shady. Around the corner, up the stairs and whatever. Anyway, shady boots, right, oh, sorry. Anyway, I was watching “Sex and the City” all day, like I’m such a girl, I just didn’t really, there’s no reason to, but Demi Lovato did a great job with the National Anthem. (audience applauding and cheering) So, and I thought her outfit was appropriate and the whole bit. A lot of people were saying she’s the next coming to Whitney Houston. Now, hold on you all. Uh. No, you won’t. She was good in her own space, but no you won’t. And Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting slammed on social media for not standing up. They were with their girl, their daughter, Ivy, and thank you TMZ Sports for showing us the picture. Everyone was standing, like this is only a picture. Of course, Callen’s in it. Why wouldn’t he be. Um, but, but when they were performing, if you all saw the actual performance, people were standing up as the bombs burst in air. You know, you put a hand over your heart. I don’t know about you and our country might be in a bad way, but there’s no place I’d rather live than America. (audience applauding and cheering) And some of the first songs I learned in my life, even as a little girl, “America the Beautiful,” “Oh, Say Can you See?” And all that other stuff. My mom and dad, like trips would be to come to see the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building and in Philadelphia, that Liberty Bell and, you know, going to Washington and passing the White House and stuff like that. You know what, Jay-Z and Beyonce and Jay, you might be an NFL owner and I get that and respect, but you don’t own all the NFL. You own this much. And Beyonce, I love my Ivy Park dress. (audience applauding and cheering) I mean. No, no, no, no. Because I had no idea that Willie had a bunch of Ivy Park stuff up in wardrobe for a few weeks now and so he puts it on me today, he’s like, “Are you gonna talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z?” I said, “Yes.” And he goes, “Well, change the dress.” I said, “No.” I said “‘Cause I’ve already put it on and I like the placement.” Because Suss One is here. (audience applauding and cheering) But Jay-Z and Beyonce, you understand all eyes are on you and you should have stood up. If you don’t like our country then. (audience jeering) Anywho, let’s move on. (audience applauding and cheering) Okay. So, I saw Demi Lovato and I was quickly placing my hair and trying to get to my social club where we were having a big party with chefs and good food and stuff and we have a media room, so it’s like a movie theater, but with no bedbugs and rats, and so, so, so, I go outside and it’s snowing and raining at the same time. Remember yesterday in New York of you’re from here. It was snowing and raining and I hail a cab. (humming “Sex and the City” theme song) And I hailed a cab and I go to the social club and I talked to Nortament as I’m on the way and I say to him, “Oh, my gosh, it’s 7:45, “am I missing.” And so then you, anyway, when I got there, it was just in time for Shakira. (audience applauding and cheering) Ooh! Ooh! Her hips don’t lie. Okay. Now I walk in, right, all the media seats are taken up. I hear some how you doin’s and hey Wendy and I’m just like look, leave me alone. I’m here on business and for a few, I wanted some sliders to eat, but sliders to go and they had good. Let me tell you something about this weekend. Hold on Shakira, look. I went to this French restaurant, right? And it was me, Jason Lee, who’s here later on with the inside scoop, along with Gio Benitez. Do you know him from Good Morning America? Okay. And his husband Tommy. They’ve been married for four years. No, no, no, not aw. Not aw. We had some good old side eye talk. And the four of us, right, and so I ordered, I had escargot, which yes, Brendan, who’s wife can’t handle brown juice. Brendan, let me tell you something about your girl, okay. Okay. So, earlier in the weekend, I am sorry, there are stories within stories, I told you, this show is a sitcom. A move, a romantic novel. And it’s. (audience applauding and cheering) I invited some senior people from around here to my apartment, which I don’t normally do. Like when I was in old life, you know, and I had a family way, that just wasn’t, like really, get out. Don’t even come in, don’t even ask. But in new life, you know Wendy and the city, you know, by myself, empty nester, things happen. So I want to know how to keep this show going, ’cause it’s our 11th season. (audience applauding and cheering) But. You know, I want more. So I like to ask my people outside of here because it’s so studio and so work related and I said all right, maybe I’ll take them out for dinner. I said, no, because then there might be some how you doin’ moments or like something weird going on in the restaurant. I said all right. I’ll invite them over to my bachelorette pad. Okay, it was me and five people, who happened to be all women. Suzanne was one of them. Brendan, she got home early, though. We were done by 7:30. She was home by like 9:30, by 9:30 she was home. Then it took her two hours too late. She might have slid by. She made a random way back. Okay, okay. Brendan. Yeah? You all. Let me tell you something. I had crudite, and the chicken wings with the hair on them, you know where I get them from and, and, and, my assistant, the chief, packed a bag of stuff, but in the bottom of the bag was a bottle