Man admits selling deadly drugs to billionaire’s son

Sokratis S Kokkalis (jr), pictured here in a photograph for his company, died in 2018 after taking a deadly cocktail of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl which was wrongly sold to him by Terry Lee ChristianA Cleveland man has pleaded guilty to selling a deadly mixture of drugs to the son of a Greek billionaire who died of an overdose while visiting the city Terry Lee Christian pleaded guilty Wednesday to a drug distribution charge.Authorities say he sold 34-year-old Sokratis S Kokkalis a mix of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl outside a Cleveland Casino in 2018 Kokkalis’ body was later found in a hotel room at the downtown Cleveland Marriott after he overdosed He was in Cleveland on business to discuss a sports betting project. Officers attended the scene at around 2:25pm on Saturday 13 July On arrival, they estimated that Kokkalis had been dead for 12 hours.Cleveland police said they found a baggie with about a gram of powder inside They said that it was most likely cocaine mixed with fentanyl on the TV stand. Christian was caught on surveillance footage handing the baggie to Kokkalis and DNA evidence from the room where he died matched to Christian   Officers attended the scene at around 2:25pm on Saturday 13 July. When police got there they found a baggie of what looked like cocaine and Kokkalis’ body  RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Mac Miller’s drug dealer pleads not guilty to giving the Doctor and father-of-five, 36, is sentenced to 40 years in. Share this article Share Olympiakos Piraeus’ President Socratis Kokkalis (C) raises his arms as he celebrates with players in Athens’ Karaiskaki stadium May 27, 2005Christian pleaded guilty for the support of the prosecutors to sentence him to just 15 years rather than the federal mandated 20 years  The family released a statement on news of the guilty plea which said: ‘While nothing can bring back Sokratis to his loved ones, the Kokkalis family is pleased to see that justice will be done ‘Kokkalis’ father, Sokratis P. Kokkalis, is the founder of a Greek telecommunications company and chairman of the Greek soccer team, Olympiacos F C. His son was the team’s vice president.Sokratis Jr was born in 1984 in Milan and studied at college in Boston He was on the board of directors for a Greek gambling technology company. Cleveland com reports Christian said in court that he thought the drugs he sold Kokkalis contained only cocaine   

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