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My name is Peter Brünig. I own a service company that currently employs 22 people. I started off with only five people working for me. IT consisted of a server in a network, a printer and a backup system. But the more employees who joined the firm, the more chaotic the IT became! Every computer had to be connected to the server, the printers and the backup. Our IT consultant regularly broke out into a cold sweat. Especially since the computers were running different operating systems. This meant that different program versions had to be installed on each computer, various updates carried out and integrated. What’s more, the software partners were needed to help out with some of the updates. And because every computer had to be updated locally, all of this costs us huge amounts of time and money. But thanks to META10, we have been able to greatly simplify and optimise our complex IT environment. This saves time and effort, and the best thing is that I don’t have to worry about it anymore. We use a secure cloud at META10. This means that our data, operating system, all of our programs and our data backup are in the secure cloud from META10. If a new employee joins the company, we simply integrate their computer in our network, log them into META10 and choose the program they need – done! So I only pay for what we actually need. And should any questions or problems arise at any time, we can rely on the powerful support team from META10. Whenever a new version of a program is released, this is automatically updated by META10. All of our employees then have the same new version at the same time. And they can all access the system safely and reliably from wherever they may be and from whatever device is on hand, be this a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. Partners and customers can also access a protected area if necessary. And security is improved thanks to anti-virus programs, spam filters, firewalls and regular data backups, combined with encrypted access, making sure that our data is protected better than even we ourselves could ever guarantee. What’s more, we can rest assured that our data is stored in the computer centres of META10 in Switzerland. I never want to miss the benefits of Secure Cloud from META10 again, particularly since we are not spending more on our IT than before. More security for your data. More flexibility for your company. More time for yourselves. META10 Secure Cloud

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