of brown. Mmmm (laughing). (audience applauding and cheering) Um, when the Henny’s in the system what? (audience responding) Pimp my blood, not relation, come on now. (audience responding) Suzanne never had brown. She also doesn’t know how to pour. Brendan, you know your wife doesn’t know how to pour. She does not, no. Okay. The girl’s didn’t want white wine. Immediately because it was a hectic week at Wendy as usual. The girls come in, we’re all like guys, right? All I want to do is take off my clothes, put on a robe and then come back down and see the girls. When I get downstairs, your wife bust open the bottle of the brown. She found the glasses and it wasn’t two fingers. You know, a proper pour is two fingers, right? Suzanne had four. (audience applauding and cheering) Then, my manager Bernie had to come over because I had to do a little bit of business with him. Like they would last for five seconds, like literally open the door, you know sign a couple things and then send him on his way. Bernie calls the concierge, the concierge calls upstairs and I tell all the girls. I’m like, okay, everybody straighten up. ‘Cause, um, Bernie’s here. You can either straighten, Bernie knows me, so I don’t care, but if you all want to straighten up, fine, but Bernie’s on his way up and he’s only gonna be at the front door. I’m gonna get him, I’m gonna go to the door, just everybody calm down, right? By the time I hear, I have a doorbell, so ding and dong. Your wife, by the way, everybody’s shoes are off, we’re curled up in like a yoga stance on the couches, right. Chit Chat and My Way are upstairs saying mom’s having company. Sounds like she’s having fun. Let’s stay up here until they leave, ’cause, um, hmm. So ding and dong. Suzanne springs off the couch. Runs to the door. Mind you with a bottle of the brown in her hand. And opens the door to Bernie, who, he’s a man of a particular age. He’s been around brown all the way downtown. Bernie came in and at one particular point he goes, I guess this makes me one of the girls. I said yep, and we, anyway, but your wife is not here today. No, she’s not here today. What the hell is going on? Is she okay? I don’t think the, I don’t think the brown agreed with her. What can brown do for you? Well, that was a few days ago. Exactly. I was up by 8 o’clock in the morning the next day. She’s still not well. She better learn to be a pro. She’s not, well. (audience applauding and cheering) Okay. I’m kind of delaying, I don’t wanna fight with you, but you fight with me all the time and I don’t care. I guess we’re already fighting about the Beyonce, Beyhive, are we fighting already Nortaman? No, not yet, but maybe soon. (laughing) Jennifer won. You think so, over Shakira? Here’s why. (audience applauding) Okay. I have a couple of categories, all right. So I get to my social club and I’m watching it and there were no seats and I’m standing up against the wall, literally standing, with my bag in the crook, right? But I’m watching and Shakira, I dig her look and her moves better, ’cause she was born to do it, okay? (audience applauding and cheering) And. I liked her hair better because it was all, you know, like no hairspray, just like hair. And her makeup, just like, I know she has makeup on, but it looks more natural. Do you know what I’m saying? And I dig that in, I don’t know, I think people wear too much makeup these days and I think, and I’m out here in the streets now and I know what guys like. (audience applauding and cheering) And then the stage lit on fire and they passed her around in the crowd. I was gasping. I almost choked on a mini-burger. Oh, my gosh, how talented. And she’s doing it and she looks natural and this is what guys like. (audience applauding and cheering) However. When you hit the stage with, we might not want to wear it, but a little more makeup and little more glossy hair and then you hit that song, you know my song is “Waiting for Tonight.” Let me tell you something, she did ah! And let her, come on now. (audience applauding and cheering) Come on. You know this is as, as, who’s our makeup friend, Gorgeois, she’s coming here? Millie, I mean, not Millie. Who? Mallie. Mallie, Juan Cal would say, Gorgeois. She’ll be here I think this week or something. Hi, Mallie. Anyway, when you hit “Waiting for Tonight,” I love that song since it came out. I love that song since the shrimp fell on the floor at the wedding for Will & Grace. And then she does it. She grasps that pole with her thighs and slid down. (audience applauding and cheering) In all, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, excuse me. And then she brings out her daughter Emme. I don’t know about you. (audience applauding and cheering) Norman I caught a tear. Me too. You did? I did. It was like, it was this, it was the daughter and it was all the other little Latina girls singing “Born in the USA.” Yes! They were in cages in a political statement. This is what Beyonce and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy don’t understand, be proud. (audience applauding and cheering) Bitter Norman, you caught a tear? I did. And my soul is made of steel, but. We know.
