(rock music) – What’s up everybody? Peter McKinnon here and welcome back to yet another Two Minute Tuesday. So good to have you here and see all of your smiling faces. Today is an interesting day, folks. Today we are talking about how you can make transitions in camera, completely bypassing post-production, not needing to use PreMirror, Final Cut, whatever you edit in, you don’t need it. You can do transitions with your camera while you’re shooting so that when you start
editing your final piece, be it that it’s a vlog or
a video or a short film, you can integrate these little gems. I’ve been using them for a long time, not everybody picks up
on it, some people do, I just blew Jesse’s mind
when I showed him last night. He was like, “I didn’t even
know you were doing that. That is super cool.” You guys are gonna love it. So, let’s throw two minutes on the clock. I’ll do my best to stick
to it but ha, no promises. Alright, so let me explain
what this is exactly. You guys know transitions as something to tie two clips together. That might be a crossfade, whatever kind of effect you can use in Final Cut or PreMirror. I’ve talked to guys how to
do different versions of that like an actual masking clip where something goes by the frame and it reveals the frame underneath it. You guys have seen the, (blows air) the spin transition, sound effects included. I’ve talked to you guys how to punch into something that’s dark and then coming out of another dark area to kind of make a seamless clip when it’s multiple shots and
you’ve just transitioned them. What I’m gonna teach you today is how to make those transitions
in your camera physically. You’re gonna be holding the camera, hang on. Okay, now this will make it easier. So you take your camera
and you’re physically gonna be making those transitions, up and down, left and
right, horizontal, vertical, really, really fast to
create natural motion blurs. Now you don’t have to limit this to just going back and forth, up and down, I get crazy with it. I straight up shake my camera around and it looks absolutely insane. It would not be usable footage but when you take that clip,
the right part of that clip, and when you tie that
between two normal clips that are moving fast,
whatever, to fast-paced music, it feels like a seamless,
completely animated transition. So if you have a car moving really fast and let’s say you whip pan out of it, and then you wanna whip
pan into the next scene, but you tie those together with this crazy clip that you just made, it looks awesome! Here’s a few examples of me doing that in that little short film
that I made about Kenya, let me see if you can catch them. (horns honking) (electronic music) (chattering) (suspenseful music) (laughing) Alright, so as you can see, I used it quite a bit there coming into the clothes,
on the clothesline, I used it in the marketplace, I used it right before the
bird flies away off that tree, and it’s very seamless, it’s very subtle, but it feels really organic and natural. So, we’re gonna head downstairs, we’re gonna shoot a super
basic B-roll sequence. Now, we’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s no fancy footage to be had. We’re literally gonna
go walk on the street, just shoot people getting into cars, walking by cars, me
walking around the roads, some flags, some smoke
coming out of a chimney, very basic B-roll stuff. I’m gonna show you what
that looks like normally and then I’m gonna show
you what it looks like with these crazy, kind of,
self-made, in camera transitions. So here is some B-roll without it. (light electronic music) (light electronic music) Yeah, so, not bad, right? Looks good, typical vlog sequence, but here’s that same B-roll segment with these transitions now
that we made in camera. (light electronic music) (light electronic music) It just looks so much better! It’s so easy to do. When you’re shooting, get crazy with it, back and forth, up and down, crazy little cuts, bring it into post, find the right in and out, thread them together, then you have beautifully
organic, natural transitions that you can’t just download. You can’t buy these, you can’t apply them through
your editing software, they’re made by you, and it’s unique, and it’s a really, really fun way to kind of spice up your edits. I guarantee you you guys
are gonna love this, I use it all the time. Look how pumped I am! I’m super pumped on this. I’m pretty sure I blew the
two minute timer on that, I’m sorry, I’m not sorry. It’s kind of our thing, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter, hit that like
button if you like this video, smash it if that’s, you know,
something that you’re into. Subscribe if you aren’t already and, and! I’m gonna show you this little
janky setup we got here. Hang on. Alright, check this out. So we got the 1D on the Gorilla Pod on top of the garbage can on top of the nightstand with the ice bucket
sandwiching the road mic so it’s kind of boomed, cause if it was up here, it
would just be too far away, so we boomed it down. A pack of filters and
the charger for the 1D X sandwiching it together. We got the headphones, this is kinda what it looks
like from behind the scenes, and then over here, we’ve got, obviously,
we’ve got the lamp on, a little bit of ambient light, hidden down here we got that
little M9 aperture light which is just an absolute lifesaver cause for these specific reasons is why I keep it in my camera bag. We moved this light over so that it kind of just casts a little tungsten onto the wall, obviously moved this dresser out, and then, oh yeah, all of
our stuff’s on the bed, didn’t want that in the shot. But that is essentially our
little makeshift hotel studio. And yeah, I think it
worked out pretty well. So, that was my view. Oh, also. Thanks for your help. (laughs) – Oh, dude, anytime. Every Tuesday. – It’s not every Tuesday, that’s not true. (light electronic music)


  1. Great video and tutorial as always!
    I have a quick question if anyone can help, when whipping in for the 2nd shot, what steps can I take to ensure my subject is in focus rather than hunting? Thanks!

  2. Please make a play list for your transitions videos ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
    If found, don't be shy to share with me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    I love your work man. the art itself

  3. This is awesome! I'm new to this and just learning, searching for video tutorials, and that's how I found your channel. I'm a huge fan already! Great videos, thanks!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’“

  4. Is there a point where you ask yourself, is it worth the effort. If your college who is in game didn't spot it then whats the chances the average punter will notice? Genuine question. The content I create is quite different but I'm still trying to improve where I can and learn. Just wondering where the line is effort vs outcome. Deminishing returns and all that.

  5. Wow that is nice but for me it not easy yet because I don't have to much experience yet I just started

  6. Who the f(*& shot Peter's B-roll sequence, because that shit is so d(*&ing hot. @Matti Haapoja, that shit you? Come on, are you the evil genius behind this? So clean. So crisp.

  7. Hi Kenyan here, you know i have been following your videos for quite a while and then you make a video about Kenya, am very much impressed.

  8. Would you do a tutorial on how to make an awesome intro like yours? Not to knock it off, but some of the effect used. I'm newb to Pr.

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