I did. I caught a tear. It was just a lot going on and they were so good and then she was pole dancing. So good. So who won? I’m gonna say Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, sorry. (audience applauding and cheering) But they were both really good. They were both really good. And then I’m sitting there like right after halftime show, I’m like okay, I’m going back home because I have to here with you today and I’m sitting in the social club and, you know, ’cause I love art. I love to paint. I appreciate art, the stupidest stuff, the big stuff and in between and I’m sitting and I’m having a face off with Norman like who did it best at halftime and I said, “Shut the hell up.” look at the art I’m sitting in front of and I sent you the picture of, oh, cinder blocks painted in neo-glow. Is that art? Let me tell you something, you all. If you’re thinking about restyling your place, just understand, this is at the club. Look, Rambo. I lied to you, not Rambo. You see it right here. One, two, three, four, five. John Anderson could get me five cinder blocks and I could spray paint them and call them art and sell them for millions. (audience applauding) Wait, no. Before we say no, wait, I had that thing of that kid. Yes, okay. No, no, there’s a lot going on in the prompter. All right, now look, all right. I had more for you all, but apparently Hot Topics is over. (audience applauding and cheering) Up next. My friend Jason Lee and his messy mouth are here, both of them, the messy mouth and Jason. We’re gonna talk about Terry Cruz and Gabrielle Union, so grab a snack and come on back. (audience applauding and cheering) (upbeat music) Mickey. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay. It’s time for the Inside Scoop and here with the dish is the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, my friend. Some people don’t like you. A lot of people. No, no, a lot of people don’t like me, but the truth hurts, right. Jason Lee. Jason Lee everybody. Thank you. Jason, I feel that people don’t like you because, like me, you speak your truth and that’s that. Yeah. But you also socialize. See, I speak my truth and then I leave the show, I go in the house, I slam the door. But you socialize. What’s your, give me something stirring in your beef pot right now. I mean, really quick, we launched this show called “Problematic” on YouTube and I responded. (audience applauding and cheering) I responded. I responded to Kevin Hart. He had come on the “Hollywood Unlocked” Instagram and criticized a post we did, so I called my team and said, “Come to my house, get the cameras.” We did a six-minute video and he wasn’t really happy, but he called me and we had an interesting conversation. What did you call him out about? Well, I just said that I think that A-list black celebrities forget black journalists when they get famous and that, you know, he should show more support to people like me and you and I said come on the show. He still hasn’t come on the show yet. Do you know his wife? I don’t know his new wife, I know his ex-wife. Well, continue. No, well, I had her on the show, my podcast, “Hollywood Unlocked, Uncensored,” and I had asked her, you know, I had asked her if she met the new wife, if she met the new wife before the new wife met her kids and she said no. Oh, messy Jason. That’s not messy. That’s just something, I mean most women would want to meet the woman that’s going to be around her children. Continue. And so he didn’t like that. What can I say? Did he come see you? No, he hasn’t pulled up yet. He did call me on the phone, though, we had a 30-minute conversation, so I mean listen, I don’t want no beef with Kevin Hart, but I’m gonna continue to tell the truth and if it pisses everybody off. I got my ticket to heaven already and I ain’t trippin’. (audience applauding and cheering) Okay. Terry Cruz and Gabrielle Union are going through something. Okay, so Gabrielle Union was recently fired from “America’s Got Talent” after the claimed that producers had her working in a toxic and racist work environment. And so Terry Cruz, I don’t know if you watched “Everybody Hates Chris.” Yes. Well, everybody hates Terry now because the host of “America’s Got Talent” was just asked about Gabrielle’s claims on the “Today” show last week and he didn’t have her back and, in fact, said he’s never experienced a toxic culture. Take a look. First of all, I can’t speak for sexism, because I’m not a woman, but I can speak on behalf of any racism comments. That was never my experienced on “America’s Got Talent.” In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment. Now people slammed Terry and said that he was a coon, for selling out Gabrielle Union. A what? I didn’t day that. That’s what the people said. I haven’t heard that word since the 19, before I was born. Listen, I didn’t hear it– I called him a company man. A company man is somebody who goes along to gets along and really does not have a voice for anything, but just collect the check and mmm. But see, that’s what happens. They go along to get along till people like you and I catch them and then they do what everybody does, they go to Twitter and apologize. That’s why you’re here, go. So he said, “I want to apologize for “the comments I made. “I realize there are a lot of black women hurt.” You called him a coon. No, I didn’t call him a coon, they called him a coon. Anyway, “There were a lot of black women hurt “and let down by what I said “and also by what I didn’t say. “Gabrielle, I want you to know “it was never my intention to invalidate “your experience, but that is what I did, I apologize.” I mean, he was in the movie “White Chicks,” so I don’t know if he knows disrespecting black women is wrong. I like Terry Cruz, but I like Terry Cruz for exactly who he is. He’s like the funny guy. He’s not ever going to have a real opinion. I see you in the second row, the white lady, right there with the black and the V-neck. You, right there. You, you’re looking up, now you’re looking down. Next to her. You with the, yep and the face, right. He’s like a nice guy and sometimes you know people like that and they’re nice to know, but you can never go to them for a formal opinion. Terry is that kind of guy and he loves his wife and he loves his kids. He’s probably happy to be off the 50-yard touchdown line and just be a broadcaster and he’s made a really good career. So he doesn’t need to get involved with the messiness of today’s life. However, we all have to become involved in order to have some sort of thing. He’s just so vanilla, he’s like mmm. So, Gabrielle, did she did in that? Yeah. Okay, go. (audience applauding and cheering) No, no, no. Gabrielle, Gabrielle has not responded, but her husband Dwayne Wade did and he said, “Someone please take Terry Cruz’s phone,” so. It seems like they’re not accepting his apology. What do you think? Well, Brenda just gave me the 30-second mark, so I don’t really have time for my opinion. All I’m gonna say is lunch was lovely. Lunch was great. I love Gio and Tommy. Yes. And I love your dirty filthy showbiz stories behind the scenes and, and, thank you for being here. You know what, Jason has a gift for everybody. Jason’s “The Book” is out. Studio audience, you’re all going home with a copy of Jason’s book. (audience applauding and cheering) Trendy at Wendy is next. (audience applauding and cheering) Those are, they’re the ones. They’re really, really cool. You know what, but you know what, oh, gosh, okay. I found several things that I really love. It’s time for Trendy at Wendy. Please welcome back to our show, Ashley Glazier. Thank you. Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, come along. Yes, Rue La La has so many good things for us today, so excited. Starting off with the Cuisinart stand mixer. This is a formal proper, very grown up mature kitchen mixer. That will look really glamorous on your counter. It retails for $320. Very glamorous, very expensive. You can make muffins. You can make bread. It comes with a chef’s whish. Pancakes. A dough, you can make anything that you want. I’m giving this to my brother who’s about to get married. His future wife’s gonna be very excited. Okay.
Yes. And it retails like Wendy said, for $320. We are getting it 59% off at 129.99 from Cuisinart. A steal, a steal. Cuisinart’s one of the bet brands. These are the ones. I know you’re excited about these. Excuse me and– And there’s two. Attention Wendy staff. The tin chair. I want all four. So there Arctic, this is from Arctic Sleep. They’re super cooling gel fiber pillows, so they’re made with gel fibers and polyester and they’re actually cold to the touch, you can feel them. But you know what? You’re getting two in the set. If you sleep like I do, then you bunch your pillow, so sometimes when the pillows are a little hard, you can’t bunch. You can’t bunch them. I bunch like the baby. Very comfortable, flexible and they’ll keep you cool throughout the night. And very relaxed. But they’re really expensive for retail, $175, however. We’re getting them 80% off at just $34.99 for two. (audience applauding and cheering) I love it when we have sunnies. These are Ray-Ban. One of my most favorite brands, so classic. Not my favorite shape, but I’m just modeling them for you. They look good on you, they look cool. No, they’re too– Nah, they look cool, they look very cool. They’re the oval shape, they have this really cool– You like these. I’m like the only person on the face of the earth who does not like this shape. I just, they’re, they’re so cool that it’s like– They’re very cool, you’re very classic, but I think they’re very cool. There’s something for everyone and it’s fun to try out the new trends, especially when Rue La La gives them to us. We have this beautiful matte gold frame and the different colors you can choose from. They retail between 143 and $168. We’re getting them 52% off at 79.99. (audience applauding and cheering) Take your pillow. Do I smell diamonds? You absolutely do. This is from Ariana Rabbani. They are 14 caret gold and diamond initial necklaces. So you can choose from white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, 14 caret. All through the alphabet from A to Z. Yes, and we have a little W here just for you. Oh, here’s mine. They’re custom. You can get to pick, they’re the perfect gift. They gave me an A, I’m so excited, ’cause it’s real diamonds. Honey. When you get to get on a talk show, I guess you get one, too. So thanks Rue La La. They retail for $783, real diamonds, real gold. 57% off for us at 329.99. Oh, okay, let’s go. Oh, more diamonds. More diamonds. And a watch? Yeah, this is from Gv2, it’s the Marsala Chronograph diamond Swiss quartz watch. You’re gonna be just like this. Take them all. You have eight different colors to choose from. It’s sapphire crystal. From the hood, there are my hood days. Oh, my God. Well, you can have them all. You guys get to choose one, but you can pick from this beautiful variety. There’s a sapphire crystal, diamonds on the bezel, all the different metals. Wendy, you’re stacking up. And then you can put them in your suitcase. Wait, how much do they charge? So excited. They’re $2,395. Okay now. We’re getting it 91% off at $199.99. So you really can get eight of them and then put them in your suitcase. And then you could travel to Dubai. I like this color the best. I love these. This is my favorite. These are from Kenzy. These are diamond luggage sets. So look at this unique shape. The four wheel spinner system. They’re cut out like diamonds. Cut out like diamonds. The shapes. I was just traveling. Literally everyone in the airport has the exact same suitcases. This is so different. You get the carryon. Oh, this is very unique. And the proper full size. Look at all the compartments. The retail price is incredible. They retail for $400 for the set. We’re getting it 75% off at 99.99. (audience applauding and cheering) All’s I’m saying, Ashley Glazier, thank you so much. Rue La La, we love you. For these deals, go to before they sell out. This is the good stuff you all. Ask Wendy is next. (audience applauding and cheering) (upbeat music) (audience applauding and cheering) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Uh-uh. Ooh, ooh. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Oh, wait, no, but you, you? Yes. How you doin’? How you doin’? What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? Maria, I’m from D.C. and I’m an administrative coordinator. Okay. (audience applauding and cheering) Well, how can I help you Maria? Okay, so I have a 21-year-old daughter, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Okay. She’s spoiled rotten. Okay. So she did not graduate from college, so she’s back at home right now. Okay. And she’s living her best life because she has these what I call sponsors. These are these male friends, they come and they take her out, they buy her things. I love a sponsor, but I’m grown. Yeah, so, my question is what can I do to help her to understand that this is not gonna continue. Kick her out. ‘Cause Maria, you know, honestly, like moms should not have to see this and back when we were young, you moms didn’t, did you mom see that in you? No, absolutely not. My mom and dad never saw anything filthy in me until I got this damn show. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. Like, honestly, I was always a respectful daughter, so if you don’t want to see it, the best you can tell her is by July 1, she better be out with her own apartment. Ooh, okay. Maybe you give her the first, not the last, but maybe the first and security. Okay, all right. You know what I’m saying? All right. Then that way you don’t have to see it, ’cause she’s gonna do what she wants to do. That’s what she’s doing. You’re busy. Is here dad in the house? Oh, absolutely. He’s there, too. What’s he say? Well, he’s– Dad, he’s sitting around while a daughter has a sponsor? He’s not throwing bows. No, he’s not, he’s not. I mean, he just goes with it as well. He’s okay with it I guess. But we want her to get out and get a job and everything, but, right now, she’s got these friends, these sponsors that– No. Today is February 3rd? Okay. She’s got until July 3rd. Okay. Yeah, no, for real. (audience applauding) ‘Cause she’s gonna be who she is, but she can’t disrespect you and her dad. Okay. All right, thank you. Ooh. (audience applauding) Okay, come here. Come here. When the doors opened, I noticed you immediately. Thank you. Okay, I’m seeing it up close. The Mont Clair, Givenchy, Givenchy, who are you? My name’s James. Hi, James, ooh, James. How you doin’ Wendy? How you doin’ James? Where are you from, what do you do? I’m from Tampa, Florida, but I live in Brooklyn. Do you have a, are you booed up? Yes, I do, I have a boyfriend, he got a dog camera for Christmas and he uses it to check on the dogs when we’re at work. Oh, wait, is that what we’re talking about? Yes. Okay, oh, God, okay, sorry. Go ahead. Now he uses the dog camera to check up on me while I’m at home. (audience oohing) Even if he’s in the bedroom, he’ll use it to see what I’m doing in the living room. He’s like, “Are you eating ice cream right now?” Is it wrong to want a little bit of privacy? What is he, a food Nazi? A diet Nazi. Um, yeah, it’s wrong to check up, you know what, it’s a funny thing ’cause when I had the girls over, they were like, “Why don’t you have indoor cameras?” I said, “‘Cause one day they’ll turn on me.” Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. And you’ll see more than I care for. Um, yeah, you know what, if he has those cameras and he insists, just put an old piece of masking tape up there. And have the time of your life or have the conversation with him that this is not right. Thank you. Yeah, all right. Mm. We’ll be right back. (audience applauding and cheering) (laughing) Everything you love about Wendy is at It’s all available, the Hot Topics, the gossip, the celebrity interviews. It’s only at See it first, see it now, only at?, we’ll be right back. (audience applauding and cheering) We got DJ Suss One, we’re in New York City. If you’re ever in New York, all’s I’m saying is beside the bullets and the economy and the lawlessness and the rats and, um, the killings, just duck your head, come to Chelsea and check us out. The tickets are free, go to It’s a good time. We’ll be right back. (audience applauding and cheering) D Suss! Suss One, thank you. Cheryl Hines tomorrow, I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye-bye. (audience applauding and cheering) How you doin’? (coughing) Nice. (jingle)

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  3. I wish people research the history behind the national anthem… it was written doing slavery in which they referred to black people (slaves) as Niggers…. I believe that no black people should stand up for it because it wasn't written for us. THE BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM IS "LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING"…IJS!!!

  4. …… I'm side eyeing 👁️ that whole convo on Bey and Jay…. Guess you had to play nice for FOX 😏

  5. Can we please have "Hot topics" consist of celebrity entertainment news instead of giving us play by play of what you ate, what you wore and who you were with and tellin us every move your cats make. Please and thank you in advance.

  6. Shakira is all about unity and yet America is about winning this and that no wonder the artist are on the powder and liqour 👀

  7. Wendy reminds me of an extremely sheltered teenager who wilds out when they go off to college. Reign it in ma'am. 👀
    Her opinion regarding Beyonce & JZ was whack.! Participation in the National Anthem is not mandatory & not all Americans ❤ America; it is a pledge & I'm glad they let how they feel be known.
    Many many people aren't pledging their allegiance & for good reason.
    She knows better; she needs to act like it.

  8. Wendy stop talking about your personal life and more about HT – Leave poor Suzanne & her husband alone. Leave the DJs alone, leave Norman alone and just DELIVER!

  9. I watched with anxiety due to all the comments. All i could just say is YUCK. That “she better learn how to be a pro” ending was just wow.. how you gon embarrass our Suzan like that.

    I apologise BRENDEN, i felt your annoyance & embarrassment all the way from London 🥴

  10. ITS NOT ABOUT LIKING THE COUNTRY, WENDY SHOULD KNOW BETTER!… it’s about police brutality and other racial discrimination issues! And as long as those issues are happening, us black people should be able to do our respectful peaceful protest. When police brutality and other racial issues stop black people wouldn’t have a problem singing standing. Your outrage should be geared towards to the racial issues that started this whole thing.

  11. Wendy told the story about Suzanne, but Brendan participated by telling us what time she got home. If he was bothered he wouldn't have volunteered that information. But I guess nobody saw that? (Haters)

  12. I the days when you know Wendy doesn't keep up with the culture, social media or anything not printed. Ughhhhhhhhh. Or even social decorum, Brendan looked mortified. And Wendy please don't get sued and #MeToo'd making your employees twirl 🙄

  13. She crossed her legs like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct but in a ghetto way. Stop talking about your staff and flirting with the DJs. I think her staff can't stand her but pretend to be her friend to keep their good pay checks. This was a horrible show. She seems oblivious to other people's reaction to what she does/says. She may have relapsed because as messy as she is, this is a whole new level of classlessness, childishness, and unprofessionalism. She even insinuated that Suzanne didn't come to work due to drinking but it's probably a projection because she was getting drunk or high. She did not even really talk about the actual performances. Such a narcissist. NeNe and Blac China were her friends but she talked ish about them. Old hag that was thrown away for a younger side piece. Go to counseling Wendy. You are a mess!

  14. What’s with being attacked for not standing during national anthem?!! Are we required to stand when a song about God is sang? 🤔….. because that should be the case before standing for a national anthem.

  15. I’m outrage on the comments on Jay-Z and Beyonce. Just because they didn’t stand up does not mean they don’t like America. Shame on you for making assumptions.

  16. In 2003 Beyoncé’s first solo performance was for Ford Motor Company’s 100 year celebration and she slid in on a pole. She did it first. Lbvs

  17. terrible…where are the hot topics??? Wendy, nobody cares about YOUR stupid cats, lunch , breakfast, any food u ate or YOUR night & day…. PLEASE. stick to the HOT TOPICS.

  18. Wendy is so classless….don't come on air telling Susan buisness after work hours. And she said this is my country as if it isn't B's and J's as well. Plenty of people don't stand for the national anthem, pledge or pastors reading biblessed scripts. I'm no Behive but she killed the Superbowl and Shakira was good but that about it.

  19. What’s with the hoochie dress. So inappropriate. For her age and her line of work. And what’s with all the flirting with that dj though. Cut it out Wendy.

  20. Wait for it…. they gonna read this and shes gonna give an apology for her behaviour so she takes us off route for being high 🤣🤣🤣🤣tv I swear.

  21. This was really shady from Wendy to talk about Suzanne like that. Suzanne is a very loyal friend/employee, no matter what she always stands behind Wendy. She is there when she is ill, she was there only a few weeks after giving birth …. so to me it says, if Suzanne is not well, it is something serious, not to make fun about. Sorry Wendy, try learn to have more empathy.

  22. Stop acting like your five years old Wendy with the products. You have been doing that more and more and its not cute. Plus its not fair to the representative who is talking about the products and price because your being very distracting!

  23. Wendy, are back to doing what "guys like" again? AND, I now figured out why you are parading those young black men around. It's to make that useless, cheating husband of yours jealous. He doesn't care or he wouldn't have cheated on you. He would like to be back in, because he can't even pay his fines.

  24. WTF cares Wendell!
    Now, Beyonce has to stand during her concerts, she doesn't have to stand for that song.
    It's not about the country, it's just a song 🙄.

    Wendell's wig looks jacked.

    Edit: 22:05 was unnecessary. Why did she have to mention Blue Ivy? She sounded drunk too.

  25. If she keeps this up, this show is gonna go off the air. She talks about her personal life to much " boring". What happen to the wendy when she 1st started the show? I think she's on someting.

  26. 7:36 Did she just get up out her here chair and show “it” from the side and back?

    Will someone please tell this no hip havin’ woman she is not hot 🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. No one Won. Both those women were amazing! And protested the inhumane treatment of immigrants and their children in the same U.S.A that you are putting on some global pedestal. You saying you'd only wanna live here shows how clueless you are about life abroad. Many Black folks, especially black Americans live in many other countries around the world and lead exciting and abundant lives. All you know how to do is vacation. You've never experienced what it feels like to actually travel the globe and be treated as an actual human being in other countries as a black person. Girl Wendy, get your life!!

  28. OMG stop talking about your damn self, no body cares about your cats, what restaurants you ate at, what you ate, and which men wants to do you, ayyyyy no wonder your ratings be down. THIS IS NOT CALLED THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW!!!

  29. She doesn’t understand the political statement made during super bowl halftime. Norman understood it but was scared to correct her or speak up. And not feeling her opinion on Beyonce and Jay Z not standing for the National anthem.

  30. both were awesome Shakira def had the better act.  dance solos, drum solo, singing solo, bellydancing. more than the full package~

  31. Love jlo but she can't be compared to shakira..jlo has been a dancer all her life a show girl who Luckily, Blessing had the opportunity to be an actress and to have the potential to start singing thanks to the opportunity to play Selena the Mexican American singer who was murdered, but Shakira is a complete artist since she is a girl writes and composes her songs she sings , dance and play different types of instruments and genres in her concerts and in her musical career adding different rhythms including belly dancing because she is half libanese for her father. Shakira entertains alone without the help of dancers sings from a rock with electric guitar and drums to a ballad that makes you cry then jumps to dances and rhythms that make you move your whole body.jlo is fantastic in what she does but alone what she does? dance pop and sing their songs, even jlo dancers for salsa dancing are a Colombian group called swing latino.both are great they have different style.

  32. This troll has nerve….. the same woman who does not want anyone talking about her family situation has not heard her own lessons of jailbird son, divorce, as well drugs/whatever. Give her a dollar and she will do any dance. Oh let's talk about her health issues……
    If they chose to stay seated it's their business. Now if you feel this is worthy of your opinion everything you do that's below the belt sleazy is fair news. Looking forward to the karma……

  33. If you don't like our country? Seriously. So not standing is k'not liking our country'. Okay that is a stretch way too far. I served in the military and have no problem with people not standing. I could easily say the 95% of the population that don't serve don't love their country. And that would also be a stretch too far. Rarely comment on your comments but that was a 'look' too far.

  34. So you report the police brutality but try to throw dirt on Beyoncé n jays names wyd is wrong wit chu Wendy May YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THE WHOLE SONG WITH SOMETHING WHOS ABLE TO BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  35. Wendy you say you want to keep your show fresh and relevant with new content, you've already built your Just Wendy/ Williams Empire now why not start focusing on leaving a Legacy! Start a Take a Girl Child to Work (Age between 14 & 16) Maybe get in touch with a University after the whole college scandal turn it around and ask a College if they want to give a scholarship away and get people to send videos on why they deserve the scholarship and then choose a person from your show!! Focus on upliftment 😙😉 and let the Legacy time begin!!

  36. Dont you ever ever eva eva evaaaaaaa! Come for the Carters! As an American they have the Freedom to sit or stand. They are America! It is in our spirit. Our ancestors shed enough blood for us to not have to stand just to show our appreciation for this land. As much as they have given back and contributed to the culture of America. THEY ARE THE RED WHITE AND BLUE, PERIODT!! And that goes for any American that continuously upgrades the Country for the betterment of ALL PEOPLE!

  37. Wendy, YOUR PRIVILEGE IS SHOWING. what has happened to you! Bey and Jay Z sat out the SSB because they “don’t like our country” ?? WTF. I am NOT part of the Bey-hive but you are dead wrong on this. If you don’t know why they sat it out, then it’s time to have Elder Ronald S. Martin come back to talk to you. Or Van Jones. Or Senator Booker. Your choice. I’m soo disappointed.

    PS. NORMAN ! I know you know why they sat it out. You are one of the wokest people there ! And there you are, jumping on the bandwagon 😢

  38. So glad Roland Martin called her out on his show today. Can’t delete those comments! ♥️ Do better. Read. Be informed.

  39. I would love to go to her show, but im in europe. So do I need to buy tickets far in advance ? Or just wait in a line ?

  40. I don't understand why Norman dying laughing and going along with all this and why Suzanne's husband humming along and making the drinking gesture to the camera about his own wife. Something is off. Used to tune due to the straight talk on Hot Topics Wendy would give. Was nice to hear some of her personal life. But now it's all about her personal life ..and the food..and who weirdly comes to watch her eat it and mixed in all the time the term "Not my Fault". The baby talk, the almost exposing herself, just not entertaining. Miss the old Hot Topics and if they really had a production meeting to keep show going then maybe should have checked "the Brown" at the door

  41. Wendys dress…wowza!! She looks fantastic today!!! You just know she wore that teeny tiny dress for sussone(Or Boof/or both??🤣) 👌🏼😋

  42. Wtf she’s to much about herself
    I was expecting a good review from Super Bowl
    But kept talking about the other dudes wife

  43. I for one, genuinely love when Wendy talks about her life. I think it’s funny. But TO-f*ing-DAY, I was here for the JLO Shakira tea! Come on Wendy, how you gonna glaze over the hottest topic of the month (the Super Bowl) and spend 10 mins talking about your personal life. We don’t care that much.

  44. Wendy dead wrong…. not everyone was standing and to single out two people…. doing too much. Did you stand up at home?

  45. Wendy gotta c'mon with this being high sh!t on TV mannn… WENDY HOPE YOUR STAFF SEES THIS AND GETS THIS MESSAGE TO YOU 🙏… Take a look at all your watchers and their comments ☝ 👇. We're still watching you after your rehab fiasco and yet u appear to be back at it again.

    You're lookin like a damn nut these days. You're completely trippin out with rubbin down your DJ's tryna act like u got something going on with them! Esp DJ Boof Booph Booth watever🤦Ugh Wendy!! 🤦 And poor DJ Sussone came there again to be Me Tooed… That was awkward af to watch…

    You were rambling and couldn't stop talkn abt your pretend happy life with your cats who just like most cats prob dgaf abt you. You're CONSTANTLY talkn abt your "New Life Not My Fault" without your "Big Kev"… Wendy, Kevin is living his best life ur doin allv this for him and he's busy with his new life. Girl…. Stop. Ya look crazy.

    Then u talking slowwwly and swerving your glossy eyes all over the place, tryna show your crotch AGAIN as u pretend hail a cab 🤦…

    Throwing Suzanne, her poor husband Brendan and manager Bernie back under the bus again… Suzanne wasn't even there to defend herself 🤦.

    LISTEN WENDY u could rlly be using this platform for what u intended it to be for. Juicy gossip abt celebrities all the while being graceful, motivational and inspirational. C'mon girl. Do better.

    AND WENDY you better start appreciating your staff's privacy more, looks like they're the only ones who support you. You're abt to lose that show and ALL of yr friends if you don't get your ish together. You talked and talked abt nothing throughout the whole Hot Topics… More like Hot Mess. I catch u less and less these days… Not my fault.

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